Make YouTube Great Again

Make YouTube Great Again

If your on YouTube you'll know it is going down the bog big time. It's about time we brought back YouTube were anyone could quit whatever they were doing to make a living and become your true inner-self and share that with an audience that actually wanted to see your stuff man.

YouTube channel moved image.

Sign this and lets use this as shouting platform to YouTube big wigs and poor decision makers that their way even though it may be your baby, it is wrong and your hurting many, many great bread and butter content creators! It smells of eventual termination of YouTube and some other platform is gunna take it's place which is a behavioural trait of Google/YouTube as we all know?

YouTube are a bunch of know it all, (even that's not exactly and actually true?) They are a bunch of swindlers, fraudsters, money launderers and suppressors of the truth!

The truth in most of my Conspiracy theory videos might not designated a high priority buy, now nothing uneducated coffee drinking, latte sipping and yoga enthusiasts that are 2 decades out of touch with the common content creator even though they keep on promoting the same old shit like long frizzy wigged coffee teams of people that all have a chair to sit on and a spot light near them with a smile saying hello YouTube and thank you for who knows what?

Probably nothing and loads of it? A select few are hand picked to share their success stories? More like share their ass groveling, brown nosed yes men or women that do nothing but sit at a desk because it's cool to have a $4,000 computer and sit there pretending like they're handling a company/business when really they're paid actors actresses to sit and look hipster, pretty, cool, street wise, finger on the pulse of the city gossip.

And in reality it's all BS because these people that YouTube constantly put forward as young, hip creators on the rise are only on the rise because of favouritism and if you don't fit the Chinese looking, mixed race, Asian, Middle class white man, token black man and a Japanese woman then believe me guys, if there's no ginger haired woman in the photo shoot well then, it will most likely get ditched?

Until they have a freckled faced hot, ginger woman with an ear to ear smile. They all don't look like they could string a sensible question together let alone answer the question? It's just a director saying yeah guys pretend you've all just met in a snazzy bar and your the toast of the town ACT LIKE THAT and you'll be a star? More like they'll promote you!

I'm not saying YouTube is racist, but they are definitely selection based! YouTube is 100% run by not apes or monkeys? C'mon guy's, Darwin said humans were descended, evolved from Moneys or apes (I forget which)? YouTube are not in the category of evolved because they don't have an heart so technically they are not descended from anything that is with a life force - It's called an algorithm with the call sign B.S - Alpha - Monkey Darwin - Is - A - punk are you receiving over?

Did you know that YouTube posted a loss of 2 pairs of socks, 3 sandwiches clearly marked with names on them all from the staff fridge in the canteen? Guess who they blamed? Go - on have a guess?

They blamed the algorithms. But said nothing can be done so they reimburse themselves with the amount of $90 each person. I know this because my friend of many months now hates the hypocrisy and is leaving? He said everything is all about getting whatever they can before YouTube bis being terminated due to manufactured losses which will come in 2018 but in March 2018 you see the first seed to this prophecy sown. You didn't hear it here, alright! Forget I mentioned it. I can't be classed as insider knowledge trading because I won't be cashing in on this at all. To risky.

How do I know, the same way I know DPRK or North Korea has that I know of as now, 17 converted Jumbo Jets 747's and internal fuel tank added plus a huge nuclear bomb is inside of it. It looks exactly the same as I think a South Korean Jet? I'm not 95% on that one? I try not to add locations now because of the last mistake I made and got the Manchester Arena bombings wrong. I researched, worked things out and was sure it was the lourve in France but it was right down the blooming road! I've apologised to the relevant agency and I am deeply, deeply ashamed of my lack of awareness. I messed that up and I was convinced it was the Lourve.

There was celebrations (low key) only a few feet away from the Lourve in Paris and I thought I overheard one say to the other I will see you on the other side etc. I thought 2 suspects were saying goodbye to their family, friends and people who means something to them? So I thought it was the Lourve but it turned out to be the Manchester Arena Bombing. I've never had a bombing, terrorist attack happen so close to me and the **** I picked up on simply blindsided me. Or it's that they are they're now aware they are been followed by remotely viewing them. It's not a trance or anything like that. You don't have to have it or not etc.

All that's absolutely bull shit.Dots, info, knowledge all in the back of your mind but alive with energy equals specific traits, behaviours, characteristics and body language, sight becomes pre picked and designated by time. Look around, the answers to every single problem on this planet is their? YOU just have to, must, need to know how to spot such infringes of detiny, not pre designated ammounts of time or pre designated signals sent back?

It's not a AI riddle wrapped within an enigma (Churchill 1945) it is about turning the dials as far as the wrist will allow you? Or a metal that melts at room temperature (Houdini). The insane jacket hahah was nothing more than a new fangled stretched cotton belt. The clasps were made from lead.

The struggle you see him doing upside down is him actually tightly fitting it more and more around him for dramatic tensions and anxiety with suspensful drama of which it was called "on the edge of your seat performance"? It was a trick nearly always going horribly wrong but right at the last minuet he saved the day and took that infamous massive breath of air and couldn't speak to reporters until the paramedics gave him the all clear.

The magic circle. 

That was announced online and the one true precised, Satan in HUMAN FORM demand's new clothes for this era please. 

Please can we make our lord, our master (a free of charge, I will pick up the tab for) round and round never ending, looking type lower level truth seem to go in the direction of down! Well I'm here to tell you that it is up! Heaven has NEVER, NEVER BEEN REFERRED TO AS Dumbo
Stairs going down.
This guy is an absolute trickster, card counter, confidential con artist. He is a member of the Royal academy for the Magicians codes. Prince Charles is the Royal Patron The Magicians Code.

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