UFO landed after a fireball exploded in the sky over Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico

A mysterious explosion above the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico has raised many questions here specially the debris found at the crash site. Some believed that it was a meteor or an asteroid strike. The debris found at the crash site proved otherwise, the debris included a burnt off humanoid and parts that seemed like pieces of some craft or kind certainly not what you would expect to find in a meteor struck area.

Strange UFO lands in Mexico after a fireball was seen in the sky?

Is this a UFO crash site?

This raises various questions as to what was the cause of this explosion. Was it a satellite? Or was it some secret government project experiment or was it a spacecraft of an extra-terrestrial? Is this a UFO crash site? It is interesting to note that this is the very place where a huge meteor struck the earth with devastating consequences, the explosion was huge, and the debris, dust, and smoke plume rose miles above the sky and stayed there for a long time.

This resulted in the sunlight being blocked, which killed the vegetation on earth as a result of which the dinosaurs which depended on vegetation gradually died off due to starvation.

Dinosaurs died off in this same place as the recent UFO crash site.

Same place the meteorite that wiped out Dinosaurs?

But on a positive note, this was the reason the mammals evolved. It is no brainer that these aliens from different planets have been visiting earth regularly as can be noted by UFO sightings globally.

It could be possible that one of their space crafts crashed on earth. But interestingly enough the military did not reach the site immediately to clear up any UFOs debris or dead aliens from the site. NASA has been very interested in UFO’s crash sites and has been secretly taking this debris or captured aliens to their secret military bases to carry out research on them.

But then this crashed craft could itself be some experimentation carried out by NASA scientists. Who knows? My guess is as good as yours!

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