Sunday, 13 May 2018

What Is Splitting The Atmosphere Clouds?

I've asked a few people and they reckon it's either HAARP or CERN that's creating these with the frequencies and ultra high energies that they work with also the microwaves and other high frequencies?

I must admit that they do seem to be good candidates for these atmospheric anomalies but I wonder if there's another more down to Earth explanation for this bizarre looking event? If you think you know then please let us know in the descriptions thank you? Here's what I had initially written about this video:

HAARP is really bad, it's a really bad thing to weaken our atmosphere with this epic machine and it's capabilities which all boils down to one thing, ENERGY! It depends on how much energy they use is what results they can achieve and it isn't good for our atmosphere at all, let alone the people's health?

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