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Creatures Washed Up On Beaches And Lakes Around The World!

Guy's every now and again, there's a really weird creature washed up right near you! Just recently a weird creature, Alien type "thing" washed up literally right in front of my home? That's why I actaully started to look in to this cryptid world? It's gross, disgusting and usually something at the very end of the decomposing stage? It looks terrible, maggot infested and the flies look so fat they could be packing cucumbers under their shells? Do they have shells? Anyways, here is a few of the weirdest looking, strangest and most bizarre of the bunch from no time frame in particular and in no order in particular:

The Over Wyre Fylde Coast Monster.

Over Wyre beach monster washed up on the Fylde beach.

The Montauk Monster washes up on the beach.

Over Wyre Fylde Monster.
What is this beach beast? On Tuesday, KEYT Senior Reporter John Palminteri was walking on a Santa Barbara beach doing a story on the fallout from a recent storm when he stumbled upon this:

Washed up on a beach is a ugly Hell fish.

Monster of California.

California Monster washed up on the beach.

Firstly that is not a Badger is it? The curator of Vertebrate Zoology at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, came forward with what he thinks is the answer? He said it was what I just said it isn't a Badger! But I have to give this guy his dues because he "must know" what he is talking about, right? It seems like if anyones knows what this is it must be him - so i'm going to do something I rarely do and that is to relent to his knowledge and even though I want to resist I must go with what the curator of the Natural History Museum says?

So it's a Badger. Even though I still have my doubts it is far better than what I think it is (as yet unknown) and as I don't have an answer to what it might be, that's why I have decided to go with his answer because it's logical? He has given a better answer and that makes complete sense even though it doesn't overall, if that makes any sense, lol. The full article can be found here.

Now for something which looks very similar to a condom.
Unusual monster creatures washed up on beaches.
Image from Imgur

Do not get this mixed up with a condom because you'll probably regret it either straight away or 9 months later?

The unusual stuff happening in this world and the strange creatures washing up on beaches.
Image from Imgur
But this is not the strangest thimng to ever wash up on a beach in the world. That honor goes to this bad boy below:

Jellyfish come in all sorts of sizes and shapes but this one looks just like a piece of plastic on the beach?

Meet the velella velella (both images). These odd creatures, which are often called by-the-wind sailors, are a species of invertebrate closely related to Portuguese Man-o-wars.


Basically, they’re jellyfish that spend the entirety of their adult lives on the surface of the water. Their only form of navigation is the sail on their back, which is how they got their nickname.

Velella velellas, which are typically less than 3 inches in length, are equipped with tentacles that can deliver a toxic sting to their prey (typically plankton). They’re harmless to humans, however, although touching them is discouraged. The full story can be found here.

So here's the description I added to this post but I feel it needs to be added here in the actual post aswell as it's pretty hard hitting and the effects are indeed indescribable but not nescessarily every monster or creature that washes up on a beach would be carrying a disease so it might just be a paranoid thing rather than an actual eventuality? But you never know do we...

Here's the description I added:

Here are some really strange and unusual creatures washed up on various beaches across the world. Creatures washing up on the worlds beaches are not at all that uncommon. They're routinely showing up on beaches in the USA and the UK, Europe and the far east like China plus even in remote areas where nobody really goes?

The evidence we have found is their skeletons and other strange bone structures and fragments because when the creature dies, the flesh is the first thing to decay and go but the bones take a lot longer to decay (they tend to get smashed up by the waves) so it's usually this what people are increasingly finding?

Creatures that are washing up on beaches has been occuring in the "single incident" instance rather than a few of them or a number of them? It begs the question, are these part of some laboratory experiment(s)?

Are they a single escapee from such a place where they have been experimented upon. Escaped creatures could take even more than just themselves i.e bacteria, viruses, pathogens and other deadly and even exotic plagues?

Yes, that's a little dramatic but so would be the emergency if such a thing did happen?

Creatures washed on beaches could create a real disaster epidemic.It would and probably could bring the "specific country" it's found in to a complete stand still? If it's let's say, found in the UK or the US then the repercussions would be indescribable and even unfathomable?

I'm talking curfews or total stay in doors direction supervised or "controlled" by military handling, martial law, no schools, no work, no travel "in or out of the country" and yes I don't need to go on do I?

It would be an apocalyptic scenario but in the form of a silent killer lurking in every bit of breathable air your breathing, in water, in food, in soil and even laying dormant...

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