The Best UFO Video We Have Seen All Year Over Mexico

You don't have to agree with us on this one, but as far as we are concerned this is just amazing. The UFO in this video ticks all the possibilities boxes. Some are saying that it proves we are not alone and I totally agree with this assessment.

Now, if your a believer of Aliens when do you say "that's real or that's a good fake"? Have you got a check list which possible UFOs need to tick all the boxes before you will believe?

How did you come to the realization that Aliens are real?


All we know about this UFO video is that there's a strong possibility it was videoed over Tijuana, Mexico.

Mexico and other Latin American countries are experiencing an explosion in UFO sightings.

Countries like Mexico have had some people capture absolute "unbelievable UFO sightings" sometimes caught on video and sometimes just in the usual UFO photographs.

Either way though, like this one they are spectacular.

Could the UFO be part of some secret government program? Yes it certainly could.

In some instances, I do believe that that's what we are seeing, but in this case I'm stumped.

But in this specific case, I'm just appreciative that it exists.

There has to be something which makes you believe, right? Well this is one of them such times when it seems to be the real deal.

It's in the category of "UFO sighting with no information". But that OK, it's still amazing. That's what we have based our decision on.

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I say "seems to be" because it's just a video.

It's just a video ticking all the boxes of rational thinking.

  • Is that what fakers are looking to get perfect? Yes it is.
  • Is this what fakers set their sights on? Yes it is.
  • In itself, is it suspicious? Yes it is.
  • Does faith play a part in Ufology? Yes it does.

It's like having the perfect fake Gucci handbag. Even the experts can't tell the difference, maybe...

All this ultimately boils down to belief.

It boils down to not even having a gold standard to put the UFO video up against and make a determination one way or another.


Gucci handbags have a gold standard to compare a fake one against.

Ufology doesn't have that privilege so we have to go with our gut feelings.

We have to rely on our own and experts opinions.

We have to take all this "research" and that gives us the ability to create a box list and tick them off one at a time as we go.

This UFO video ticks all the boxes for me:

It's stuff like this that I wished I could see in real time, real life and film it myself.

Source OvniSky Mexico Instagram.

Two Strange Crafts Following US Jets Flying In Formation

A video of two strange aircraft's following a formation of US Jets, has been baffling many people. Now it's my turn to be baffled by this, I suppose. The unusual looking aircraft's or UFOs if you like are really strange in their shapes.

There's a good chance that these are just "once secret" crafts and now they're on display probably for the first time?

The lack of information isn't a bad thing, it just means there's a bigger mystery than you originally thought.

There's a chance I suppose that this is a fake video and the aircraft's following the formation jets are nothing but a good old fictitious hoax?


Ones a flat disk shape and the other is kind of like a shell shape? It could be the angle of the way it's flying that's distorting its shape through the camera.

Some comments on this are that these are definitely US aircraft's and some are suggesting that these are Extraterrestrials.

Some of the people who commented on this are wondering why the people there watching (presuming there was a crowd of people) didn't yell anything?

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The majority are saying though that these are top secret US aircraft and the TR3B was also mentioned, but I would like your opinions on what you think these are guys?

Please remember though that I didn't film this so please don't leave any nasty comments because they was on the rise at one point until I stepped in and had to stop the people doing it as it's not fair at all.

I research what I believe is good and what I like and I present you with the stuff I've found to get further comments and opinions and so I can figure this out.

It's my own journey of discovery that I'm on and UFOs are it.

I really want to figure out as much as I can so I can either be delighted with the answer that Aliens are real, or delighted also that Aliens don't exist?

The images here are really amazing.

The video is either genuine or a fake and I can't tell for sure, as I'm not an expert. That's not a cue to ridicule.

Someone out there has the ability to determine if the video is a hoax or the real deal?


I hope that you like this UFO video because I really like it. I enjoy posting UFO videos as it brings relatively unknown (that's what I really enjoy posting) UFO sightings to the people where it needs to be seen.

I know it will bring us all one step closer to "knowing for sure" and without a doubt that UFOs are real - and everything that comes with that!

Here is the really good "two UFOs flying behind US Air Force Jets" video:

Either way, I just want as much information with answers (possibly) that I can get.

I suppose it's just like what your doing, trying to figure out if UFOs are real or not, so please don't be nasty if you don't agree with or indeed not like it.

Source Ufo10000 Instagram.

Black Ring Appeared Above A Busy Highway

The black smoke rings are appearing in all weathers (just remember that) and it's immediately got people divided on just what this is, it looks like a black ring for sure but what's caused it and why it's there, is the mystery.

Half of the people are convinced that it's a sky portal and the other half are convinced it's a black smoke ring from the lightning...


What's your thoughts and opinions on this one guys?

  • Is it a black smoke ring caused by a portal opening.
  • Is it a lightning strike leaving a black smoke ring.
  • Is it neither of them and it's Alien in origins.
  • Is it a lorry backfiring and it's exhaust fumes.

To help you guess along with the millions of people who've seen this, I've also remembered that there's been a few of these "rings" sighted and reported and indeed filmed around the world!

When I typed the words black smoke rings there was loads of results and in all weather situations.

This was filmed in Warwick Castle UK;


This was taken over Denmark - in the sun:


The guy in this video below is also asking if these black smoke rings are connected somehow to CERN?

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The unusual place called CERN (look it up it's mind boggling) is experimenting on some futuristic and also weird, insane technology.

Lot's of strange events have been attributed to CERN scientists including that they have thrown us all into another reality.

What are your thoughts on that as well?

Plus here a short video from Instagram on the above Black Smoke Ring above the highway:

But guys,

  1. The black smoke rings around the world could very well be the tell tale sign of a portal.
  2. Are we seeing a trend in portals opening up and then closing rapidly like they're testing it.
  3. Who knows what it leaves in its wake, after opening up and closing.
  4. But, all that is based on if you actually believe in CERNs ability to create a portal.

You need to know what CERN has "really" been up to.

You need to know why CERN has got such a really, really bad personality problem with how the world sees it?

They have been doing experiments that include the Big Bang, but recreating one!

They did an experiment that could of swallowed up the whole world and that's why some people say we was thrown into another dimension, reality or a parallel world.

Here's the video I found regarding these portal like black, smoke rings appearing out of nowhere around the world:

It's exceptionally complicated, but once you "start understand" just the basics of CERN - OMG, it's not even funny.

It's not the slightest bit funny or right for that matter what they did, do and are going to continue doing.

But that's a different post!

The black smoke rings as you can see by the video are everywhere so the lightning theory falls at the wayside as some places it's sunny.

Source TheScariestMovieEver YouTube.
Source Ufolovers Instagram.

NASA Has No Answer For These Anomalies On Mars

Mars Flying Saucer buzzing the Rover, flying past flipping the bird as they say. It seems that's what is happening as I'm pretty confident that this UFO has got some sort of "Rover detector lol".

Why is it there on Mars in front of the Rover like it's a freeway and they're just passing by?

I'll tell you why I think this is happening, because the Mars Rover and the Flying Saucer might be working together maybe?

OK, that's a little far fetched but please, explain to me why this obvious looking metallic object on Mars? I don't think as far as I can tell that it's part of the landing apparatus.

Anyways, enough of my back chat, check this bad ass out:


If you're looking for something strange in the Mars Rover images - believe me, your guaranteed to find it.

But some things are more explainable than others, right!

Like this obvious "UFO" or is it a bird (for real) which we all know that - any of the two things I've just typed out should not now, or ever exist on Mars.

But yet here we are very, very early on in our space exploration of the Stars and the planets and we instantly come across things like this these on which we have no answers for...

Speechless in other words.

OK, that was expected but only in scientific terms, not blooming Alien terms! Like the content of a sample taken from such and such crater or a rock sample with interesting characteristics.

Not this!


Or this Monolith on Phobos (Moon of Mars)!


Guys, I could literally, and I mean literally pluck from the NASA Raw Image Archives all day long - some of the weirdest and wildest stuff that you've ever seen or could imagine and that's a fact!

But for some reason, I feel that just a few awesome images is just enough for this post.

It's not a race, I ain't gonna bombard you with tons of UFOs and Alien sightings on Mars.

Just a few images will do as to much is like "UFO overload".

Here's a video of Mars which has had 45 Million views on YouTube:

45 Million views guys, that's an insane amount of views for what is effectively something that NASA doesn't acknowledge.  Does it prove Aliens or "Martians" as it where?

It definitely shows you what the people are really and truly, wanting to know about...

And that's if Aliens and UFOs really exist and also does NASA really know about it but are saying nothing?

My answer to that is this "go with your gut feeling".
Source ODE YouTube.
Source NASA Mars Rover Image.
Source NASA Mars Multimedia Archive.

Flying Saucer Photographed Following A Military Plane Over Canada

A Canadian witness at Ontario reported videotaping a low flying military airplane making unusual moves in a report where a still image taken at the same time shows a disc-shaped object near the plane, according to testimony in Case #58504 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.


Here is an image from the MUFON archives submitted by eye witnesses showing "probably" for the first time in clarity and near high definition.

In Ufology terms this image would be considered the highest of definition, believe me.


One of the witnesses snapped this still image which shows the military plane and a disc-shaped object in tow. What does this actually mean, does the airforce know about it...

  • Is the military aware of the UFO following them.
  • Is the military conducting an experiment "with" the UFO.
  • Do they know about the cameraman on the ground photographing away.

There's lots of questions here in this post which we are trying to answer, we would like to answer all the questions in Ufology but we'll settle with one bit at a time - slowly, slowly wins the day.

One of the witnesses snapped this still image which shows the military plane and a disc-shaped Unidentified Flying Object just below the plane.

The event occurred about 3:30 p.m. on July 29th, 2014 when the witness was outside with friends.

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Canadian MUFON Field Investigator Bob Mitchell investigated and closed the case as an Unknown (link to his Openminds profile is below).

"No description of the object was provided except a video which absolutely shows nothing at all, just a plane and no UFO and a still photo, Mitchell wrote in his report"

The video was too small for this Field Investigator to see any object but the military plane. This is also our (UFO Sightings Footage) findings also as the video is totally irrelevant and adds absolutely nothing.

You need to understand though that the video supplied by the eye witness was "only" so the people at MUFON could get an understanding of how big the plane was.

There's no UFO in the video supplied by the eye witness - please remember that when checking out the video. There's only UFOs in the photographs.


Cropped and enlarged portion of the eye witness image which was submitted showing only the disc-shaped object - clearly not a natural object.
Upon speaking with the witness, it was learned that the video was simply provided to show the strange maneuvers of the plane.

The object wasn’t actually visible in the video, people are not happy about that, which is obvious by the remarks on YouTube in the comments section.

So we will provide a link to the video which is a MUFON video hosted on YouTube (below). Then there was a silver, disc-shaped object visible in the photograph.

In our interview, the witness said the object didn’t make any sound and didn’t appear to have any wings, lights or propulsion.

  • It was a massive, chrome-reflective "giant flying saucer" that was the size of two, four-store houses.
  • According to the witness, the military aircraft was the size of a city block, a massive plane.
  • He believes the object was about half the size of the military plane.
  • The object also appeared to be flying sporadically.

The witness said the friend that thought he had seen the object with his naked eye described it as "fired out of the sky like nothing else" until it disappeared.

The witness and his friends believe the strange craft was also reflecting light because it was very hard to see with the naked eye.

They believe the photograph just happened to capture it under the right light conditions."

Source Openminds.
Source Roger Marsh Profile Openminds.
Source MUFON.

Source Reference MUFON Video On YouTube.

Soviet Era Declassified Material Shows 2 UFOs Joining Together

Amazing video which is showing us two black UFOs coming together and this is from declassified Soviet era materials. Narrated by Sir roger Moore it's called UFOs - Russian Connection. The two black UFOs have been considered by many experts (as featured in the documentary) as to be the real deal.

This is the real deal in my opinion and the UFO documentary is awesome.


Back then in the Soviet era times, there really wasn't any sophisticated or good enough to pass any scrutiny in today's world of "computer software generated graphics" especially this good, it would stand out as bad graphics, right.

UFO renderings where absolutely rubbish in the time period of the Cold War, there "was green screen special effects - but it was actually blue screens" that they used. Here is a few questions I have about this UFO video:

  • How was the Soviet plane able to get so close to the two UFOs.
  • How did the classified UFO video become declassified.
  • I've focused on only one UFO event from the documentary.
  • But there's lots mentioned of UFO incidents in the documentary.

Green screens were invented way back in 1940 "would you believe it" by Larry Butler who then went on to win an Academy Award for his special effects in the famous movie called "The Thief of Baghdad".


The camera's way back in the Soviet era was not high definition enough back then (or so we were led to believe) and so this doesn't look like it was faked at all to me.

The video is part of a documentary which is narrated by Sir Roger Moore who became famous by playing the legendary MI5 London based spy code named 007.

The Ufology and conspiracy theory documentary called UFOs: Russian Connection, is considered one of the most credible documentaries on the complex and mysterious Ufology genre of the old Iron Curtain.

If this turns out to be two real UFOs coming together as one UFO and a real video, then what now:

  1. Where does the evidence go to that is gathered.
  2. What is done with this evidence?
  3. Who takes over the reins now.
  4. Who is contacted and told of the news if anyone?

It's frustrating because lots of UFO sightings are been ruled as real, but then what...

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Lets just imagine for a second, with the inevitable evolution of technology and how fast the world moves, there's no telling where this technology is right now?

There's really no telling if the technology is on other planets by now and that's for real.

This is mind blowing if we're looking at top secret technology. Because we're looking at a video of two black UFOs might have all the answers to Ufology.

The two black UFOs are shown at 1:25 seconds in this particular trailer of the UFO documentary video:

I'll leave you with conundrum for now, if a UFO turns out to be a real one and the evidence all points to it been real - then what? I've looked it up as best as I could in all the places I know to look it up and there's nothing!

What do you think...

Leaked Military Plane Chasing UFO | Best Evidence Ever Seen

This is by far the best UFO video we've ever seen here at UFO Sightings Footage as this meets all the criteria and then some. It's been extensively researched and a team of scientists and researchers all came together to analyse and figure this UFO sighting out.


They got the answers that the Department for Homeland Security (DHS) probably didn't want anyone knowing about this UFO incident and that, this is real.

Everyone and their uncles will have an opinion on UFO video this but the fact of the matter is this:

  • Experts with backgrounds in science have come together to analyze this.
  • When this UFO incident happened it caused quite a stir on the base.
  • MUFON brought a team of skeptical researchers (think tank) together to investigate this.
  • SCU (the think tank) investigated this and released a 161 page paper on their findings.

You will be delighted in the facts, evidence, proof plus their findings in this "eye opener" of a published "documented UFO incident for history" paper.

SCU is amazing because it is a "think tank" made up of former military officers, and law enforcement personnel with technical experience and backgrounds in investigation plus scientists.

I believe that this UFO case is for the people of Earth - but with a focus on the people who really care about the truth and why the truth isn't reaching the people of Earth?

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There's a case for taking this to the mainstream media but would they have any interest in this?


Would the mainstream media outlets even want to show this UFO on prime time TV, you can guarantee the answer is no!

Those people with a genuine interest and a good understanding of Ufology are trying their best to bring the knowledge of life in the stars out from the dark and into the light.

The link to that paper can be found here and guys, it is very revealing and very accurate with it's information and how it's presented, with all things taken into account.


This is a little known UFO case (in the UK) which was seen and then chased in a military plane by it's pilot, co pilot and obvious cameraman and they keep the Unidentified Flying Object in the middle of the frame as much as they can.

All the while the pilot and copilot plus "the camera operator" must seemingly achieve the impossible and film the UFO but in night vision.

Here is the military planes night vision video, giving chase to the UFO:

The UFO is travelling very fast and the military plane struggles to keep up with this Unidentified Flying Object.

This immediately got my attention as it's got it all, as far as amateur researching UFOs goes.

The leaked video is great, you should share it to show people UFOs are very real. So, what happens now? It's all fine and well investigating a UFO sighting and finding it to be real, but then what?

What happens after that...

Let us know in the comments what should happen next, cheers.

Source Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies Paper (SCU).
Source SCU YouTube.
Source SCU Published Paper.
Source Reference Open Minds.

Strange Triangular Shaped UFO Spotted On The Moon

There's never been so much information and a vast online archive of "go-to-anytime" evidence about Aliens and UFOs on the Moon. This online archive (dotted everywhere) is updated every single time that a UFO is spotted flying across the Moon.

If you want to, you can put together a 30 minuet video showing 3 second video clips of UFOs everyday for a week if you want to.


That's how much stuff is been captured on film just showing strange Moon anomalies alone!

This triangle shape UFO though absolutely looks very good because it's the following:

  1. Strange triangular shape spotted on the MOON sends conspiracy theorists into a spin as they speculate the Moon is a base for UFOs.
  2. Footage of a triangular shaped UFO is proof of an air base on the moon, say conspiracy theorists.
  3. Videoed with a high-powered telescope, the shots appear to show a gigantic, black, triangular shape UFO.
  4. UFO truthers were sent into a happy - frenzy, with some claiming that this is proof of a base on the Moon.

But, I always have this strange feeling that NASA are deliberately holding back information and calculatingly and deliberately ignoring the "in your face evidence of UFOs" for some nefarious reasons?

I honestly can't get my head around the fact that this is all flying under the radar of the "big wigs" at NASA so-to-speak?

Why can't the scientists investigate any of these UFO encounters seen flying across the Moon?

I thought that there mission (or their ethos) let's not forget their driving force was to go into space, travel to different places throughout space and look for Alien life, right?

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I thought that NASA and SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was a coming together of like - minded agencies to go further into the unknown and search for Aliens and to try to contact them:

Because NASA keeps (as far as I can tell) deliberately ignoring the glaring evidence, I'm going to ask "what the hell are they doing with all the money that they get"?

So here's a little bit about the agency that has never fulfilled it's main promise or target!


What is NASA's main mission?

NASA opened for business on October 1st, 1958. The agency was created to oversee U.S. space exploration and aeronautics research.

Even if one, just one UFO is real, then Aliens are real and that's my own opinion based on nothing more that common sense.

What is NASA and what is NASA's current purpose in today's world:

NASA is a U.S. government agency that is responsible for science and technology which is related to air and space.

How is NASA funded?

Practically every major program within NASA will receive a boost.

The agency's science programs, which cover planetary missions and Earth science, will receive a total $6.9 billion, up from $6.2 billion from last year.

The human exploration program will get $5 billion, while it got $4.79 billion in 2018.

So, what is SET (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and where is SETI located:

The instrument, called the Allen Telescope Array, is situated at the Hat Creek Observatory, located in the Cascade Mountains just north of Lassen Peak, in California.

Radio SETI experiments have historically relied on existing radio astronomy telescopes.

The footage was captured with a high-powered telescope, the shots appear to show a gigantic, black, triangular shape against the backdrop of the moon’s rocky surface, reports the Daily Mail (all source links provided at bottom of page).

The video of the mystery craft was posted on YouTube by Secure Team 10, a YouTube account that explores mysterious occurrences on the moon, as well as UFO footage:

"You can tell that this is a shadow because you can see the shadow wrapping around the craters’, the narrator of the footage said.

Here's the Secureteam10 video:

Source Daily Mail.
Source Secureteam10 YouTube.
Source Ancient-Code.
Source NASA.
Source SETI Allan Telescope Array Overview.

The Best Evidence For Real UFOs Happened Over Pennsylvania

UFOs in recent times are becoming more like a plague and a real menace as they're bold but for what reason and what intentions. Are they a disease, is this an infection like a rash? Why are they here on this planet and are they looking for a host? Are these UFOs a smoke screen to get used to seeing them one at a time.


Is this a pre-invasion and are we going to see an influx of UFOs right across the Earth where they release seeds on land and horrible water born diseases?

Sounds weird doesn't it, but ask yourself this:

"why are we seeing UFOs in the first place"? Your guess is, as good as my guess.

A Pennsylvania witness at Derry reported watching and videotaping a “semi diamond-shaped object with what looked like an enormous spotlight in the sky,” according to testimony in Case 90175 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

  • MUFON has investigated this UFO case and has determined it to be a real unknown.
  • This is the best possible outcome because if it was identified as known cause then it would likely be human activity.
  • It really is only just one step before, or some would say "as good as" a real Alien UFO verdict.
  • I haven't checked - but I don't think MUFON has ever investigated a UFO case and determined that the UFO is an Alien craft.

Because what happens if if they do determine it to be real...

Close up of the rural Pennsylvania UFO filmed by eye witnesses in a car.

The event occurred beginning at 11:18 p.m. on February 9, 2018.

“I saw a very bright light in the sky, at first I truly thought it was a plane,” the witness stated.

“As the object got closer the lights and object became brighter and larger in size. It looked like an enormous spotlight in the sky heading towards us. It moved fast until it came close to us and it moved almost in slow motion until it stopped in the middle of the road, just staring at it.”

The witness pulled into a gas station and told her husband to grab her phone and record.


"Repeatedly asking him, ‘what is that? What is that?"

  1. I could see the entire underneath of it.
  2. It was a semi diamond-shaped object.
  3. I say semi because it wasn't exactly a diamond shape.

Under the object there were dozens of fluorescent lights, ranging in color, blue, green, red, and orange lights.
Underneath there was a semi-circle of lights blue and red. Around the semi-circle was a shape of a diamond or square depending on the viewpoint.

Pennsylvania UFO sightings are on the rise.

The lights outlining the square/diamond shape underneath were green and orange in color.

I am a person of sound mind, but this had me completely shaken.

I was screaming at my husband, and honestly thought I was going insane. Never in my life have I seen anything like this. Ever.

There's not a soul in this world that can tell me, nor convince me that this was a plane.

Here is the actual video of the very same UFO sent to MUFON:

It appeared to be eight times bigger than any plane I've ever seen in my life. I am still very confused and shaken over this.

I will never in my life forget this experience. For it has made me really think, over and over... what did I see in the sky that night?

Pennsylvania MUFON James Krug and John J. Doucette III closed this case as an Unknown Other. By Roger Marsh MUFON.

Source MUFON Video.

Neil Armstrong Moon Footprint Does Not Match Boot


That's right, Neil Armstrong's spacesuit boot "footprint" doesn't actually fit. So, what's going on with this massive blunder. History can't be a l;ie can it? Is there a real argument for Neil Armstrong, heck the full NASA Apollo Moon Mission being a lie? Have peoples argument for this really based on truth.

For me, this was quite a big moment when I first saw this Moon anomaly.

I looked at the image and thought there's no way this is the suit that he wore and this has to be a practice spacesuit here on Earth right - but it's the same one he definitely used on the Moon.

  • NASA always have a ready made story or answer for every kind of conspiracy theory.
  • NASA was caught using a green screen instead of a live spacewalk.
  • The footprint in the photograph apparently belongs to Buzz Aldrin.
  • Then there's the fact that NASA always cuts the live feed when UFOs turn up.

NASA wants us to believe that the spacesuit is the real one but Neil Armstrong wore "overshoes"!

Shoes that go over the ones in the image and it's these "over shoes" that have left the footprint we see in the famous Moon images.

If you buy that then good on you, but if you don't buy it then yeah, good on you also.

What do I believe?

I believe that the people at NASA always have an answer for every single conspiracy theory that you can throw at them! It's as if no matter what you say, they have a come back already, at the ready so-to-speak.

It's a conspiracy all in itself.

Sorry, but to go one further NASA also said that the Moon photo of the famous or infamous footprint isn't even Neil Armstrongs, it's supposedly Buzz Aldrin's!

The-overshoes-apparently-used on-the-Moon-which-they-just-so-happened-to-leave-behind-on-the-Moon.

Apparently though, the astronauts left the "overshoes" on the Moon, so we'll never know will we? It's quite convenient as far as I can see.

I don't know what to believe because honestly there's really good and "strong arguments" on both sides.

Until I process all the information then and maybe only then will I have a full answer to this for myself, where I'm confident enough to say NASA is a liar, lol.

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But when you couple that in with NASA always having a smart answer for every conspiracy and even when they're literally caught out with proof!

If your caught in a lie once, the very definition of a conspiracy theorist is someone who questions the statements given out by "known liars".


But that's my own opinion based on stuff I've seen like the green screen caught on live TV showing a miniature replica scale model of the International Space Station and even the news anchors in the TV studio yelled out "I don't think we was supposed to see that" and "where's your spacesuit"...

That was supposed to be a news station going live to the ISS for a spacewalk but experienced some technical difficulties, yeah like the truth intervening!

Instead the camera cut to another camera overlooking the whole stage floor showing a green screen and a model of the ISS on a platform with people looking on very confused!

That right there sealed it for "me".

It might not seal it for you as we are all different and we all have an opinion. In fact I'm going to put that video in right now:

Source SkyKel YouTube.
Source Bored Panda.
Source Reference Wetpaintlife.

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