UFO Whistleblowers Are Now Legally Protected For The First Time In History

This bill which been passed by Congress and signed by the President of the United States has finally "finally" gone through and has been accepted which now protects UFO whistleblowers who's doing the right thing.

UFO whistleblowers can now disclose what they know without fear.

UFO whistleblowers are now going to be helped and protected through a protected mechanism for disclosing what they have, know about UFOs and technology.

There's no grey area anymore or any specualtion now on this bill because it's eliminated any and all doubt's without any interpretation of the National Defense And Authorisation Act which is the funding bill for the Pentagon.

Within this funding is a provision for UFO whistleblowers and witnesses to come forward through a protected, legal means of sharing everything that they know about UFOs, UFO sighting's and other UFO related information and not be punished at all. In fact they'll be protected.

This is a first time bill that's been signed by any President of the United States to provide a protected mechanism and to provide provisions for anyone wanting to blow the whistle on what's going on in our skies and if they've got any materials like documents, files, media or other.


If they've worked for the private sector, companies and Government contractors and had Government funding it's all now legally protected. It's the first time ever in history that if anyone came through Government contract's even with funding from the US Government, you can now come forward.

UFO disclosure can now legally happen because UFO whistleblowers are protected under law.

UFO whistleblowers are now protected under law, Congress passed a bill which was then signed into law by the US President.

I urge you to check out this video by Dr Steven Greer.

There's no arguing this or that, it's a bona-fide helping hand for anyone who's thinking about doing the right thing with regards to UFO disclosure and disclosing the truth.

Your now fully protected.

Ufology is at a tipping point in history, it's constantly edging closer to full Extraterrestrial disclosure with weights being added all the time. It's tipping in our favour (our means humanities) of national and international full disclosure of the Extraterrestrial kind. Guy's, it's coming, just hold on a bit longer. The futures looking very Rosey and all it's gonna take is that one high profile UFO whistleblower case for the floodgates to open.

I want to see courageous people come forward with information about craft's that have come about because of recovered UFOs that was stripped and had the different parts farmed out to different companies to work on. We know (without official say so) that thing's were given to favoured technology and research companies, research contractor's etc.

It went on, it happened and now it's time to tell all. They created thing's independently of each other which is why the floodgates will open. When they're opened are going to start gushing with mind blowing example's of object's, craft's, technology, infrastructure and unknown all having their root's in recovered exotic technology.

Watch the video where Dr Steven Greer gives a talk regarding this new bill which was passed by Congress just before Christmas. It's a truly significant time for Ufology and UFO researcher's because it's something that we've been asking for, for quite some time now.

Check out Sirius Disclosure website of Dr Steven Greer which you'll find invaluable.

The Lost Century, Dr. Greer reveals how a hundred years of illegal secrecy have robbed humanity of vital technologies and spiritual knowledge that could save the planet and elevate us into a space-faring civilization.


Dr Steven Greer 

This is a quick quote (just above) from the Sirius Disclosure website. Please remember that Steven Greer was laughed at decades ago when he completely went against the grain and was pretty much going against everything that the US Government stood for regarding secret technology, keeping discoveries secret, secret reverse technology programs and classified programs around zero gravity craft's.

Here's the extraordinary video with the fantastic information:

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