Lot's Of UFOs In One Mars Image Or Lot's Of Dust

You can make your mind up on this one so I'll just provide the link to the Mars Gigapan photo and you can work it out.

I'm only going to add a couple of the photo's showing the UFOs.

Many UFO Orbs photographed on Mars by the Rover.

Multiple UFOs photographed by the Mars Rover.

Because the large HD photo is made up of many different photo's stitched together, these can't be reference points in the camera lens.

They're not at the same height neither and they can't be on the camera as a reference point because this photo like alot of the other NASA photo's are stitched together from lot's of photo's.

I genuinely don't think that these are reference points because there would be other's right and numbers or letter's. At first I thought is this Mars Rover surrounded but then I did think about the black Orbs being reference points. I quickly realised that they're at different heights and so that can't be right.

They were added to Gigapan on September 1st 2016.

The photo description reads:

Here we have a fantastic large view of some curiously composed large mounds and a smaller pan from the same sol added to the image body. Both are incredible in their own ways

Keith Laney 

I've actually got a video in my archive of UFO sightings of a UFO Orb coming up to the Mars Rover and quickly flying away. I'll make an article about that one day.

The whole reason why I was on these Gigapan photo's is because I was back looking at the most important Mars discovery in our lifetime. If your wondering what that is, I'll write about it in the very next post I do.

There's a lot out there either explainable or unexplainable but one thing's for sure, the more that we look the more that we will find. That means we either keep up with the answers at the same pace or we're going to end up with a total mess. An unexplained mess of mysteries and anomalous thing's that don't make sense.

Another UFO sighting on Mars caught by the Mars Rover in September 2016.

If it's reference points, then that's bizarre because this is a stitched together photo mosaic. I actually count a lot of these UFO Orbs, maybe it's something else that NASA uses to identify the photos? It's odd, I know that.

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You can alway's go onto the NASA archives because that's who owns the Mars Rover and find an anomaly. Your pretty much guaranteed to find something that looks odd to you.

Credit: NASA/Gigapan/Keith Laney/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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