The perfect motion of a heart beat and the existance of everything!

The universal in and out motion of a heart beat
The DNA of everything

The world really does shrink and becomes a really small place when you can see the connecting "next" dot. Information is gained not through learning or being told how something works, it's all dragged out of you because you already know it!

Already knowing everything would take a really big brain, something like the size of a human brain? Everything is already in there, teachers only serve to supress it and condition you in a specific well thought out strategy so that by the time you reach coll3ge or of a certain age, your already bleating like a sheep.

Man knows about the infinite loop of the implosion and explosion
Are you one of these?
Sheep are the governments favourite employee. They only employ sheep and if you think differently then your strange or an outsider or even a loner? The brain has the power to unravel every mathematical sum or equation ever conjured up? The brain has been a storage place since you was born. Everything you'll ever need to get on in life is already within you.

Learning your main language as a child was as easy as learning to read. It's already within you. What else is already within you, everything.

Your world has been before
We have done this all before

You've been here before, you've done this world many, many times before. The infinite loop of expanding and contracting. The "heart beat" is a good analogy for how space works. It goes out then it goes in. Implode, explode. This is a constant, the constant of forever. The infinite loop is our version of this in and out action.

Most things are built with a heart beat motion not only within their physical body but within their very existence and soul. The reincarnation, the Einstein theory of E=Mc2. Energy to solid and back again on an infinite loop. A never ending evolution and devolution through chaos, explosion and implosion.

Everything is a lie
The Earth is flat, everything is a lie

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