Elvis Presley is found ALIVE and well at Graceland Birthday Gathering. Hiding in plain sight!

Is these photo(s) taken at Graceland, it could prove once and for all that Elvis Presley "did not die" and in fact faked his own death? These images are doing the rounds on social media and on conspiracy theorists websites (like this one) and are claiming that, this is THEE legendary man himself? The actual post that we found this on first was the internet weird section of express.co.uk

Is this Elvis Presley now and is that his new look so he can hide in plain sight?
Elvis Presley at Graceland on his 82nd birthday

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IS ELVIS Presley alive?

Conspiracy theory fans believe he could be alive after photos emerged appearing to show the rock icon, hiding in plain sight at a event marking his own birthday.

Elvis Presley hiding in plain sight with his bodyguards in the background
Elvis and his bodyguards

Fans of the music legend, who died in 1977 aged 42, believe a man snapped in a photo taken this week could be him. The picture shows a bearded man wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap standing at the back of a crowd celebrating Presley’s birthday with a cake-cutting ceremony at his Graceland home. He also appears to have bodyguards positioned behind him, raising suspicions online he is Elvis.

The photo was posted on a Facebook page which shares photos purporting to show Elvis alive today. One user said: “I did notice that man at a few points during the video and wondered if it was him.

  • “I thought, he's hiding in plain sight again. The people next to him probably have no idea.” 
 Another said:
  • “When I watched it I got so excited when I noticed the man and saw the TCB jacket and hat.

  • “I knew it was Elvis straight away, i'm so happy he got to spend his birthday celebration with his fans.”

A third said:

  • “Must be our Elvis. The bodyguards are so obvious. Wish I was there so much. I would have noticed him.”

That's all from the express.co.uk and after rummaging around the internet for a while I found lot's of other photo's purporting to show Elvis alive and well?

So I thought I would add some more images of them and just show you how much these look similar to the "Elvis" in out images?

This looks like Elvis Presley and looks similar to our images?
Looks similar to our images above?

You must admit these people look similar to our people in our images?
An overweight and very "grey haired" looking icon of rock and roll?

I saved this one for last because it really could be Elvis Presley alive and looking very... well, not dead!
Elvis Presley looking not dead?

Now I don't even know if Elvis is alive or dead? He is supposed to be dead by official terms. He had a funeral and a wake, grieving time and a very public burial. But, conspiracy theorists claim that it is very easy to fake a death, especially if you have the means, the money, the loyal family, loyal friends and even more loyal officials in strategic places?

Elvis Presley had all that AND much, much more! He could of faked the Mona Lisa if he wanted to, he had that much sway and influence around the world. You see, Elvis not only had the USA at his beck and call but also he had the world in his palms just as much? In other word's, Elvis Presley could of faked going to the moon if he wanted to and they would still be teaching it in schools to this day, again if he wanted?

Power and influence is one thing this guy had in bundles. He was called the King of rock and roll for one reason, he ruled it. Being the King or being the Prince of anything is power and privilege, end of! One thing I do know is this, people with far, far less power have successfully faked their own deaths. Faking something in 1977 was probably easier then nowadays?

Well, that's my take on this. Elvis could be or he could not be dead? I suppose that answer is and has to be, up to you? We definitely won't have any officials or spokesperson come forward any time soon saying yes, he did fake his death and he does not regret it! Talking about privacy and the right to have a life? If it's illegal, then good luck prosecuting that one?

In 1957 Elvis Presley is at his Graceland home seen here in this picture
Elvis Presley looking so cool


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