US Air Force Pilot Leaked Damning Evidence of a UFO Not Seen Before

You've more than likely not seen this UFO video before but you'll definitely wish that you had done so?

Have you ever heard of the Phoenix Lights Incident? Of course you have, right... Have you ever heard of the subsequent "UFO cover up following the Phoenix, Arizona Triangle UFO Light's?" Of course you have also!

Black Triangle UFO video was recorded by whistle-blower and sneaked out of the US Air Force.

Above image is a screenshot of the Black Triangle UFO from the cockpit of a fighter jet HUD.

Credit: David Collins YouTube channel/US Air Force/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

But, did you know that there was a whistle-blower that sneaked out of the Air Force, a video of a UFO event which happened on the same night as the Phoenix Lights UFO Incident?

This video is of such importance and of quality that it's some of the best back up evidence of the whole incident to date.

Lee Lewis UFO Sightings Footage.

An Air Force whistle-blower has leaked a marvellous UFO video recording from the Jet fighter that he piloted on the night of the 13th March, 1997. We can see a huge black Triangle with lights on the underneath of it. It's a definite Triangle shaped craft and it's most certainly in a real dog fight with the Jet which is being piloted by the eye witness/whistle-blower.

The UFO is pulling unimaginable manoeuvres that normally any Jet would tear itself apart.

Credit: David Collins YouTube channel/US Air Force/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

I'd like to know what it is and if it's a top secret aerial vehicle created from a reverse engineering project within the Air Force like some people have suggested?

Please enjoy this amazing UFO video brought to you via the good people of the US Air Force:

Here's the full description of the UFO encounter that is in the actual YouTube video description:

Classified military footage of the Phoenix Lights has recently been leaked by a former Luke Air Force aviator. The cockpit HUD footage captures never before seen cockpit footage of an F-16 and A-10 Warthog fighter jet in action the night of the Operation Snowbird over the Estrella Mountains March 13, 1997.

The UFO video depicts military and an unknown craft on the night of the mass sighting over Phoenix, Arizona in March of 1997.

Is there a connection between the two and if so, what? If it turns out to be another incident, that would beg the question "how bloody big is the UFO phenomenon" really...

Luke Air Force base has received numerous inquiries and requests for comment but has remained silent on the incident. The report claims additional footage of multiple civilian casualties has been obtained. #disclosenow 

Credit David Collins YouTube.

Massive UFO in Outer Space Inside Orions Nebula

If you clone the Earth 100 times and put them all in the universes biggest paper bag, you'd be somewhat near or slightly close to the size of the UFO inside the Orion's Nebula.

In fact, that's a fraction of the size of the Cigar shaped UFO inside the Orion's Nebula.

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The Black Knight Satellite UFO is Real

In reality, we don't have anything to put it next to, to determine the size or get a gauge of it's size and even if we put it next to the Sun, it's still hard to grasp it's true size!

The largest UFO in the universe or Orion's Nebula probably.

Credit: NASA/UFOvni2012/Hubble Telescope/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

It's somewhat different to other UFOs because of one thing, size! Lol. It's a bit hard to get the human head around the size of the UFO because it's (larger than 100 Earth's) the biggest one that we'll ever claim to be an Aliens Mothership or even flying home?

One thing I do know is that as far as Cigar shaped UFOs go, this is the Cuban President of them all. The big general so-to-speak. Here's a photo of the Cigar UFO in the Orion's Nebula:

UFO evidence inside of the Orion's Nebula in deep space photographed by the Hubble Telescope.

Credit: NASA/UFOvni2012/Hubble Telescope/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Below is the UFOvni2012 YouTube video showing the massive, humongous and extremely large UFO in the Orion's Nebula which is a long, long way away.

Please enjoy this exciting video. Deep space is a fascinating place to look for Aliens because we're here in this tiny part of the endless space so it stands to reason that there's other life out there in space "somewhere", right!

YouTube channel UFOvni2012 uploaded a UFO video showing an image taken by the Hubble Telescope of the nebula - which is a huge cloud of gas and dust in outer space.

Within the dust cloud is an odd dark, more solid-looking object they have described as a cigar-shaped UFOUFO evidence inside of the Orion's Nebula in deep space photographed by the Hubble Telescope was like finding that one needle in a haystack.

Credit: NASA/UFOvni2012/Hubble Telescope/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Alien Spacecraft Was Found on Mars

NASA once again has a real conspiracy theory on it's hands/claws even though this was discovered just before 2006.

It's a massive, whopping 1.3 mile long spaceship sitting right there without a care in the world. Check out the Paranormal Crucible YouTube video below for all the relevant information like coordinates, altitude, longitude, attitude and solitude - including the dude that discovered it.

The symmetry is unreal and very intelligent so is this a Mars UFO or a natural formation.

Credit NASA/Paranormal Crucible/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

The symmetry is absolutely unreal and very intelligently created so I'm asking you for your honest opinion on what you think about it?

Is this a Mars UFO or a natural formation, personally I'm really convinced that it's got to much of a manufactured look to it, for it to be a totally unique and natural formation. It's Alien.

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UFO on the side of a mountain on Mars


It seems that NASA will always be playing whack a mole with thousands if not Trillions of conspiracies. One pops up and another bursts, another one pops up and so on and so on, like that until either they get sick of it a shows us the Aliens or people get undisputed and tangible evidence of Extraterrestrial entities on Mars. It seems that NASA and vested interests are all to happy to engage with the public and that's why we have lot's of misdirected discrepancies and double speak, including linguistic gymnastics! In other words, NASA and cohorts are full of it!

Continues below:


Here's another couple of Flying Saucers caught on camera on Mars:

NASA photo enhanced by unknown person shows Flying Saucer on Mars surface.

Flying Saucer in the sky over Martian surface.

Credit: NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.


Okay, maybe not Trillions but definitely Billions lol. It's every single day that another UFO is found or as in this case, just pick a date and there's gonna be a conspiracy attached to it somewhere in the NASA archives.

This one has seen Paranormal Crucible research it and actually has done a great job of it. Enhanced colours, filters and bells and whistles. It looks like a Mothership without any Aliens added for effect in my view and that's why I have decided to create this post about it.

Here's the full description from the YouTube video as stated on the Express website. It has changed though in the many, many years that it's been on YouTube:

A description beneath the video reads: “I have processed, colorised and rebuilt the object and in my opinion it is a craft of some kind, possibly tens of thousands of years old.”

The images were taken by Nasa’s Mars Global Surveyor which snapped pictures of the planet until the space agency lost contact with it in 2006.

You see, Mars has a very bad, arid atmosphere and it's gonna definitely attack anything metal, non metal, biological and even the Martian surface itself is under attack from it's own atmosphere that's why we see all the erosion and prust like colour. This spacecraft has more than likely been there for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years and as such, it's looking good for it's possible age.

Express quote:

The narrator in the video says that it is proof that a alien spaceship crash landed on Mars where it has remained for thousands of years where it has degraded over time.

Credit: Paranormal Crucible/Express/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

The Black Knight Satellite UFO is 100 Percent Real | Evidence

First of all, the Black Knight satellite UFO photo evidence is 100 percent real because it was taken during STS-88 which was a real NASA mission in 1998.

Here's the Black Knight Satellite UFO like you have never seen before.

Credit: NASA/UFO News Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Wikipedia quote:

1998 NASA photo of space debris, an object believed by some conspiracy theorists to be an extraterrestrial satellite, the "Black Knight."

UFO evidence is so easy to come by, I've researched this and it's from STS-88 NASA footage of the Black Knight Satellite which was a definite, very real photo from that mission.

Here is the legitimate, very real and very important "original 1998 photo of the Black Knight Satellite UFO".

This is the original Black Knight Satellite UFO photo.

Credit: NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Getting down to the brass tacks and getting to the nitty gritty of just finding out that this is absolutely 100 percent a real UFO sighting from 1998 is very good news.

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Flying Saucer Turns White And Flies Off

So, now you know that the Black Knight Satellite UFO is real. You can gladly shut up the nay sayers if you want to.

UFOs are about as easy to come by in 2021 because they're everywhere.

Lee Lewis UFO Sightings Footage.

But that being said, have you ever seen anything like this amazing thing? Even I thought this can't be true or something to that effect, like BS!

The Black Knight Satellite UFO is 100 Percent Real and here's the evidence photo.

Credit @ufosightingsfootage & UFO News Instagram.

This is the original photos of the Black Knight Satellite UFO taken by NASA.

Another quote from Wikipedia:
The Black Knight satellite conspiracy theory claims that a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin is in near-polar orbit of the Earth, and that NASA is covering up its existence and origin. This conspiracy theory combines several unrelated stories into one narrative.

Continued from above - 

So, I immediately started to find so-called debunking stories related to the Black Knight Satellite (BKS), where people are saying that the BKS doesn't exist, it never exisyed and people made it up to tbe Alien NASA narrative.

Well, the truth is laid out here for you to judge and determine yourself. I researched everything and anything to help me with making an informed decision as to whether or not I believed this? And now I definitely do.

I still don't know why NASA stays quietfor sure on all things Aliens related because Extraterrestrial entities is their number one reason for exploring space? NASA staying quiet on this subject is a good thing maybe...

In fact, it's probably better than a comment by NASA because it is engaging the public if they do comment. That's why NASA won't engage anyone with wild speculation because people can take it any way they want to. So they control the narrative by saying nothing! A specific direct answer is the worst approach so they keep to "the silence" like the empty nothingness of space, NASA footage of the Black Knight Satellite UFO is definitely cause for silence and I really don't blame them because geeks don't lie very well and we'd only find massive black holes in their answers anyways! You like the black hole pun I did lol.

Here's the awesome video which is from UFO News Instagram channel:

This UFO News Instagram channel is choc full of UFO videos and UFO photos. When I say choc full I really do mean filled to the brim with many amazing UFO videos and they're all of the best quality so get on over and check it out, thanks guys.

Credit: NASA/UFO News Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

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