They're Here Parked on The Side of The Crater

Neil Armstrong (astronaut) is changing the radio channel because he needs to report that a UFO is following their spaceship.

But, he needs to do it secretly, and he knows that the radio being used at the moment is not secure. The public will hear it. He needs to speak with the Chief Medical Officer fast!

After watching the video below, bottom you should check out the credited sources (bottom of post) to get the full picture and the full details.

Apollo astronauts see UFO following their spaceship on the way to the Moon.

Credit: OpenMindsTV/Alien UFO Sightings/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Business Insider/Canva.

Because he knows that everyone is listening to every word that he is saying and he knows it's been recorded, the first man to walk on another celestial body changes the radio channel. He's now in direct contact with the Chief Medical Officer at NASAto which he tells him, "They're here, and they are parked on the edge of the crater." Of course, he later forgets all about it, then he denies it, and then he says he said it, but we're mixing it up, and it's not what he meant.

UFO following the Columbia spacecraft while on the way to the Moon.

Credit: OpenMindsTV/Alien UFO Sightings/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Business Insider/Canva.

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This is mind-blowing stuff, and do you know who's giving us this information? It's a fellow astronaut! It's first-hand quality information, and it's a bombshell indeed. Aliens are spying on the United States astronauts. They are parked on the edge of the crater, which means that their vehicles are there, and their crafts could contain any number of Extraterrestrial entities.

UFO that followed the Apollo 11 Columbia spacecraft while going to the Lunar surface.

Credit: OpenMindsTV/Alien UFO Sightings/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Business Insider/Canva.

This devastating information has come via none other than Buzz Aldrin. This is a decorated astronaut, a veteran NASA employee, and a truly remarkable individual who has selflessly served his country since he was young.

Look at the top left of this photo, we see a similar light energy as described earlier in the mission.

Credit: OpenMindsTV/Alien UFO Sightings/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Business Insider/Canva.

There's not one ounce of lies in his story, he's a decent person who knows what he heard, he knows what he saw and he knows it wasn't the lack of oxygen making him have hallucinations - this is a bonafide, straight-up explanation of what he and Neil Armstrong saw on the Moon.

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Just before the famous 1969 Moon Landing, NASA's mission control had a few exchanges with astronaut Neil Armstrong on board the Columbia spacecraft while they were headed towards the Lunar surface.

Seriously though, guys, here's what was said between them:

On the third day of the mission, the Apollo crew checked in with Houston to ask about a "mystery object they say that was floating through space."

Apollo 11 audio transcripts show Mr Armstrong said:

"Do you have any idea where the S-IVB is concerning us?"

The S-IVB was the third stage of the Saturn V rocket used to reach the Moon and had, by that point, already jettisoned from the Apollo 11 Command and Service Modules. Mission Control then replied:

"Apollo 11, Houston, the S-IVB is about 6,000 nautical miles from you now. Over."

Many years later Buzz Aldrin was in a TV interview (don't forget that this is many, many years later) so he's had a long time to perfect the plausibility of all the things he's said since 1969 and the years after that. This is probably his most famous backtracking of anyone I've ever heard, say!

Because the astronauts did not know what they were looking at at the time, Mr Aldrin admitted the object could be described as "unidentified" on a technicality.

So, all I know is that when someone is being smug, or being arrogant and saying that they didn't say whatever you thought they said, and that we've twisted what he said it's usually just to cover their tracks "legally" or maybe because someone at NASA said to him "put the record straight!

He's genuinely trying to put the record straight by quoting a legal loophole that is insane!

It almost sounds like a pathetic attempt at a crude cover-up. Relying on a technicality in the English dictionary - it's laughable, it's insulting. Anyway's decide for yourself but lastly, on that bit, they continued to observe the object until they fell asleep (check the OpenMindsTV link for this story below, bottom) but did not discuss it over the radio with mission command again until their debriefing when they got back home.

QUOTE from Latest UFO Sightings:

Here are the statements by the former astronauts:

Professor: What happened out of Apollo 11?

Buzz Aldrin: An amazing thing, even though we have always known of this possibility. The fact is that they (aliens) have ordered us to turn away!

Professor: What do you mean by warned to move away?

Buzz Aldrin: I can not go into details. There are structures on the Moon and not ours. I can only say that their ships were far superior to ours both in size and technology. Wow, if you were big! And menacing!

Professor: But NASA also sent to the moon, missions after Apollo 11….

Buzz Aldrin: Naturally, NASA had already announced at that time and could not risk panic on Earth.

According to the American ufologist Vladimir Azhazha, “Neil Buzz Aldrin said to Mission Control that two large unknown objects were watching him and Aldrin after landing on the moon. But this message was never heard by the public because NASA censored it. “But a 2006 video interview made astronaut Neil Buzz Aldrin, it is analyzed the footage of the meeting between the Apollo 11:02 UFO. This was just one of many “encounters” with aliens during the duration of the journey to the moon.

Imagine being ordered away from another celestial body by an extraterrestrial entity because you're too close. Also, imagine seeing a UFO following your Spaceship, and you can't (in your mind) tell mission control for fear of what might happen next.

That's exactly what happened on the Moon. Here's a quick video, where Neil Armstrong tells us all this!

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Credit: OpenMindsTV/Alien UFO Sightings/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Business Insider/Rumble/Canva.


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  2. This was a absolutely amazing article and the short video was mind blowing. I remember watching these events as a young person. I don't know how many other people might be shocked by what's in this article but I personally think I've always wanted to believe. That's why I always enjoyed the show X-Files.

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  10. This information is really amazing and appears to support what others are saying. But I need to add that I get a little skeptical when the writer(s) of critical/important information does not use proper grammar. Then I question the source of such important information.
    *See paragraph: "Imagine being ordered away from another celestial body by an Extraterrestrial entity because your to (instead of "you're too") close. Also imagine seeing a UFO following your Spaceship and you can't (in your own mind) tell mission control for fear of what might happen next?

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