UFO News YouTube Channel

UFO News is one hell of a UFO channel. It's part of the UFO Sighting's Footage and Ufosfootage empire. That's sounds so good, my empire! Lol. I'm growing it at a steady rate. In just a few months from now, I'm going to be taking my website and my YouTube channel and I'll be taking it to the next chapter. New videos below added 16th October 2022.

UFO Sighting's Footage brand new video intro just uploaded to YouTube 8th January 2023, here's the video:

I hope you like my new video intro.

I hope you enjoy the 3 vids I've just added above.
Here's the brilliant video from Project Blue Book:

I'm adding new UFO video's every now and again. I'm going to be adding vids but removing old vids because it keeps it fresh and also it doesn't bog down the page to much.

(Above) Strange glowing UFOs.

Nearly 75% of this "new chapter" is in place. The funding, done! The equipment, bought. Hotspots figured out. I just need a license and thing's will be notched up a level. I'm actually really looking forward to this new chapter in my life. It's doing something that I love doing, and managing to get answers and furthering "our" ie yours and mine Ufology knowledge, is exactly why I'm doing this. Continue below for more videos.