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UFO News is one hell of a UFO channel. It's part of the UFO Sighting's Footage and Ufosfootage empire. That sounds so good, my very own empire! Lol. "I wish it was an empire." I'm trying my best to put the right information out there but ultimately it's up to you to decide what is right, what is correct, what the truth is or what is in fact, factual and you must use your common sense. I provide you with the information as much as and as best as I can. I am one man trying to bring you the information about UFO sightings and conspiracies to the best of my ability but ultimately it's up to you to form your own opinions.

Because it's Ufology and there is no official answer as yet but since July 26th 2023 and the Congressional hearings everyone has an opinion on this. It is very difficult to say the right thing before someone comes along and if we don't agree with them you're somehow seen as a "peddler of misinformation." But because we live in a rational world we're allowed to have opposing viewpoints and opinions that don't necessarily align but you must use your mind to form your own opinion.

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Let's get into it.

Bob Lazar was right and now we know that he was right all along he worked at Area 51, here's the video:

I hope you like the effort that has gone into developing this, the UK's leading number 1 UFO website as voted for and on Feedspot based on I hope that more people see what I've been able to achieve and they pick up the challenge of disclosure.

I hope you enjoy the 3 videos I've just added above.
Here's the brilliant video from Project Blue Book:

I'm adding new UFO videos now and again. I'm going to be adding vids but removing old vids because it keeps it fresh and also doesn't bog down the page too much.

(Above) Strange glowing UFOs.

I'm looking forward to the new chapter in my Ufology what with the UAP disclosure hearings that took place on the 26th of July, 2023 in Washington, DC, USA. It's now known for sure but official as such that the US Government has recovered UAPs with unknown origins beings. This information was freely given under oath by David Grusch. In doing so he's liable for a lengthy prison sentence of up to five years. Writing about UFOs is something that I love doing, trying to get answers and furthering "our collective" i.e. yours and mine Ufology knowledge, is something that I'm passionate about and it's exactly why I'm doing this. Continue below for more videos.

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