Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is dedicated for the users to understand how we collect information and data from them on our website “”. We are thoroughly explaining how the data is used and how the user activities are managed through cookies setting under the compliance of Google’s policies and EU User Consent Policies. UFO Sightings Footage and its team tries to provide the most authentic information for many people. Therefore, we are always concerned about the policies regarding the protection of online consumer privacy. Thus, our policies directly state the issue regarding the problem about user protect privacy on our website under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR). We try our best to summaries the key point under the UK GDPR including relevant guidance published by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) as well. Furthermore, we use users’ cookies to provide a personalized experience on our website. We are also going to summaries what exactly are the cookies and how they affect the users’ experience.

Users’ information and Data

There is two ways that a website can gather data, voluntarily or involuntarily. Voluntarily process includes the consent of the user by asking them for commenting over the post. Similarly, we collect data from the comments of the users. For the ensure appropriate comments over the post we often ask for Name and valid Email Id from the User. Similarly, if you are visiting the website anonymously or through a third-party vendor like Google or Google Ads, it will use user's DART cookie. These cookies ensure to add Ads to the site according to your search and interest history. Moreover, the users can always opt out from DART cookies by visiting Google Ads if they want too. The involuntarily process includes identifiers like the IP address or cookies from the user. Internet is literally working on the concept of IP addresses. Such data is truly anonymous for the website and its domain. Therefore, you can not really opt out from it.
For more information on Google's privacy & term's site.

Purpose of Collecting Data

The only visible way that we are collecting data is through the comments which we have already discussed to be volunteer. We use this information for following purposes:

1. For showing the comments with the name of the commentator. The Email address is never disclosed and maintained over the website.

2. To send an email in form of newsletter or latest updates over the website. You can always unsubscribe this service if you wanted.

Data Protection System

Since we are deeply concerned about the users’ data protection, therefore we have advised many encrypted security systems. These systems help us protect our databases and the domain of our website as well.

Cookies and Its Policies

We follow a strict rule under the articles 13 and 14 of the EU regulation n.2016/679. This is a detailed disclosure and consent related to use of cookies by the users. Let us define briefly about the cookies. You may have noticed that the website often asks for the users’ consent for the allowing the website to access cookies. Cookies are more like a segment of information that browser saves on the computer hard disk. This is a tailored and custom-based service that allows the browser to prepare the website and the ads column since you are revisiting it. You can also prevent the acceptance of cookies by checking the browser’s setting. But do keep in mind the cookies are used by all of the websites and they will never harm your system. They are put there to make the browsing experience enjoyable and smooth.

How we use the Cookies?

There are two purposes for us to use cookies. First is to monitor the traffic pattern over the website and what section of the website has most of the traffic. Here the cookies help us in understanding how the design, layout and content is developing for audience for us. Second purpose is to improve the advertisement over the website. Cookies save your interests and search history. Therefore, you see the ads that fits best to your mood and interest. But do keep in mind, cookies never give us access to your personal data, it just works as a bridge between us and the user. There are many types of cookies that work through the website, but it is important to talk about the Persistent cookies especially for Google Analytical and Google Ads. This cookie is stored only one time on your computer and used whenever you visit the website again.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service by Google Inc. that helps in analyzing the website and how the user perceive it. All of the cookies generated by the Google analytics and saves it over the servers. Such information is essential in evaluating the performance of the website over the internet. It also includes the third-party process abide by the Google and legal DCMA laws. Google Analytics never saves the IP address of the user or any other data. It uses the utma cookies that is saved for two years incase of the user visits the same website again.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

The privacy of this website can be updated. Therefore, users are advised to check periodically for more information. This policy was updated on 17.03.2020.

Contacting Us

If there are any query regarding the policy, contact us here. We will try to answer them deliberately.

The Privacy Policy for UFO Sighting's Footage.

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