DNA Finally Proves Extraterrestrials Are Visiting Earth

There's only one thing on my mind because of this extraordinary information which was gained through scientific analysis and that is "what's next".

This incident happened in Sydney in Australia in 1992. Extraterrestrials visited Earth, more specifically 2 Extraterrestrial females visited a guy called Peter Currie in Sydney, Australia in 1992 the one with the blonde hair pointed to her stomach and then she pointed upwards with her other hand gesturing up towards space. The next morning he looked for evidence and found the hair then he took it to experts.


The next chapter is history, as they say. The hair was optically clear, nobody on Earth has hair like a fishing line and yes, it is 100 per cent hair! This is what puts this into the Extraterrestrial entity category. Just watch the mind-blowing video and then you'll know that things are been kept from us.

This is the Nordic Extraterrestrial female that left a hair at the home of Peter Currie in Sydney, Australia DNA test proves it's Alien.

Credit: History YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

This guy's official testimonial on the History channel is gonna change things, unless it doesn't then we know that something is off. If nothing changes (which it hasn't so far) then yes, I am saying that something is very off! I mean, this is a scientific DNA Test, it was carried out by biochemists who don't get or should I say, it literally "can't get any better than this".

What's everyone waiting for? For real, is this what happens when disclosure happens? To be honest I don't know what I was expecting... what would you expect?

Watching this video it's like watching a different reality TV show because I know that our Government isn't doing anything for the public and they won't investigate the claims from the public. And yet the TV show on History is saying quite convincingly that it's real. Government agencies that are tasked with searching for evidence of Aliens, in general,l must be doing so in secret as usual.

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NASA is only interested in what they are doing, if Extraterrestrials are verified by biomolecular scientists, tangible evidence in the form of hair, as is the case in this video which is the basis for this post, it doesn't seem to matter to NASA because it ain't part of their plan.

Maybe I'm assuming too much, maybe I'm putting the responsibility for researching anything Extraterrestrial life onto NASA and it's not their responsibility?

But as an agency that is only focused on space, space travel and looking for the existence of Extraterrestrials in space, maybe, just maybe I'm expecting too much and expecting NASA to investigate a verified Alien incident verified and backed up by scientists using a scientific method, maybe that's not enough to get NASA on the case? What the hell does it take for anyone in authority to do something?

To say it beggars belief is an understatement.

A guy woke up early hours of the morning and a blonde-haired woman with extremely white skin and a pointy chin with large eyes was sitting on him. Another woman who was there also was of Asian origins he reckoned and in the morning had blonde hair which is what he bagged and tagged for the scientists to analyse which they did.

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It's these results which have come back and 100 per cent changed everything including the sceptic, the ney sayers and the disbelief I bet was palpable in the air that you could cut the air with a knife. This kind of scientific evidence shouldn't exist, this kind of evidence in the wrong hands would become a cover-up because this is exactly what certain people are covering up.

The blonde haired Alien was sat on the eye witness and she pointed to her stomach and then she pointed upwards towards space.

Credit: History YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

It's ripe for someone to try to hide it and try to eradicate it. But fortunately for the world, for the guy who must have thought he was going mad, fortunately for him that the process wasn't corrupted and the people involved with the testing and the accountability were all on the same page, thank god for this.

So, where's the 10 o'clock news segment?

Where's all the cameras, the flashing lights, the paparazzi? Where are the famous TV journalists who document historic events... where the heck ate they all guys? Life-changing news has been verified, history has been changed, and the hair recovered from the bed of our eyewitness has come from an entity.

YouTube video description:

In Sydney, Australia a witness recounts an alien encounter and the very unusual DNA results gathered from a strand of hair left behind, in this clip from Season 7, "Alien Breeders." #AncientAliens

Let's rewind to the UAP videos just for a wee bit and let's take a quick look at who declassified what and who released the UAP videos in the first place. Well, there you go, NASA is nowhere to be seen and that doesn't surprise me one bit. Not one bit does that surprise me!

It's the Pentagon and the US DoD (Department of Defense) in conjunction with the US Navy because it's the Navy jet pilots who recorded the Tic Tac UAPs in Flir (Forward Looking Infrared cameras). But still, I can't think of any situation, any incident where NASA has acted or helped look into any UFO sighting. It's no wonder because when a UFO turns up at the ISS, they shut the camera cover or switch the camera to the technical difficulties screen and sometimes off entirely. The Gremlins are in the wires again I suppose.

Please watch all the videos below because guys, on a level the implications of this are off the charts.

Here's the eye-opening and very strange YouTube video uploaded by the History Channel video above.

Please share your thoughts and opinions also any ideas that you might have about this amazing female blonde-haired Alien being's visit to this planet. I'd also appreciate it if you could share this post with someone who you think would appreciate it, cheers.

Credit: History YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


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