This Newport Beach, CA - UFO Video is Beyond Anything I've Ever Seen - 3 Different UFOs

Holy wow, this is probably the best one yet as far as UFO videos go because we've got Cigar UFOs, Orb UFOs and Rod UFOs flying around Newport Beach on February 2nd 2014.

How unusual is that do you reckon to have 3 different UFO types in the very same video, do you think it's a strange thing or as normal as it gets in 2021? The odds of that happening though are a million to one, which is a perfect War of The Worlds quote because it fit's like a glove. This UFO video from Newport Beach in California is definitely the real deal "that's no joke neither" as to me personally it looks beyond a doubt that this was genuinely filmed on location without any hints at tampering with the UFOs.

This is a spectacular UFO video with 3 different UFO types in the video itself.

Credit: Paranormal Camera and Crazy Tape YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

The eye witness filming it was just as shocked as you'd expect a person to be in the circumstances. See, it's these little things that point out that the eye witness is telling the truth. Look for the tell tale signs of surprise especially at the same time you'd be surprised if you was experiencing it.

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Large Formation of UFOs Over Mexico

What would you say or what would you do if you was witnessing 3 different UFOs all at the same time? That's a very good indicator as to the legitimacy of the UFO videos.

A Cigar shaped UFO in the triple UFO video over Newport Beach in California, US.

Credit: Paranormal Camera and Crazy Tape YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

It can't be drones, it can't be balloons and as far as the UFOs being in the same place at the same time that's the only thing that doesn't sit right with me. But other than that wow this looks real, it's interesting and it's in a very public place so as a deduction, if only one thing out of all that might be questionable, but even that's a coincidence, it tells me that this is the real deal.

It's just that I don't believe in coincidences at all, there's no such thing as a coincidence.


There's no copying and pasting the UFOs into the video via Adobe or any other computer software, that I can see. The only edits I can see is the making of the intro and outro and the text with the date and location of the UFO encounter which is the 2/2/2014 Newport Beach, CA. Then telling us about the 3 different types of UFOs caught on camera.

Here's the full video from the YouTube channel Paranormal Camera and Crazy Tape:

Credit: Paranormal Camera and Crazy Tape YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

CGI is a genuine threat to the whole Ufology phenomenon because it's probably undermined at least a quarter of all UFO encounters and so-called UFO reported events. I understand that the sophisticated technology and software graphics will always get one over a UFO believer but the difference is not letting it get to you or letting it effect your UFO beliefs.

This is a Rod UFO so-called because it looks like a Rod caught on camera over Newport Beach in California in 2014.

Credit: Paranormal Camera and Crazy Tape YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

I really don't have a problem with computer generation or graphics created by pc software because it has it's real benefits and it's helped in every genre from health care to industry and animation. It, like anything else is open to misuse and to be honest with you, it's the intention that I have the problem with! Deliberately setting out to deceive and then laugh at people is so underhanded that it's just not right.

It's sneaky to do this type of thing. I (like thousands of other people) don't have a problem with people exploring their God given skills and God given rights but setting out to deceive someone in such a way is the worst, in my view.

This is a UFO snapshot from the Newport Beach UFO video.

Credit: Paranormal Camera and Crazy Tape YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Credit: Paranormal Camera and Crazy Tape YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

UFO Filmed Over Groom Lake Area 51 - It looks Like A TV Aerial

The title of the UFO video here really is a perfect fit because it looks like a hurricane has picked it up off a roof and sent it flying.

“I'm not the voice of reason. I am the reason for the voice.”-TB

The lack of information given regarding this UFO video probably means that the eye witness filming it does not want to be named for whatever personal reasons. That's his or hers own choice which we must respect. All the time UFOs are definitely here on Earth and they're up to something, they must be staying somewhere as well? Is it surveillance because you do know surveillance usually is a precursor to a specific task...

It's usually not a good task neither!

Tv aerial like UFO filmed over Groom Lake Area 51 in Nevada.

Credit UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva/Vlog Star.

But you'd be wrong to think that lol as it's a genuine UFO until the military fesses up to this and we're all told it's yet another way to destroy ourselves! The last thing I remember looking like this was a UFO at the ISS and later was claimed by NASA as been a heat shield that came loose.

This is the UFO from the beginning of the UFO video.

Credit UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva/Vlog Star.

But like my old teacher used to tell me, "pay attention at the back" it's still not making sense as a heat shield doesn't manoeuvre itself or have a self propulsion system which allows itself to fly off and change direction. But we'll have to wait until the thing is recovered for answers.

Groom Lake is an area of Nevada where Area 51 is located. There must of been a plane up in the sky following the UFO to get these UFOs on film like it has? It's a very close call as far as flying close to each other is concerned. UFOs over Groom Lake have happened quite a lot in recent times with many different shapes and colours having come to the attention of many UFO researchers.

Seriously, there's hardly any information with this video except for the year it was filmed. But that being said, it still needs to be shown as otherwise we may as well delete it and only watch UFO videos with information.

Here's the full UFO video:

Please share your thoughts on the video and also share the post, cheers.

Credit UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News YouTube/Canva/Vlog Star.

Jet Chasing A Small UFO - Or A Top Secret Air Force Craft

This is a brilliant UFO video showing us either top secret Air Force/Navy technology that's either man made or it's possible that it's part of a reverse engineering project "from something else entirely or otherworldly".

The video looks genuine, the UFO looks like it's actually a part of the video and not pasted into the video. The Jet is keeping up with the UFO which is why I called the video "Jet Chasing a UFO" because the UFO is out in front of the Jet, look at how small it is where's all that power coming from.

I've had to call it a UFO because we don't know what the hell it is yet? There's definitely nothing in popular military methods and training videos showing this particular "whatever it is" but it's probably got a combustion engine as we see exhaust or contrails coming from the UFO.

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That's why I think maybe this could be a reverse engineered craft and a man made engine or some other type of unknown propulsion system is in place? It's out front of the Jet so does that mean that this tiny (in comparison to the Jet) is actually faster than the Jet and if so how is that even possible!

We're all aware of the UAP videos right, well back then (before 2019) "they" wasn't quite ready to go public. In 2018 possibly early 2019 what happened in the US Air Force or Navy, who was retiring, who was sacked or moved away from the Air Force/Navy?

Because possibly (I love that word) someone's possibly come into the Air Force or Navy come to think about it and has shaken things up considerably and dramatically without even being challenged to quit!

Is that a likelihood or is that impossible for it to happen?

Someone had to have been able to give the okay for the 3 UAP videos to be declassified and released to the public in the first place but who initiated it? Before that day, for a very long time someone in that specific position must have declined the request, they must have personally said no, stamped it "Top Secret not for release" and declined to go any further than that!

What changed the status quo?

What the hell changed, did someone else overrule the person who has traditionally and personally declined to declassify the UFO videos? Did they have only 3 UFO videos to choose from or are the 3 UAP videos a hand picked trio of many, many Navy, Air Force and Army UFO encounters but these are just enough to be released that it says nothing else alongside the narrative next to the titles of the videos.

Because there's nothing dramatic in the videos, they called them UAP because they were so nondescript that they could call it something else and get away with it. If you ask a serious UFO researcher to give you an opinion on what else these will bring to the table, that nobody knew about before the release of the 3 UAP videos, what else could they really say that you would stand there open mouthed at hearing it?


Exactly! They actually released very little in terms of new information. All they gave us I suppose is exactly what we've all been asking for, just a simple yes or no. We got a yes and that's it, don't ask again.

UFO evidence caught on camera of Jet Chasing a UFO.

Credit: Alien Invasion YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

But it still didn't stop the Air Force or the US Government totally denying that UFOs exist. We all know better now - hence now we are aware of the Government lies, the Air Force cover up's, UFO events that was deliberately and methodically covered up.

What's the number's at the top of the video snapshot below, actually mean? If you know please let us all know, thanks.

This UFO video has numbers that represent something but what?

Credit: Alien Invasion YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

The witnesses were all made out to be liars, cheats and usually insinuated that these truthful people had mental health issues. Are we all supposed to forget about the heinous lies and in certain cases lives that were destroyed...

But, that's another sad story for another day. Just don't let the important things get forgotten.

Here's the full UFO video:

Please let me know what you think about this UFO video, the Jet and the UFO both look real and I do not think CGI is present in the video which is a really good thing. Please share this post, thanks.

Credit: Alien Invasion YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Utah UFO Orb Video I Have No Doubt Is Real

This UFO Orb is an essential part of the Ufology phenomenon because it's probably the clearest UFO sighting from the year 2002 on October 5th, which believe it or not is nearly 20 years ago now.

I well and truly believe this 2002 Utah UFO video is real.

Credit: UFO secrecy Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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It was filmed using caveman technology so it could of been a potato, a rock or a palm leaf. But seriously, the cameraman is well aware of what exactly is going on in the viewfinder and knows what it's going to mean to the Ufology phenomenon.

He fully understand the situation and the importance which if you listen to his words, it's very clear that he understands the importance, he states that "They could be watching us" he also said that it's not a balloon because balloons don't behave like the thing in the distance.

This is a closer look at the White Utah UFO Orb in the 2002 video.

Credit: UFO secrecy Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

We're not used to seeing a UFO do this at all, it's hugging the Utah mountain side and it's the shape which is a prefect ball, balloons are anything but round. In fact balloons are only roundish, kind of round or to more accurate, they look more like an egg shaped object instead of a balloon. Utah proves itself to be on the forefront of UFO sightings and UFO activity.

To be honest, trying to figure out how many UFOs was seen in 2002 turns out to be a bigger chore than you'd think because of the difference between tangible photo and video evidence versus just a plain old "eye witnesses word". So depending on who you're asking really does depend on what you want as far as an answer.

Technically a UFO report based on a personal testimony doesn't have to be classed as a UFO sighting. Whereas a UFO video and UFO photo does have to be logged as such.

Here's the full video:

Please enjoy this UFO video, I really believe that they found a really good UFO Orb on that day way back 20 years ago in 2002. I can't believe how fast 20 years has flown by can you...

Credit: UFO secrecy Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Here's Full Confirmation That The Black Knight Satellite UFO is Real

Here's the undeniable, unmistakable and concrete evidence that the "hottly contested" UFO called the Black Knight Satellite is indeed real.

I'll admit that for the longest time ever, even I thought that the Black Knight Satellite (BKS) was a hottly contested case of mistaken identity and that it was a heat shield or just an outright hoax! It looks way to good to be true, right? I always post about "way to good to be true UFOs" and I have no doubt that some might be heavily contested but if this is anything to go by then this proves that even the highly improbable UFO sightings can be real. Because of that, I'm not going to let my pre-judgedment get in the way of fully understanding what we have in terms of UFOs or Alien activity.

Below is the very real, very important and absolutely stunning anomaly called the Black Knight Satellite "UFO" designated number STS088-724-70. Even to this day, some people still think that the Black Knight Satellite UFO isn't real or that it's CGI. But it's very, very real I can assure you, also did you know that some expert estimates have it being in orbit around the Earth for up to or more than, tens of thousands of years? That's incredible because it's not human space junk, it's not a natural piece of rock debris and it's got the shape of an intelligently designed "something?"

This is the official Black Knight Satellite UFO STS088-724-70 photo taken in 1998.

The NASA photo below is from the actual NASA archives and is the exact photo without the zoom applied to see the BKS in closer detail. This process is why we see a lot of blurred UFOs because people zoom in to the UFO and it loses focus ie it loses pixels because it can't fully compensate for something that isn't fully higher in definition.

This is the actual NASA photo from the NASA archives of the Black Knight Satellite UFO STS088-724-70.

Credit: NASA Black Knight Satellite UFO STS088-724-70/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

But no, it's not a heat shield and it's not a part of a Shuttle, it's not a piece of space debris slash space junk or a part of the ISS or the Soyuz space station that has come away without the Astronauts knowing.

I know that piece of contradictory information because everything is all present and all accountable. Plus there's been no catastrophic depressurization!



In fact I've just discovered another "piece of space debris/junk image number STS035-72-58 which has a really strange profile to it? I'm wondering if it's still the BKS but the photo was taken from further away from it? I'm sure there's a lot in the photo sequence from that run. Here's that new image:

New image of space UFOs or space debris or junk image number STS035-72-58.

Here's the link to that specific image.

Also here's the Wikipedia page description of the BKS; NASA photo taken during Space Shuttle mission STS-88, described as showing an item of "space debris", an object claimed by conspiracy theorists to be an alien satellite, the Black Knight.

Date 1998.12.11 20:17:20 GMT.

Here's the link to the NASA official photo.

On a weird note or serious note (whichever you think best describes this NASA video about the BKS) here's the apparent NASA video showing Astronauts videoing themselves, but also filming the so-called laughable Black Knight Satellite UFO lol. This is what NASA wants us to believe is the BKS. I'm Stunned into a laughing dimension, it's ludicrous what NASA would like you and me to believe is the Black Knight Satellite UFO.

It's got nothing to do with the BKS. It looks nothing like it. It's silver to start off with. Check out this NASA video:

Please share your thoughts and share the post, cheers.

Credit: NASA eol-jsc/Pinterest/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


UFO Sphere Sitting Above The Water In Russia

 Spectacular Daytime Video Of UFO Sitting Just Above Water over the water in Sevastopol, Russia which looks so real and it's a convincing looking phenomenon if you ask me.

Sevastopol in Russia has seen a massive increase in the amount of UFO activity been reported. To be honest with you, it's the same story everywhere in the world. Most countries are posting massive increases in UFO activity and UFO sightings. Is it the Internet spreading the word of Ufology so people are looking up in the sky more or is it the people are faking it more because of how popular UFOs are right now?

UFO sphere caught on film over the water in Sevastopol, Russia.

Credit: Ovnis Actuales YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Because there's no way of knowing for a definite 100 percent, that's no reason to stay on the fence especially if it looks as real as this one does. When someone tries to fake or use CGI it's a dead give away because CGI has a certain amount of animation to it and this well, this looks like it was filmed using a 1960s camera but I can't see any tell tale CGI effects can you...

The title of this Russian UFO video is as follows:

Impressive gold UFO Sphere in Sevastopol Russia.

So I watched it because of the image that represents the video, it caught my eye because of the confirmed UAP videos having the same looking sphere UFO. But in that post there was a swarm of them, check the last link for that post.

This is the UFO Sphere hovering above the water.

Credit: Ovnis Actuales YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

I'm also curious in the first place because I've wrote a post about a very similar looking UFO about 6 years ago as it goes and low and behold, this UFO video is from 2015 so I instantly thought it just might be connected somehow, but what's the chances that it is?

It's probably about the same chance of it actually being a UFO? So that makes it a 50/50 chance of been real. Secondly, it's a UFO that has been filmed before and they seem to always look the best in terms of the UFO looking real without that "incredible and unrealistic look" that some UFO videos have.

Here's the full UFO video:

Please can you share your thoughts on this UFO video and if you can actually share the video with friends or family I'd appreciate it, cheers.

Credit: Ovnis Actuales YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Black UFO Catches Fire And Crashes ON CAMERA! This is Epic Footage

 Wow, that's what I'm talking about, it's a once in a lifetime UFO experience for us to see and take it all in, it was caught on film plus it crashed into the eye witnesses field.

There's this bloody voice in my mind shouting it's rubbish, it's a hoax and don't fall for it! I'm proper putting effort into overriding that voice because I really want to get to the bottom of this UFO video.

UFO is on fire as it crashes to Earth in a field.

Credit: Gagare1952 YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

I want to know for sure just what we have here, and why not it's a natural curiosity that is innate inside all of us. If Aliens are proven to be real and here on Earth right now, then it stands to reason (to me it does) that they've been watching us for a long time. This assumption is based on how many UFOs was actually real UFOs, out of all the UFO sightings that's ever happened.

So, let's dive in and sort this palaver out.

  • Crashed on New Year's day 2015.
  • Uploaded by Gagare1952 YouTube channel.
  • Crashed in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.
  • Eye witness called "Shirley" which is weird.

It's a strange kind of feeling that I get when I see this, it's a feeling of being pulled in a few different directions by common sense (the eye witness is called Shirley lol) in one direction and curiosity and research pulling me in the other direction.

It looks to good to be true doesn't it, but that doesn't mean that it's a good fake or a hoax designed specifically to pull the wool over people's eyes, unless Shirley is a pseudonymous for a chap called Bobby who is a UFO hoaxer. But - 

If I always dismiss every UFO sighting because of one glance then I'm never going to be researching anything.


You know what I'm talking about for sure don't you, right? So the video starts off with a large UFO type aerial vehicle that has smoke and a lot of fire coming out the back of it. It's flying in the air still though and not plummeting to the ground at this stage of the video.

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That tells me that something else is on fire other than the engine or propulsion system. What else can be on fire inside the UFO? Try not to think about what humans would need or actually have inside an aerial craft and try to think instead about what Extraterrestrials would possibly need including what they would definitely need inside the craft?

This is the crashing UFO before the eye witness zooms into the Alien craft.

Credit: Gagare1952 YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Okay that's probably impossible for anyone to know or even know where to start in terms of what would be inside of a UFO. The UFO is black, it's got nothing like visible propellers or visible thrusters on show at this stage of the video also. That doesn't leave much to the imagination for humans to imagine does it.

Here's the full video:

Video description:

"Breaking News: A massive boom was heard outside of shirly's house early this morning in the region of Cornwall Ontario, she looked out the window and saw an unidentified object burning in the middle of the field very strange."

Please share this post with your friends or family and let's hope we can all get some conversation going about what it could be? Who's aware of these UFOs and what are they doing about them...

Credit: Gagare1952 YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

19th June 2021 UFO Near Lake Michigan Perfect Video Footage

 As far as perfect UFO video footage goes, seriously guy's this is probably up there with the best UFO videos.

Lake Michigan is a real UFO hotspot if you ask me because this isn't my first rodeo here, I've written a fair few UFO reports about this very same Lake Michigan. I have no idea what it is that's attracting the UFOs or even if it's something near the lake itself?

UFO over Lake Michigan.

Credit: LUFOS YouTube/Latest UFO Sightings/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Video description;

Lake Michigan on 19th June 2021.

Witness report: Moved south southwest near Lake Michigan. Eating burgers at park near fishing bridge in Whitehall Michigan and saw an object in the sky off to the west moving south to southwest. Watched until it vanished. Saw it or another again and got out of car and took video of it.

I was just looking for a reason as to why the UFO is in the area? My first reasoning was for a military base or a Government contractor in the research and development side of things been in that area? Obviously I can't know most of what I'd like to know because it's probably not public knowledge or it's gonna be secret but it stands to reason that it's looking for something, maybe?

I say "stands to reason it's looking for something" and that's based on my own beliefs that UFOs are here to carry out surveillance on humans.

Below is a map of Lake Michigan and the buildings around it that it might be interested in?

Map of Lake Michigan and surrounding area military bases.

Credit: Google Maps/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News.

My explanation for this belief is that the UFOs never land and communicate, they don't show themselves to us, they're always filmed at or on and over restricted areas.

Here's the UFO flying over Lake Michigan.

Credit: LUFOS YouTube/Latest UFO Sightings/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

These are all red flags, red flags based on human behaviour, granted but even if the Extraterrestrial entities had a completely different way of rational thinking based on their values, their morals and codes of conduct, that type of behaviour is suspicious no matter what language it's in! So, because we know next to nothing about these UFOs or the occupants (if there's any at all) we have to, no we must air on the side of caution and take them down, dismantle it, make weapons and sell them to the bad guys here on Earth!

Oh I'm sorry, that was a little sarcasm but based on this guy's epic statement:

For the UFO here in particular to be real it needs only a couple of things...

A blurred UFO photo. Check.

Anonymous reporting. Check.

And that's about it really. Listen, I know I've a wee bit of sarcasm to an otherwise serious issue but I'm fed up. This is what's getting on my tits; we've got UFO disclosure, we've got straight up confirmation that these UAPs are not technology from any country and they are not made on Earth.

So why is it that people still can't understand what the US Government's actually saying?

They've told us about Aliens by ruling thing's out. And some people are still asking for UFO disclosure! I just don't get it, do you?

Here's the full video by LUFOs YouTube channel;

Please share this post with your social media platforms and let's see what people think of it? Personally I like this, theres absolutely nothing to discredit it.

Credit: LUFOS YouTube/Latest UFO Sightings/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

UFO Filmed Flying In The Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis is one of the most spectacular wonders of the world but what sends this Aurora Borealis through the stratosphere is this stunning video of a silver spherical, disk type UFO.

I mean c'mon look at the UFO here, I'm stoked that I even came across it. I've been aware of the existence of this UFO video for a few years now - let's try and find out everything that we can on it guy's! Coming across it is exciting and that's because of how it looks, it really looks so real.

NASA takes a video of a silver UFO flying through the Aurora Borealis.

Credit: Bdmastro1/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

What tips the Aurora Borealis over the edge and into mind blowing is capturing on camera from the ISS a Silver UFO as clear as can possibly be. And that's exactly what we have here. The evidence speaks for itself, I don't believe that NASA didn't see it or that nobody at all saw it?

Surely someone, somewhere at NASA or the Pentagon or the CIA must have been aware of it in the live feed - surely! Look at it, if I saw it on the live feed then I'd be grateful, I'd be letting the world know, that much I do know.

We can see the UFO very clear approaching from the right of the screen.

Credit: Bdmastro1/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Right, pleasantries are over! What the hell do these UFOs keep pestering us for? It throws people like me out of whack with the world and all that it really does is give them a bad reputation for being sneeky, secretive and up to no good. They're coming here incognito without responding to our requests for them to tell us who they are (see UAP pilot chatter) as I'm sure they tried to hail them? And who knows what they're doing when they're not being chased across the planet?

UFO in the Aurora Borealis filmed flying through the charged particles.

Credit: Bdmastro1/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

If we're talking about technology inside of the UFOs then you can guarantee that it's so far ahead of anything that we would have now or recognise (I'd say they're about 300 years or more ahead of us) that would give them technology the likes of which could send humanity into the next phase of development - faster than the wind blows.

That's a huge and bold claim but it's probably right because it answers lot's of Ufology questions and questions in general from a common sense view point.

Technology development never sleeps and the boundaries are always being pushed including the main point of shrinking technology down to size. I always seem to connect it to our innate need to shrink everything. Why do we always add to and shrink down technology and try to fit as much as possible into it? Is it because we are destined to travel through space and to colonise space? It makes sense to shrink everything down to fit on the spacecrafts that weigh less than normal?

Because that seems like common sense to me, it perfectly explains our collective need to fit as much into the smallest of things. So, when I look at these UFO Orbs and the silver metallic UAPs I can't help but wonder what's on them technology wise. If Extraterrestrial entities have gone through a similar evolution then they will probably have everything they need on these UFOs?

Who knows, the Alien entity's might have taken the "remotely operated craft" to the next, next level and they might be controlling these "drones" from the Moon (our Moon). Or come to think about it they could be just behind the Moon, you know in a similar way to how the US Military remotely operates the unmanned aerial vehicles ie drones over vast parts of the world.

Are we being put under surveillance and actively surveyed by Extraterrestrial intelligence gathering drones?


It's a strange but rational question because of the Government's declassified UFO videos in 2019.

Here's the video:

If they admitted that they don't know where they are from but say they are not another country attempting to spy on the US then you and me, we should take that as an excellent indirect confirmation of Alien existence.

If they're definitely not another countries drones spying on the US - then it only leaves Extraterrestrials, right?

Thanks for checking out this post and I'd appreciate it if you could please share it, thanks.

Credit: NASA/Bdmastro1/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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