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Man In The US Can Summon UFOs

Man can summon UFOs on command and does so on live TV which is absolutely stunning. I thought that the TV station was trying to poke fun at him until he stunned everybody there. He never knew in advance, he didn't know the location or time. They just turned up and he got summoning the UFO and guess what, the journalist is so shocked he has to call his producer! That for me is the clinching factor.

The odd's of this being able to work must be a billion to one? He must have or possesses a power as yet unknown?

Man can really summon ufos.

Theres way to much that has happened to say it's false or a bit of luck. He said he could and he did, that for me is amazing proof of an extra sense at work. His name is Ramon Watkins, also known as "Prophet Yahweh" and he calls them in at will. This story is from 2005 although old it is still interesting and very useful.

ABC Channel 13 Action News got more than they bargained for when the usual UFO story became a hot topic and also very real. They were reporting on a guy from Lake Meade, Nr Las Vegas who claimed he could call up UFOs on demand.

Man in usa can summon ufos.

The guy claims to have witnessed over 1500 UFOs in the last 25 years alone and realised he could summon them at will, guess what he can!

Man can call ufos at will.

Buzz Aldrin Admitting To Alien Structures On The Moon

Buzz Aldrin talking about the monolith structure on Phobos Moon of Mars.
The Phobos monolith (Credit: Mars Global Surveyor/Nasa)
Phobos Monolith Outed By Buzz Aldrin On Live TV

This took my breath away because here's Buzz Aldrin admitting to knowing about an Alien monolith structure on Phobos which is the Moon of Mars or the potato Moon as described by Buzz himself in the excellent video. Buzz Aldrin has been a sore thumb for the government as he's outspoken and knows things that he shouldn't (according to the government).

I know this news is a bit old now but it is absolutely relevant every single day of the week as if your wavering in your beliefs about Aliens actually existing or if we actually went to the Moon or not, just watch this video and it's straight from the horses mouth that we didn't and Aliens are real.

He's a definite loose canon. As such he's always giving us things that are very close to actually saying Aliens exist.

You see what he say's in the video is that people are going to wonder who put it there, who put that there, well the universe put it there (that's when he starts to back track) when they find out?

Video link at the bottom. Link to our source of information also.

The best looking Alien structure in space is the monolith on Phobos.

The Phobos monolith (Credit: Mars Global Surveyor/Nasa)

So guy's he's all for disclosure and always pushing the subject but in his own way! He's a loose canon.

But nobody can touch him, he's untouchable.

He changed when he saw the Aliens watching him and his craft on the Moon (if they even went) and that apparently changed his whole views. I want you to watch this video and tell us what you think about it?

Oh yeah, actually he kind of say's that we should go to the Moon where no man has ever been before? But I think he's referring to the Phobos Moon but I can't be quite sure as yet? What do you think he's trying to say because he's definitely carefully and very strategically thinking about what he is saying as he knows it's on live TV.

The Alien structure monolith of Phobos.

The Phobos monolith (Credit: Mars Global Surveyor/Nasa)

He's definitely in the know of something "Earth shattering" that's quite obvious to see but what, who when and why? Again let us know what you think.

Phobos (Credit: Mars Global Surveyor/Nasa)

Here's a post I found about it, I'll reference it a little with a link to the actual full post:

"When people find out about that they are going to say, 'Who put that there? Who put that there?'" These are the words of Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, in 2009. He was talking about a peculiar and solitary large rock, a monolith, that sits on the surface of the Martian moon Phobos. Aldrin was right: many people are vexed by the Phobos monolith. It has inspired all manner of alien-based conspiracy theories and this fascinating discussion on Reddit. It even gave its name to an album released this year by Les Claypool and Sean Lennon Ono. So what is it?

The monolith appears to be a large boulder, variously described as building-sized or 90m tall. It stands in a desolate, featureless region of Phobos, which probably makes the monolith seem even more impressive.

It is not alone. Mars boasts a monolith of its own. However, the scientific community does not see such monoliths as evidence of advanced alien civilizations. The Martian monolith is almost certainly no more than a roughly straight-edged chunk of rock that tumbled down from a nearby cliff. Perfectly natural erosion forces can also explain why Mars seems to be home to a levitating spoon and an Egyptian-style pyramid. Other spooky features, like the infamous face on Mars, do not seem quite so unusual when you take a closer look or view them from a different angle. The Phobos monolith has not, as yet, received much scientific attention.

It is possibly simply a shard formed during an impact event. There is certainly evidence that Phobos has suffered the occasional asteroid impact. Given that Phobos is so small, there is another potential source for impact debris on its surface. Such debris might actually be flung at Phobos from the surface of Mars, as the Red Planet is hit by asteroids from time to time.

Here's a link to the few places that I've sourced as inspiration for this very cryptic message from Buzz Aldrin. He is an avid fan of the disclosure project and he is always trying to tell us about Aliens but always he get's cut off or is asked to not do so, it's a shame.

Link 1 CSPAN Video

Link 1 BBC Post

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Most Realistic Looking Alien In The World Without Exception

I first saw the real life images of this Alien not long ago and instantly thought that these are the best Alien images ever bar none. As it turns out though., they're deliberately not real as they were featured on the insanely popular TV show The X files.

For those who do not know, this series follows David Duchovny as the conspiracy-seeking FBI agent Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as his skeptical partner, Dana Scully. The show lasted I believe 9 series with a recent come back.

The X Files TV show Alien prop looks real.

Have you ever seen a more realistic looking Alien image in your life? I think even the rare few people that have been abducted by Aliens must get a chill when looking in to the very realistic face of this Alien?

I had to, no I was adamant that I wanted to show you these brilliant and very artistic and realistic images. The artist that did these needs an Emmy or whatever it is that TV show special effects people get? Because this is just a creepy and realistic as it gets. If I didn't know the story and posted it on here with the caption "Alien just discovered in a Mexican bar" people would definitely believe it? Well maybe not a bar but you get what I mean. Here's a quote from the man himself:

For the eyes, I wanted to try and maintain the eyes of the actress, so instead of a complete animatronic head, we just built elaborate contact lenses, and got the CG guys to do something similar to Splice, where they took the actor’s own eyes, spread them apart digitally and then angled them, and Chris was quite pleased with that.

The side view of TV show The X Files Alien prop.

So this was posted to 4Chan and I believe people we're believing that they were real? How cool is that. It's a testament to the artist and how good he is.

But I don't blame them because these are awesome. I honestly did think yeah real until I saw they was TV props. Here's the source of the image, check it out on Make Up Artist.

Absolutely stunning Alien props.

Did Ancient Aliens Create Mankind In Antarctica

If I have it right, Antarctica was a perfect laboratory for Aliens to do their DNA experiments and where they actually carried out their manipulation of "beings from Earth" with the DNA they brought with them to create humans awesome abilities and very limited intelligence of course especially when compared to them. Antarctica was and still is the perfect place to carry out secret tests, keep out snoopers and crucially to keep the experiments separate!

Ancient astronaut wearing a real space suit looks real.

The world has islands and the world is a perfect place because there's islands that can house one set of experiments, another island etc then let the successful one loose in Egypt to mine.

Getting to these experiments would of been easy, they have super technology and devices that inside machines are mind blowing - basically getting to and from their experiments could of been minuets or even seconds instead of us (with our limited jet engines) it takes us hours. Guys for me, it's all making sense. I'm thinking faster than I can type so your getting what is sticking out and i'm trying to tell it the best I can?

Humans where the tools used to extract the mineral ores and guess where the first mine was, in Egypt and it's called the Chert Mines. It's far, far easier, far better and smarter to take along with you on an Alien ship in space the DNA experimental sequencing machines of said DNA that would be needed - why do you think they make tens of thousands of the same DNA strand? They say it's so that they have enough material to use in case they need to start over again or do different experiments? But I think that this is how it was found in Antarctica? I think that when they back engineered and learned the Aliens "last experiment on DNA" this was a step in their experiment process so it naturally stayed in the process and hence it's used all the time.

Ancient Aliens and Ancient astronauts.

Making tens of thousands of (potentially it's limitless) DNA sequences is so that you can start a really large number of humans growing at experiment number 1 and just keep on experimenting until you've got the perfect drilling and transporting, thinking and managing, working and yes "the ultimate mining machine which is us humans" and there's thousands and thousands of them, all worshiping the Aliens as their God!

Many examples of ancient astronauts.

That's what we are, that's what we still are and that's what we still do and that's what we want to do in space - even though we still haven't explored most of our own planet! That's because that is exactly what we was created for. I'm sorry to have to break it this way but alas, it's hard wired. It's innate. It's our purpose and it is all we was created for! We've definitely come in to our own there's no doubt about that.

Ancient statues that look like ancient astronauts.

Guess what, we're actually repeating it all over again with robots, androids and yes we are creating them to eventually mine for us! On other planets aswell. Mining space is going to be the next big leap forward. they're already planning it.

Important people often make a pilgrimage to Antarctica to see for themselves where humanity first started? Prince Harry, he walked it. Senator Kerry flew in. That is but two.

The list is still growing:

Head of Russian Orthodox Church Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev, Russian: Владимир Михайлович Гундяев, yes he went.

The leading religious leader is Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, Russia.

But the most unusual and mysterious of the elitist bunch is the "untouchable" but a massive some would say astronomical (quick space pun) pain in that massive government backside is none other than a one Mr...
Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin saw something in Antarctica.

Just before he went to Antarctica he tweeted this very strange and really cryptic message:
We're ready to go to Antarctica! May be our last opportunity to tweet for a few days! We're go for departure to the launchpad!
He's talking about two places. He's about to leave as he's departing and then going to the launchpad.

Airplane's have runways, NOT launchpads! He's telling us something as he's intelligent enough to know the difference.

Now if you know that the Apollo 11 astronaut went to Antarctica on November 29, 2016. During his short trip there, he posted on Twitter that:
“We are all in danger. It is evil itself.”
The post was quickly deleted. Because they've got control of his account. But however, many screenshots were taken to record the odd and most scary event. Hours later he was evacuated due to sickness. Or, he was booted out for not complying but again, he's untouchable. He's a legend, he has a golden pass. Decreed by an outgoing powerful man. Nobody can kill this man. Not even a stray bullet in New York.

He saw something of which he knew only a little bit about, or was misled before he went? He had a hunch about the Alien base because that's evident from his post on Twitter about the launchpad but it's actually more of a landing place (car park if you will) where they found the craft? Also this backs up my theory that in the past, this is where the "technology was found"?

This is where the cold ancient past becomes operational in a very, very, very, very long time. It is unbelievable, it is a perspective ruining event and is a reality changing event when you see this and yeah it's a place where one is not only confronted with the cold, cold and even icy reality but it's also a place where everything makes sense? All them times spent wondering where we came from, where are we all going etc? it all comes together!
It's a launchpad.

It must be really scary. Make a mere mortal sick with fright!

Why do you think technology is getting smaller and smaller and smaller? Because it takes alot of energy to take it in to space, why not we have a bit of time left? They roped in Moore to give them a ball park time frame of when technology will be small enough so he gave them Moores law and technology doubles every two years!

What year did he give that prediction, it was in 1965? It's two years after that so I can't give you the exact figure but I can tell you if launch-time is on, then it will be on an uneven number and it will be a 7, 9, 1, 3, 5? So is it 2019 - 2021 - 2023 etc etc?

But I also know that some people think that Moores law is coming to an end read it there? It's scary stuff, especially if this is a belief because believing this is like anything with a belief, it's something that makes sense to you and when something makes sense it tends to become a belief.

Check out this scary quote from the head of DARPA:

The end of Moore's Law may ultimately be as much about economics as physics, says a DARPA director.

Holy Sh**. He's just told us that the end is nigh. The end of physics is the end of everything right? Oh and economics which is the economy right?

This is what that means:

The branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. In short, economy is treating the world as a marketplace and deals with the flow of money, while economics is the study of the world as a market. It also includes, all the factors which influence the flow of money.

Basically the end is nigh, but the Bible says that nobody knows the end time only God. So I honestly do not know? this is just plain bizarre stuff, especially when you do a little research and you can understand it and it helps if you can read between the lines also like in the Buzz tweet and understand what words mean? It get's weirder when it's powerful heads of places like DARPA (people in the know of secret stuff) or especially when an astronaut like Buzz Aldrin says things that when you look in to what they mean literally, well it just get's weird.

New Zealand head of defense force and senior cabinet ministers have been to Antarctica.

The Governor-General, His Excellency General the Honorable Sir Peter Cosgrove (and Lady Cosgrove) AK MC (Retd from Australia) has also been to Antarctica.

Obama has also apparently been to Antarctica? I'm not sure but apparently he has? Then there's actor Tom Hanks. I don't know why but it must of been charity or something as I do not know if he's affiliated with the Illuminati etc? Bill Clinton became the first U.S president to visit Antarctica’s Deep Freeze Base in Christchurch (officially mind you) back in September of 1990. He must know about the "deeply frozen" things that they found there?

Operation Deep Freeze called so for the climate change science experiment, funny name for climate change wouldn't you think so? Even though in this case, it could mean the ice where it is ect, ect - no, no! So climate change it is not. Unless it's a deeply frozen climate change they're studying lol. It's the world as one isn't it? Testing the full world for climate change?

The stuff they found was deeply frozen for like I've said, a very long time.

Also getting back to the mines and the machines used by the Aliens that where located in Egypt could of been rigged up to the energy grid of the Pyramids energy fields? They could of been following the energy grid of Earth?

Was ancient Aliens using Pyramids and the energy they give out.

They found it that way, it was like that already because that's what the ancients needed and that was the set up that the from the ancients who they got it from! It was that way when they found it and back engineered it through the plans of the ancients. That's why they replicate it tens of thousands of times!

equipment and DNA itself as opposed to bringing fleet's and fleets of robotic equipment, people or rather Aliens with their needs, etc etc. Skeleton crew with a boost to their own lifespan like maxed out and dangerous but needed because the Alien species needs these minerals to live. They're running out of crucial elements that sustain their own existence because they followed a path of intelligence with the limitations that this brings "in the end".

Like someone in the future will have to deal with the nuclear materials stored in these concrete and metal containers buried underground. But it's way off so why bother, right? Well it just so happens that these Aliens engineered their civilization to the point of no return (like us and computers). Theirs a finite amount of silicone and there's a finite number of 

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Two Exactly Same Size And Shape Asteroids Next To Each Other Really Strange

Two asteroids that look exact, same mass, same shape and right next to each other oh and in a 24 hour orbit! Now call me skeptic but isn't that a strange and unusual thing? Isn't this worth looking in to? Their size is well within a UFO size also. They're both 900 meters in diameter so basically a small mothership? These could have been used by anyone (if you believe we're not alone that is)?

Really strange asteroids that look the same and orbiting each other could be Alien spaceships.

Here's the story I found online and it's a matter of fact kind of very boring but when you actually think about what they could be describing it kinda hit's home! It's a ready made spaceship and it has a 24 hour orbit, isn't that a bit spooky? I think this could be just like how animals sailed the sea's eons ago to get to other parts of the world by hitching a ride on floating debris. This could be how life is intelligently transplanted from one planet to another and on a budget of kinds only planners at NASA could dream of, or the other way round, lol.

More than 18,000 near-Earth asteroids have been identified, and all of them are thought to be remnants of our solar system’s formation. They each have their own unique structure and properties. But despite their distinct variations, we still come across an oddball (or two) every once in awhile. On June 26, two separate teams of scientists confirmed an unusual “equal mass” binary asteroid cruising past Earth one of only four ever discovered.

Two asteroids orbiting one another in an orbit look exactly the same.

Asteroid 2017 YE5 consists of two equal-size objects, each stretching roughly 3,000 feet (900 meters) in diameter, orbiting each other once every 20 to 24 hours. It’s pretty common for large asteroids to link up with smaller ones, with about 15 percent of near-Earth asteroids over 650 feet (200 meters) being binary pairs.

But coming across a binary consisting of two similar-sized objects is much more rare. The asteroid’s uncommon nature was hidden from researchers until very recently, though. It was first discovered in December 2017 by the Morocco Oukaimeden Sky Survey and, at the time, was believed to be a single near-Earth object. To investigate, researchers scheduled follow-up studies for June 21 when the asteroid was just 3.7 million miles (6 million kilometers) from Earth, the closest it would be for the next 170 years.

I don't know what to think about this one or should I say these two?

Space Rock Secrets

During its fly-by, NASA’s Goldstone Solar System Radar (GSSR) in California detected something unexpected two distinct mounds jutting out of its body. Because of its orientation in the sky, though, it was unclear if the asteroid was one abnormally shaped mass or two separate entities. But with some time, the researchers were able to witness an orbital rotation that revealed a clear void between the objects. They shared their discovery with colleagues at Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory, who were already planning on observing the asteroid. To get a more comprehensive view of the potential duo, the Arecibo team collaborated with scientists at West Virginia’s Green Bank Observatory (GBO).

Together, they would study the asteroid using a bi-static radar configuration, in which radar signals are bounced off the asteroid by Arecibo and received by GBO. The technique enabled the observatories to view different areas of the asteroid simultaneously, leading each team to confirm that 2017 YE5 is, in fact, an equal mass binary asteroid. Its dual nature wasn’t the only strange attribute to come to light, either.

During optical observations, researchers were able to estimate the asteroid’s size based on the amount of visible light it emitted. However, radar imaging showed that the duo is darker in color and reflects less sunlight than typical asteroids, making it larger than its optical brightness lets on.

The research also revealed distinct differences in the objects’ radar reflectivity, which hasn’t been observed in previously studied binary asteroids. These variations suggest that the masses likely have different surface compositions, textures, or densities. We won’t be able to observe 2017 YE5 at such close range for over a century, but we won’t be sitting around idly, waiting for its arrival. The researchers plan to dig into the asteroid’s radar and optical data to predict the densities of each component, which could give insight into their formations, structures, and compositions.

And who knows. With the rapid expansion of space technology lately, we might be able to dissect its peculiar characteristics from afar, rather than waiting around for 170 years. This article originally appeared on