Friday, 12 July 2019

US Navy Secretly Created Triangle Aircraft Patent That Looks Like A UFO

The documents reveal all about a secretive and futuristic design program which focused on designing and creating super - fast and super stealthy UFO looking aircraft's.

How does the public know this I hear you asking, because the patents submitted and accepted, signed off on and are absolutely - right now are ACTIVE PATENTS, they says so!


Image: Salvatore Cezar Pais/ Google/UFO Sightings Footage/US Navy

Here's what it say's in the Google Patents:

Craft using an inertial mass reduction device.

Here's a snippet of the best conspiracy theory around right now:

The US Navy has been granted a patent for an advanced aircraft which resembles a flying saucer UFO.

Military inventors filed plans for a highly unusual flying machine which uses an ‘inertial mass reduction device’ to travel at ‘extreme speeds’.


Image: Salvator Cezar Pais/US Navy

What that means is that the aircraft uses complex technology to reduce its mass and thereby lessen inertia (an object’s resistance to motion) so it can zoom along at high velocities.

The patent is highly complex and describes methods of reducing the mass of an aircraft using various techniques including the generation of gravity waves, which were first detected in 2016 after being produced when two black holes collided.

‘It is possible to reduce the inertial mass and hence the gravitational mass, of a system/object in motion, by an abrupt perturbation of the non-linear background of local space-time,’ the patent says.

The craft described in the patent features a cavity wall filled with gas, which is then made to vibrate using powerful electromagnetic waves.

This then creates a vacuum around the craft, allowing it to propel itself at high speeds.

The UFO-style ship can be used in water, air or even space.

Inventor Salvatore Cezar Pais

Current Assignee US Secretary of Navy

Seriously, if you think the UFO patent is interesting, just check out this "word for word" and "date for date" time frame for when the patent runs out? The patent was "adjusted" to be active until the year 2036.

Here's the really interesting thing all this patent stuff though:

  1. 2016-04-28 Application filed by US Secretary of Navy
  2. 2016-04-28 Priority to US15/141,270
  3. 2016-04-28 Assigned to DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY
  4. 2017-11-02 Publication of US20170313446A1
  5. 2018-12-04 Application granted
  6. 2018-12-04 Publication of US10144532B2
  7. 2019-07-12 Application status is Active
  8. 2036-09-28 Adjusted expiration

So there you have it, a real snapshot of the "active" otherworldly and futuristic maybe even Alien technology that is 100% been embraced by the US military which is an extension of the US Government.

That means that when the US Government talks about how they are not investing in secret triangle or secret UFO looking crafts and that the exotic technology which is "unconventional spacecraft propulsion systems".

You can shove this right in their face and say "please, stop with the lying and the excuses" and demand an explanation which is inline with what you already know - and it's your right to be supplied with answers if you ask!

We the public shouldn't have to ask the Government to be honest with us and stop with the lies.

They should be up front and stop hiding behind the "national security" or hiding behind the need to know basis.

It's the people who put you there, the people who voted for you to be stood right in that position you find yourself in right now.

Why would you be evasive, why would you be treating your supporters with utter contempt.


Image: UFO Sightings Footage

You see, now I have out it in the real way, the literal way - I actually see now how important this Ufology research is.

It's much, much more than just looking for a dot in the sky or looking to see why Aliens are choosing this amazing planet to come and act all incognito and hide out in the shadows.

We will discover the truth, we will find out why these 4% or UFO sighting are real.

I will leave you with this "statement of Government interest notice from the actual patent website":


The invention described herein may be manufactured and used by or for the Government of the United States of America for governmental purposes without payment of any royalties thereon or therefor.

That means that EVEN the person who created this from the UFO they recovered or "stole" might bet his invention stolen from him "if" the Government feels like it.

Don't invent things for the Government unless you want your inventions taken away or in layman's terms "stolen from you legally"?

But I'm sure that won't happen because we live in a forward thinking and advanced society where people are responsible and accountable.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

UFOs Filmed Over A City In Daylight Is Very Rare

There's no information with this amazing urban and very rare UFO video. I can only assume that this was reported by an eye witness who wishes to remain anonymous?

This was posted to Instagram on UFO Lovers channel (links in the source section below).


The fact that there's no information with this rare UFO video, doesn't take away from this great video and the fact that this exists at all is great!

This is better for being in the public eye and not been deleted. It's his or hers right, to report a UFO sighting and not put their name to it.


Lots of people do this and guys, I really don't have a problem with that at all - because I'd rather them post it like that, as opposed to them deleting it and the world getting nothing to show that this happened at all!

But, if this is intentional and if this is a hoax is another story.

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There's no way of knowing just by looking at this UFO video as "people without any expertise" feel that they can make a decision based on god knows what and that this is then a fact?


Bizarre rational is what I'm thinking.

Obviously, to have an opinion is one thing but to have an opinion and then promote that opinion as a fact and that there is no other answer is wrong.

  • UFO sightings over a city is rare in daytime.
  • UFO sightings over a city is rare but two is rarer.
  • These two look like they could be the genuine thing.
  • UFOs don't usually come this close to the ground.

Opinions on this will be right across the board, but one thing I would like everyone to know is this:

Your opinion doesn't carry more weight than the person who says differently to you.

It's a 50/50 answer this and it's either real or fake. What's your opinion on this guys and why have you come to that opinion, cheers guys.

Daytime UFO sightings are not common but not rare as well.

Here's the short UFO in daytime video:

They do happen and people do video them like this one was filmed.

Two UFOs together in daylight however is very rare indeed.

Source UFO Lovers Instagram.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Real Flying Saucer Caught On Camera Over Russia

Just like that, Ufology moves up a notch (as far as I'm concerned). Why do I say that? Because nobody has ever been appointed "in charge of Ufology" and nobody is in charge overall and never will be.

There is no "gate keeper" allowing only what "they believe" to be real, inside the "so - called" real UFO incidents category is there. So I can say this is real and that's based on rational thinking.


Image Credit/ADGUKNEWS
Therefore anyone is - by right, entitled to make up their own minds and if the evidence convinces you enough, based on what you consider to be real - then it's real. To you!

Remember guys, there is nobody in charge of Ufology (I stress that point) even though people are desperate for NASA officials to acknowledge and disclose that UFOs are real once and for all.


Image Credit/ADGUKNEWS
In effect people really want NASA to take charge of Ufology. It's that need for approval coming out again which is born in to you.

You are born with innate feelings and the need for approval and for official approval is a real feeling.

I think that NASA just refuse to get involved at all?

They don't want the responsibility and more to the point they need to keep their legitimacy and in many circles NASA scientists would become a joke!


Image Credit/ADGUKNEWS
They would probably struggle to get the top scientists to work at NASA, especially if NASA was the butt of a UFO joke (even though they are now, it's not in concrete evidence) so scientists still flock.

That really sounds rational when you think about it?

It's not just individual people whom "non believers" make fun of, it's absolutely anyone isn't it...

So NASA would be a joke if it announced that it all of a sudden believed in Aliens and it would absolutely struggle to attract the top scientists to join (in my opinion).

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So, maybe it's a self preservation even in the face of evidence they still will not acknowledge that UFOs exist?


image Credit/ADGUKNEWS

Here's the video (below) but unfortunately I do not speak Russian, even so the images and the UFO itself doesn't need translating.

If you speak Russian can you please try to translate this and post in the comments what the jist of it it for English speakers to have a basic understanding of what is been said, thank you:

It makes complete sense to me because when you put the jigsaw pieces together it makes a rational A to Z rational story.

"I'm a UFO believer, does that make me a crackpot!"


Again, it's a belief and judging by things like this marvelous silver, metallic looking disk or just simply a "UFO" that my belief is looking more and more like a sure bet - wouldn't you agree?

There's an increase in UFO reports over Russia and Eastern Europe. Check out the link below at the Wiley online library.


Серебряный НЛО снят над Россией и виден очевидцем. Это удивительная история настоящей Летающей тарелки, и она также была снята.

Source ADGUK YouTube.
Source Reference UFOs Over russia And Eastern Europe - Wiley Online Library.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Long Black Cigar Shaped UFO Passes By The ISS On Live Feed

This is an amazing Cigar shaped UFO filmed using a live camera from the International Space Station (ISS) as it was filming down, towards the Earth.

This is what I call an absolute stunning piece of evidence which is part of a much larger "jigsaw".

Looking at this obvious UFO gives us a bigger picture of just what we are dealing with. The UFO is actually passing in between the robotic arm of the ISS.


I actually did an image search of this image above and found that this fits an exact image when the commercial resupply cargo Nanosatisfia was connected to the ISS by it's robotic arm.

Check out this image below because this is what I discovered by doing a simple image search. All along the astronauts were filming this supply event and the UFO was in the background all along:


Image credit/NASA/Orbital Sciences Corp

But the difference is that we have the video of this resupply mission and that's when this long black UFO was spotted flying past but underneath the ISS.

It tells us that there are really big vehicles in space and literally on the edge of our atmosphere.

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There's nothing more better than NASA's own archives for proof of Aliens.

It's always a good thing when independent evidence or eye witness proof is reported to places that encourage the public to report what they see (like MUFON or NUFORC).


This is a long, black UFO which looks a bit like a sausage or a cigar.

It comes into the screen from the right and goes up towards the top left corner.

The UFO is on a course, it's on a slow course, it's deliberate and it looks like it's under intelligent control.

Here's the amazing video showing the long black UFO under the ISS:

Video number 1,

Video number 2,

These two videos are amazing.

They both are sizzling proof "as far as I know", that we are been visited by Aliens?

Because guys, this should absolutely not be there. It should not be anywhere come to think of it.

What are your thoughts on this amazing discovery.

Source NASA.
Source NASA - Nanosatisfia - The Orbital Sciences Corp Image.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Spoon On Mars Found By NASA Using The Mars Rover

Spoon on Mars, this is freaky. Someone lost a spoon on Mars. If your in control of the Mars Rover (obviously not now) but imagine been in control of it and you come across something like this? A spoon.

So what do you do when you see a spoon? You just carry on and pretend you never saw a thing. It's the NASA way don't you know!

This image below is an absolute belter in terms of strange and weird and "out of place" artifacts.


Because there really is no excuse for the Rover finding a spoon on Mars.

Unless this is filmed in the Utah desert like people seem to think.

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Below is the actual words directly from the "Science Examiner" (link below in the source section) you can check it out there on their site.


It's supposed to be clear English but I won't change any words as that's not how to go about quoting someone, their English is not that good!

The YouTuber UFO Hunting Clouds who has discovered the presence of the giant spoon on Mars also has made a video clip. In the video represented some overblown images describing the existence of the huge soon clearly on the Martian Surface. The enormous mass of the spoon is a clear indication that, the aliens living on the Red Planet are or were huge in size.

On this matter, Scott C Waring, the daily editor of the UFO sightings Daily said:

“The latest discovery of spoon is the second spoon found on the Martian Surface.
Earlier, we already had found a similar looking spoon on the neighbor planet.
Surprisingly, the new one is a complete replica of the earlier spoon including the dimension, thickness, length, width, and design.”

There's way to many things on Mars that have been discovered by Eagle eye'd viewers checking out the NASA archived images - which number in the millions upon millions of Raw Images.

All of these images have Raw Image archive numbers and yes, we have the direct link to the actual image of this spoon.

Please don't type "fake" or Photoshop is great this time of year as it just really achieves nothing.

Everyone is aware that it could be nothing at all or that this could just be erosion?

Here's the amazing video which shows us an unusual looking and very out of place "spoon" on Mars:

So, there's the video and that's the evidence. What are your thoughts about this amazing and obvious anomaly.

There are many strange things going on in space and not just on Mars.

Check out all our "space anomaly post" by going to our archives in the sidebar.

Cheers for your time in checking this post out.

Source UFO Hunting Clouds YouTube.
Source NASA Raw Image (Spoon On Mars).
Source UFO Sightings Daily.
Source Science Examiner.

Monday, 10 June 2019

US Navy Top Gun Pilots Chased UFO In Their Super Hornet Jet

You want credible UFO proof, the best evidence anyone could possibly give you or that you yourself could research... Well here it is. U.S Navy Top Gun pilots as in two of them, not just one. Together in 2004, chased a UFO.

They chased a UFO in a F/A-18 Super Hornet. Guys, remember that these two pilots are trained observers in the "best navy in the world".


Image Credit/US Navy/Vice

Their training, is the likes of which no civilians get, also have never been trained like what these guys go through. It's as simple as that.

“Unless your James Bond or a mercenary I suppose there are examples but you get what I mean, they're credible eyewitnesses”.

Everything is scrutinised about these guys, perceptions, mental state, abilities (including everything) - everything.

I'm talking physical, mental, decision making, identifying, thinking, executing and delivering of decisions, it is all measured and tallied also checked once, twice and even a third time.

These guys are at the top of the game.

They do not lie because these are honourable people.


Image Credit/US Navy/Vice

Ask any military personnel and they will tell you that honour is all we come into this world with, its our biggest asset and honour is short for honourable.

These guys have it in buckets!

In 2004, Commander David Fravor, an aviator in the U.S. Navy, saw something in the skies he'd never seen before.

He wasn't sure what it was, but he decided to follow it in his F/A-18 Super Hornet, and he became convinced that the object's manoeuvring could not be explained by the existing capabilities of modern aircraft.

“It was far beyond the technology that we have,”

He told VICE News (links in source at bottom).

For a long time, Fravor, a skeptic of the notion of extraterrestrial visitors, said nothing.

But in 2017, he and his co-pilot went public with their stories in the New York Times.

The response was immediate:

The UFO community saw their accounts as proof of extraterrestrial life, and Fravor became a sort of messiah.

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The newfound notoriety made Fravor deeply uncomfortable.

“I’m not that kind of person," he said. “I underestimated the power of a New York Times article. I’ll never do that again.” He also vowed to stay out of the spotlight.

There's never been a real UFO chased by Navy Pilots (top guns by the way) and they actually came to the public with the news, like this before.

Here is the interview on video (shortened version):

Source VICE News YouTube.
Source Image Credits US Navy.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Silver Flying Saucer Hiding Behind The Clouds | This Is real

Here's a spectacular looking Flying Saucer that seems to be hiding behind or actually hidden in the clouds. The eyewitnesses obviously saw it somewhere else and they lost it for a bit on camera.

But then they saw it again in the clouds, hiding on the top of it and that's when they began to film it.

This is a real cloud anomaly and if you say that doesn't look very odd or that this is "nothing to look at" or that it doesn't look anything like a Flying Saucer then please could you explain what that's based on?


I have posted UFO sightings like this one before (you know, the clear as day ones) only for people to leave comments that it doesn't look anything like a UFO!

After asking them to explain why it doesn't look like a UFO I found they had blocked me on Facebook! Having a feeling that something isn't real is does not make it a fact.

Ha, it's not too much to ask though is it, an explanation?

Because I've given one and outlined my explanation on why I think this is a real Flying Saucer so, to come along and to not put any effort in and to rubbish it is a bit irrational.

It's as simple as that really.

This is a good start to the whole UFO incident to be honest with you and even though there's limited information with the video.


That for me is a good indication that it's good or should I say it's possibly real based on that?


The graphics look untouched, the video is not that shaky which is a good thing, it's filmed as is in real time and there's a lot to be said in the guys reactions.

It sounds legitimate, there's no obvious re-editing or tampering with the graphics and it's very, very clear footage.

  • The video footage is very clear.
  • The video is not shaky like most.
  • The voices convince me this is real.
  • It's colour and shape is that of a Flying saucer.

All that tells me this is a real event that definitely took place.

But, as you know and as I know, there's no UFO video or story as yet that has been ruled real!

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Here's the amazing video:

The video of the Flying Disc or Flying Saucer (or whatever you want to call it specifically) is one of the more better ones.

And guys, it's not even moving as if it moved it would give itself away, but it's already done that lol.

Source UFO_Info - НЛО_инфо Instagram.

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