White Orb UFO Flying Past Baltimore Bridge

A Korean news channel captured a mysterious UFO on film during the unfortunate Baltimore Bridge disaster.

The cargo vessel, which lost power just minutes before colliding with the bridge, prompted authorities to quickly close traffic lanes.

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UFOs in the USA have been filmed for a long time but no more than in recent times.

Thoughts and prayers are with the victims.

To see the UFO please go to 1:13 in the Korean News YouTube video. This was brought to my attention by a member of the public who pointed out the strange UFO. It could be a drone but I'll leave it up to you to determine what you think it is. UFOs have been present at many historical events.


JTBC News YouTube Channel, Ra Ki Ung.

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The UFO, possibly a drone, was seen by the news channel's camera at a higher altitude, adding to the intrigue of the situation. The possibilities are endless, but signs point to it being a drone - a fascinating twist in an already dramatic event.


9:13am UK time, close up look at the Baltimore Bridge UFO Orb:

Close u look at the Baltimore Bridge UFO orb.

Statement by observer:

At the scene of the bridge collapse in Baltimore, the United States. Strange Round Airplane Captured. JTBC News is broadcasting in Korea - Ra Ki Ung

In such active disaster situations, unauthorized drone flying can pose risks. However, if the UFO was operated by an authorized news channel or emergency services member, it adds a new dimension to the unfolding events. The footage captured the UFO raises questions and curiosity, and will no doubt leave viewers wondering about the true nature of the unidentified flying object.

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Point of interest

The high vantage point of the camera filming the white UFO means flying is probably allowed near the bridge which only adds to the mystery surrounding this unexpected sighting.

All prayers go out to everyone involved in this tragedy.

While the origin of the UFO remains a mystery, the footage captured during the Baltimore Bridge disaster is undeniably intriguing. Whether it was a drone or something else, the event adds an element of surprise because if it is a UFO it's the last thing we expected to see. The unexpected appearance of the UFO in the footage has sparked discussions and theories, making this incident even more memorable and captivating.

My thoughts and prayers go to everyone involved in this tragedy.

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Credit: JTBC News YouTube Channel, Ra Ki Ung, UFO Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, ufosfootage.


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  1. They are not ufos. The balls are attached to electric cables.

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