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We always treat all submissions with the utmost respect/privacy and urgency. All UFO reports submitted to us here at UFO Sightings Footage will be treated with the strictest privacy and is data protected and it will NOT be shared with ANYONE!

Thank you for sharing your real UFO encounters with us and please don't forget to submit your UFO encounter with MUFON because they compile stats and worldwide reports which benefit all Ufologists.

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  1. Please leave your comments on any UFO report you have, even if you are reporting a UFO sighting from years or even decades ago? It all gives us a bigger picture (no matter what) of just what activities and events have been happening in our skies and when they happened...

    There really is no time limit on submitting your UFO encounter or UFO footage including UFO images and hand drawn images of what you saw? Thank you in advance for reporting your unusual event, cheers. Lee USF


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