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  1. Please leave your comments on any UFO report you have, even if you are reporting a UFO sighting from years or even decades ago? It all gives us a bigger picture (no matter what) of just what activities and events have been happening in our skies and when they happened...

    There really is no time limit on submitting your UFO encounter or UFO footage including UFO images and hand drawn images of what you saw? Thank you in advance for reporting your unusual event, cheers. Lee USF

  2. I was in hospital in Glasgow, recovering from kidney stones about three years ago. I was in a small ward with four beds although I was alone as others had been discharged or away for tests and I looked out of the large window overlooking some flats behind the hospital to se what I actually thought was a large advertising balloon just below my eyeline and I was about 5 floors up. It was a very blustery day and the first thing that stuck me was that it was flying straight and level as if with purpose. It was about the size of a small car, with a chrome mirrored smooth finish and was rotating slowly. I could see no joins or anything protruding or hanging from it. I grabbed my phone from my bedside and by the time I got back to the window I could no longer see the object but took 2 pictures in the direction I thought it had travelled. At that point I spotted a smaller white box almost like a large shoe box drop down the side of the flats opposite and then do a perfect U turn straight back up and I could no longer see it either. When my wife and friend arrived to visit I regaled the story of my sighting, much to their amusement and we could see nothing in the pictures I had taken so I must have hallucinated? However, I persisted with my tale and was stunned when I looked at a different area of the picture where I hadn’t looked before, but with hindsight made as much sense for its course, speed and altitude! I can attach or send this picture and it matches many other orb pictures I have subsequently seen on the web.

  3. This happened around dusk Sometime in 2014 at Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines. I went to a sari-sari store near our house. And I have a habit of looking at the sky hoping to catch a glimpse of any shooting stars (or planes). When I noticed this thing flying and coming from the south of my direction. I thought it was a plane at first but I noticed it was flying too low for a plane and it was huge but the thing was. The UFO did not make any sound and it was flying too slow for a plane. I just stared at it, as it passed over me. Its shape was sort of like that of a boomerang and it had four glowing lights under it.

  4. I live in Northern Arizona near Interstate 40, I was outside breifly at about 8:30-9:00 pm on or about 5/23/21, on my porch, facing North. My son was trying to catch and release a giant crab spider, so he did not see what I saw. I saw a bright green light, looked fairly small, as it glided just above the tree line, but at an angle as if it were landing, I heard no engine noise, and no crash, I couldn't tell exactly how far away it was, but it seemed like just a few hundred feet. It has been something that I just can't get out of my head, I cannot figure out what it could have been.


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