The Frequently Asked Questions page for UFO Sighting's Footage.

Great thing's come from questioning everything. There is no stupid answers only stupid questions.

Are UFOs real and have we already had UFO disclosure?

For now, we've only had UAP (Unidentified Aerial/Anomalous Phenomena) disclosure without anyone saying directly that UFOs are Extraterrestrial. It's just objects in the sky that cannot be identified. The Nimitz and Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carriers were surrounded by UAP's.

What are Tic Tac UAP's and why not call them UFOs?

Tic Tac UAP's is the new acronym given by the US Department of Defence and because they resemble the mint's called Tic Tac's. They've actually got a new name because of the stigma attached to the term UFO. Tic Tac UAP's was near The Nimitz aircraft carrier and the Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier.

Do we have anything to fear about these UFO sighting's and the UAP craft's?

No. Absolutely not, probably not, hopefully not? Your guess is as good as mine. But, I don't have anything to fear. It's the leaders of the planet who should probably get insurance, lol or hide. If anything was going to happen it would have happened already. Personally everything I've ever read about UFOs or heard suggests that they're just curious about us.

Can I report a UFO sighting to you?

Yes you can, please use our contact us page and send us your UFO sighting's with the time, place and date and we will contact you within 48hrs.