Metallic UFO - UAP Orb On Skin Walker Ranch

An unimaginable speeding reflective and metallic craft was filmed while the production team was filming for the popular TV show Skin Walker Ranch.

UFO Sightings Footage Skin Walker Ranch UFO Orb episode the return.

Skin Walker Ranch UFO Orb sighting. History channel.

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The security cameras are put into their position and strapped to trees and posts around the property. The camera caught a reflection in the blink of an eye when playing the footage back and you could see their eyes light up when they spotted this split-second glint from the Sun on the reflective surface of the Orb.

Skin Walker Ranch UFO so fast it's unprecedented

It's an Orb and its speed is so fast that it's only caught on one frame from such a wide angle position that mathematics is needed to determine what speed, what angle, its position relative to the ground, and the tree used to record from.


History channel Skin Walker Ranch UFO Orb sighting.

Coordinates for Kin Walker Ranch:

40°15′29″N 109°53′18″W

Uintah County, Utah, U.S

512 acres and was once owned by Robert Bigelow. The present owner:

2016–Present – Brandon Fugal, via Adamantium Real Estate LLC.

You can find all the information here on Wikipedia about Skin Walker Ranch.

In a jaw-dropping turn of events at the Skinwalker Ranch, security cameras recently captured a flying silver Orb zipping past at unbelievable speeds. These cameras were strategically placed to monitor UFO activity, and they certainly delivered! The footage is nothing short of mind-boggling, leaving viewers and experts alike in awe of the mysterious object's agility and velocity.

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The silver-white-ish Orb's swift movement past the security cameras sparked intense curiosity and excitement among UFO enthusiasts and researchers as soon as the episode aired live on June 6th, 2023. Travis is dedicated to the ranch beyond any doubt it's evident that all the cast members are in it for the disclosure and not fame or fortune. That's how It appears to me but it's always interpreted differently by different people around the world.

Department of Defense

DOD Working to Better Understand, and Resolve Anomalous Phenomena

The UFO Orb wasn't detected traditionally

Its ability to evade detection or explanation adds an extra layer of intrigue to the already enigmatic Skinwalker Ranch. The unexpected appearance of such a high-speed unidentified object has reignited discussions and debates about the secrets that may be hidden within the ranch's grounds.

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Embrace the extraordinary, for in the vast cosmos, diversity thrives. The presence of beings beyond our comprehension is not a threat, but an invitation to broaden our minds and hearts. Let us welcome the unknown with open arms and discover the beauty in unity amongst the stars." Lee Lewis UFO Enthusiast & Researcher


All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). Our team of experts is leading the U.S. government’s efforts to address Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP)

As the footage of the flying white and reflective Orb continues to circulate and captivate audiences retrospectively, one can't help but wonder about the endless possibilities and discoveries that lie ahead, I'm pretty sure that Skin Walker Ranch has many more exceptional anomalies yet to come.

Skin Walker Ranch hotbed of UFO activity

I love the disclosure that the Skinwalker Ranch (love it or hate it) remains a hotbed of paranormal activity, and this sighting only adds to its mystique. Being able to predict UFO activity like this with cameras set up around the world-famous ranch is in itself bananas and I'm sure it will be dismissed by mainstream media and the scientific community because it's outside of their comfort zone. It's waiting for the UFO Orbs to show up because it's a hotbed of UFO activity and science likes to control everything. This is where hope and belief come into their own and in my own opinion, this is where it trumps science. Hope will always trump dismissive scientists and their With each new revelation, the allure of uncovering the truth behind these unexplained phenomena grows stronger, fueling the quest for answers and pushing the boundaries of what we know about the universe.

My UFO, UAP thoughts

The acknowledgement of UFOs and UAPs by the US Government marks a monumental shift in public perception. Finally, the mysterious sightings that have captivated generations are being taken seriously. This step not only validates the experiences of countless individuals but also opens the door to a new era of exploration and understanding. Embracing the unknown with curiosity and enthusiasm can only lead to exciting discoveries and advancements in our understanding of the universe. The future looks bright with this newfound transparency, and it's about time we shed light on this strange phenomenon. Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

There's evidence of people summoning UFOs that have been recorded live by journalists who naturally dismissed it and they said that it would be impossible to do. Until one day they were challenged to come down and see for themselves which they obliged the individual who could apparently or rather claimed to be able to summon UFOs at will.

Skin Walker Ranch UFO sighting

Travis and the team at Skinwalker Ranch are deep in discussion about the recent UFO Orb sighting on their property. The Orb, described as whiteish, has everyone scratching their heads. Could it be a man-made drone? Possibly. But the thought of it being an interdimensional craft is blowing their minds. I mean, who wouldn't be baffled by interdimensional travellers, right? The speed at which this Orb moved defies all logic, but hey, that's the beauty of the unknown! It's like a real-life sci-fi movie playing out right in their backyard. The team's excitement is palpable as they delve into the possibilities of what this mysterious Orb could be.


You can guarantee that this was an exercise in recording the sad reality of hoaxers and delusional people who have convinced themselves that they can (and only them) summon an otherworldly object.

But it happened and it was spectacular and it was the journalist who spotted the UFO Orb first coming down from tens of thousands of feet high. It was a white object, it was tiny in the sky and the journalist was straight on the telephone to the editor and he was saying that he could see a UFO and that it was real. I'll link to the post.

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Credit: Skin Walker Ranch TV Show The Return, UFO Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, ufosfootage.

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