Scottsdale AZ UFO Sighting Large Triangle Craft

Here's what can only be described as a very unique looking and as of 19/06/2024 it's still an anomalous craft that hasn't been identified as yet and it's not been researched or taken up by any mainstream media outlets whatsoever (what i'd consider mainstream anyway) and it was apparently filmed over the USA in 2022 which also hasn't been independently verified.

scottsdale az - ufo 2022 sent to ufo sightings footage social media account

Credit: UFO Sightings Footage, a.naya00 Instagram.

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I consider my websites as having a very good fanbase and following so if anything we can get behind this one and discover the origins, date, time and place of this stunning UFO sighting.

UFO Video

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Unfortunately we must remember that everything is circumstantial everything is an opinion until verified and as such though because it's a serious matter we must treat it without prejudice or personal bias. That's like asking anyone to be impartial to their favourite football team or like asking someone to consider for a moment that purple is pink and that up is in fact down lol.

Speculation is on the other hand a perfect debate tool

It has a distinctive triangular shape with dark silhouette composition to it. The details are sparse and the information is pretty much what we see is what we get.

It's about as mysterious as it gets when it comes to unknown origin aerial crafts but that's where you guys come in because you guys have the vast knowledge and when we put our minds together we usually end up with some sort of direction and answer. Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

There's many UFO sightings that are being reported throughout the day (on any given day mind you) and yes I get a portion sent in to my various social media accounts especially in my Facebook groups which must be on average around 20 give or take 2 either side. And while some are easily explained as shooting stars or meteorites (oh you better believe there's a difference (*meteorite versus shooting star see below for information.) while others will leave you dumbfounded and awestruck believe me.

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Why don't we come together and create a database lol where we can share these UFO sightings with the videos and photos attached as a witness testimony?

It's been done and it's being done behind a paywall. In other words it's a non profit organisation that has put all the united States UFO sightings online but to see them you must pay, that's not the way forward or anything remotely called disclosure!

Personal opinion

That's not cool in my own personal opinion. I'm not even going to name the culprit which by the way had a guy reach out to me and ask why am I so against them putting freely given UFO videos and UFO photos and people having to pay to see them! Can you believe that? The fact that people report a UFO sighting and expecting to see it on the news or at least been talked about somewhere only for it to never see the light of day, so yeah I have a massive problem with that!

Send your UFO media to my UFO Sightings Footage Instagram account

I write about UFO sightings, freely given UFO videos which I then upload online to my websites or social media expecting nothing in return other than the public having a record of this UFO sighting.

Unfortunately when you freely give any UFO video/photo to a large organisation whom then proceeds to puts it straight away behind a login account that you have to pay a subscription for it will not be picked up by Google or any other ranking company because it cannot be indexed as it has a login account.

So please, when you decide to send your UFO video or UFO photo to any UFO reporting center please bare in mind that you may never see it again unless you pay for a pro account to their accounts. That's not good for Ufology. Or if you feel like it deserves it just publish it yourself online because it's 2024 vand everyone is so used to seeing these amazing sky anomalies that you can just upload it to your own social media account and it will get likes and shares.

UFO videos should be free to see, always

If you have any info on this UFO sighting or want to share your thoughts on any other UFO news article that I have taken the time to write about please do so in the comments section below, thank you so much I really appreciate it.

Eyewitness testimony:

Hi I'm Naya, these videos were taken by me back in 2022 on December 13th at 6:35pm. I was living in Scottsdale, Arizona (Scottsdale, AZ, USA) at that time. Me and my brother we're going to our truck outside to wait for our mom and dad about to leave for a family outing. Right before we got in we happened to notice these lights in the sky behind our house, we noticed quick as we're into ufo sightings' and what not ourselves but as we kept watching these lights another started to appear which was the one on the far right. We kept watching and soon after I was done recording they started to disappear one by one. I do believe it's possible that I've captured some ufos. There are multiple encounters of weird lights we had seen throughout arizona, I wish I had videos to prove it but unfortunately I don't. This is the only real proof I have of many. a.naya00 Instagram user

Guys seriously, I know I've sounded off about these UFO reporting centers but it's important to note that without these UFO organizations we wouldn't have nearly as much information on these uninvited guests onto our planet. And yes, absolutely yes these Extraterrestrial usurpers of norms, of our Earthly traditions must understand that you cannot just roll up to another guys planet and expect there to be no commotion.

*A meteorite will survive the atmosphere burn up and land as a meteorite but a shooting star will burn up entirely entering the atmosphere as an example,  entering the Earth's atmosphere.

If you can share your thoughts on this Scottsdale AZ USA UFO sighting I'd really appreciate it and don't forget to share this post, thank you.{alertInfo}

Credit: a.naya00 Instagram User, UFO Sightings Footage, Ufosfootage, Canva.

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