Secret Footage Of Alien Inside Underground Atmospheric Chamber

Have you ever wondered if extraterrestrial (Alien) entities exist?

Well, the answer may lie in the mysterious footage that has recently emerged online.

Extraterrestrial life (Alien) inside underground atmospheric chamber.

The supposedly real video footage shows an alleged extraterrestrial entity that was filmed in secret within an atmospheric chamber in an unknown location within the US mainland.


If this is real and the Alien is real it begs the question of why aren't we being told about it? People within the establishment believe that we should be told and that's why we have this video.

Hence the video someone must feel like everyone has the right to know what is going on not just with Extraterrestrial life but how they're been treated!

  • Is going to another planet which has intelligent life a bad thing?
  • Is this the right thing to do regarding quarantine measures?
  • Is this treatment what awaits humans on other planets with life on it?
  • What if its people discover it's real and it's been held against its will?

Look these are all legitimate questions, unless you don't care about the future of humanity and our place within the future! I can see how easy it will be to ridicule the possibility of Alien life but just look at who's ridiculing it.

That says it all.

There are questions and answers for and against in this case because while we need to guard against Alien type diseases we need to guard against ulterior motives or up-front motives because their goals could be absolutely anything. We just don't know if these Extraterrestrial entities are for or against humanity.

At least publicly we don't!

I know I'm writing as if it's a fact that Aliens exist but as you already know the US Government has acknowledged that UAPs are real, so someone must have created them.

And it's not humans.

The video is not long at all but it's better than most because it's straight to the point. That tells me the person who filmed this has thought about it extensively and that's based on the content.

We don't see any reflections of the person filming it and no voices are heard so nobody can be identified. But somehow the Alien was already looking up at the observation window as if it knew someone was coming.

It appears to be legitimate due to the setup and the astronomical cost that it would take to film such footage based on props alone. The person filming the video is keeping themselves anonymous and silent throughout the entire recording. They do not want to be reflected in the round observation window as well which is located on the top portion of the atmospheric chamber. Someone out there might be able to find out the make and model of the atmospheric chamber but if you can't that's probably because it's a one-off creation created in-house for the Extraterrestrial entity(s).

On the back wall of the bunker chamber, we see an air conditioning system with a bed backrest immediately behind the entity. It's also got what looks like a pillow just in front of the bed backrest.

If you noticed there's a very bright LED light aimed at the observation window, that's a deliberate attempt to stop anyone Inside from looking out and seeing who is there! Because it's a dark room this would be very effective for blocking anyone looking out.

There seem to be 3 doors under the observation window. One is a large hinge to the left and vertical to allow the whole door to open and close. Then directly underneath the observation window horizontally there are 2 hinges about 2 and a half feet apart. These look like they're intended for the passing of items such as food or other items between the entity inside and outside "humans."

The possible reason why there are 2 portholes underneath the observation windows might be because the chamber inside can be divided into 2 rooms. Hence the multiple round observation windows and portholes.

The doubling up of the windows and portholes would suggest that otherwise, they're needless to requirements. Everything is designed for a purpose don't forget.

The footage shows a bed inside of the atmospheric chamber, along with what looks like an air conditioning system on the far back wall. The loud air conditioning system can be heard throughout the footage, indicating that the chamber is fully operational and circulating what I assume is air inside the chamber. Additionally, red lights indicate that the chamber is in day mode. Yes, even the Alien would (must) need to sleep.

The reason why it's filmed like this is so the entity doesn't see who's filming which suggests that communication is happening between the entity and its human captors and the person who is filming this knows that and doesn't want to be identified. Possibly?

The Alien

As the cameraman moves closer to the observation window, we see the extraterrestrial entity, which is unlike anything ever seen before (in my opinion). The creature is humanoid, with a large head, and large black eyes. There appears to be a greenish colour to the entity's skin.

Is this entity related to the greys which are known for their large black eyes? This has a green look to its skin though meaning it could be a different species altogether maybe? They have been a subject of fascination in the UFO community for decades, and many people have claimed to have seen them during alleged abductions.

A lot is going on in this video and I'm convinced that it's real after analysing the content. But still, I will remain optimistic about this because it could all be one big hoax. But as it stands as of now Saturday 17th June 2023 I know that anything and everything is possible, especially with the UAP disclosure, UAP videos in February 2023 shooting down 3 UFOs over North America. Last but certainly it won't be the last we've just had the Las Vegas Metro police witnessing a UFO landing/crashing and minutes later calls came in about Aliens at the address where the cop saw the UFO come out of the sky.

So yes I'm very tempted to say that this is a real video to you, but I'll just say I believe that it's real. I don't want to live in the "maybe it is, maybe it isn't" world anymore! I am making my mind up because it's not that hard to do, especially with all that's gone on over the last 5 years or so.

I'm going to keep my mind and my eyes wide open.

Look, the legitimacy of this footage is still up for debate, and no one knows who filmed it or where the footage was taken. It's also unclear whether the entity is alive or dead, or how it was brought into the bunker chamber.

While debates and scepticism around this extraterrestrial being video remain, it is exciting to imagine that it could be genuine. Perhaps this footage could be the beginning of uncovering the world’s biggest mystery: the existence of extraterrestrial life.

At UFOS Footage, I will continue to follow any developments in this story. So, be sure to stay tuned for future updates.

In conclusion

While the authenticity of the footage remains murky, the video leaves us with a lot of questions about the existence of extraterrestrial life. As always, we will continue to track any information regarding this event and share it with you as soon as details emerge.

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Credit: Shaunthesheepie TikTok/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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