Green Laser Beam Fired From Clouds Turkey

Turkey had a fantastic laser display that was truly out of this world but what was it and why did this happen.

Green laser beam filmed over Turkey

A green laser beam was filmed over Turkey from the clouds three weeks ago (end of March 2024).

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Similar events have been filmed in other parts of the world including the UK more specifically in a place called Coventry in 2020.

The green laser beam I have researched was by a guy called Matt in 2020 who was featured in the Coventry Telegraph. He drove around the city of Coventry to get better video footage and photographs of the aerial display. He did contact the authorities to tell them what he was up to so if people phoned it in the authorities would already have the answer and so they wouldn't need to waste any resources on an Alien invasion lol.


UFO Sightings Footage YouTube channel.

Why Are People Creating Strange Laser Shows

It's funny looking back at the beginnings of a fad or an art installation on display because it's going to get some people confused until someone looks it up. Is it another attempt at a "War of The Worlds style tribute" or what other people think is a good thing to copy or pretend that an Alien invasion was underway?

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The answer is no but creativity needs context because sometimes it can create confusion like this one has. It's the "runaway imagination" pushed by people wanting to create content for their websites or social media channels. I'm being honest when I say it's not always funny trying to get people worried about an Alien invasion especially when UFOs have been confirmed by the US government albeit they're called uaps which stands for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena.

UAP Disclosure US Government Statement

Records Related to Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs) at the National Archives

Green Laser Beam Fired From The Clouds Over Turkey

The Turkey laser beam is green and it looks like it's coming from the clouds which is why it's created confusion and why people are speculating about the origins of this event blaming Aliens and Project Blue Beam with some people saying it's advanced secret technology. Some people took to social media to talk about their disbelief. The first time a very similar event took place was in Coventry, UK and an article was published in the Coventry Telegraph. As you'd expect to discover it's not Extraterrestrial entities or an underhanded laser beam experiment conducted by some shadowy US government agency.

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Possible Answer To The Green Laser Show

It's a simple laser display and it's something that anyone with time on their hands could recreate. I say recreate because it is nothing new. It's boring, while it might get the obligatory reaction from uninformed people who quickly take to social media, guys just stop creating fake UFO laser sightings. You're boring us with your light displays and no context.

The Authorities We're Made Aware of The Laser Display

Coventry Airport in the UK was made aware of the display, to make sure that any flights in the area were routed safely away.


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Credit: Coventry Telegraph, UFO Sightings Footage YouTube Channel, UFO Madness, ufosfootage.

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