Silver UFO Caught On Video With Very Clear Zoom In

This why I love Ufology because you never know what is out there.

That part of the UFO craft is what I'm calling the back end of the Silver UFO and guys this is stranger than I first thought when looking at it from the side. It was filmed over Sweden.

As far as UFOs go, this is visually one of the more stranger looking as you definitely have a unique look.

On the side, wow it looks similar to what I would say a bottle? But looks are deceiving as on it's other side it looks epic.

This is one of the more better UFO videos that we've seen but guys, is it real or is it just another really good hoax.

I mean the image above is spectacular and after seeing the back of it, it is not a bottle lol or a balloon come to think of it and definitely not a remote controlled miniature Jet.

It's not the typical Flying Saucer look or the Orb UFO look and that's what intrigued me?

It's got it's own vibe going on which is why I wanted to show this in a post.

This is one of the better looking and clearer UFO videos.

The features on this vehicle make it look like a meteorite with it's uneven lines and edges that aren't in line or parallel to one another like "I suppose we'd expect" to see on most other UFOs?

This one absolutely makes this UFO look awesome.

That's what I like about this, it's probably (if it's real) very functional as a UFO and instead of visually been stunning and correct, it's actually saving space, weight and other only needed necessities for the mission type of contents and materials?

I'm just trying to rationalise the shape of this object which is clearly there and it's very clear that it is not a balloon.

So who made it?

Is it Alien or is it man made?

I've covered what I think about that actually in the Instagram description! Here's the Silver UFO caught on video:

Guys, what are your thoughts and opinions on this? If you think it's fake then cool but could you explain why you think it's fake, cheers - as just typing "fake" says nothing and as we have already acknowledged that yes it could be but we'd rather have your thoughts on why you think this.

Source: ovnisky_mexico Instagram.
Source: Thirdphaseofmoon/USF Instagram.
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  1. This Silver UFO is definitely under intelligent control as it's turning in mid air and it's got the look, the feel and wow, this is a really different kinda UFO as I think were all used to the classic Orb or Flying Disk shape but this brings a different breath of fresh air but if it's real or not, that's entirely up to you to believe or not. But, i like it because it's different to what were used to. πŸ‘½πŸ›ΈπŸš€πŸ›ΈπŸ‘πŸ›ΈπŸ‘½

  2. Okay so it definitely looks real however why is it turning like that it's not in space orbit it's in our atmosphere so why would it be floating like that and making the turn

  3. It's floating, so I would not attribute any importance to it.

  4. It's a balloon, sorry to spoil the vibe guys, but it's blowing along in the wind,balloon , good catch though!

  5. It's a bouncy house in a turbulent windy day

  6. Yeah, its a helium filled balloon. You can tell the way it moves and TBH if it were a UFO it would have eventually flown off, but it does not

  7. looks like a balloon to me, it just floats...not a space ship...get some more drugs you will see

  8. Hmm... well it could be a partially deflated foil helium balloon. That could give it any random shape I guess. It is "floating" like one. Too bad the camera doesn't zoom out and capture something else in the area to reference for scale. That could be intentional if the person knew what it was before shooting the video. But can we really say what rules an alien craft would have to follow as far as physics? Or a craft possibly from an alternate dimension? We just don't have all of the answers. I guess that's why they are unidentified.

  9. looks CGI to me. lighting isn't quite right and the turn at the end as if the creator is trying to show off details from multiple angles and again lighting just is quite right. it is outlined as if cut from a really good anime and pasted against the cloudy backdrop

  10. Don't you see its slowly changing shape?

  11. Wow It turns on known axes, however it implies the pilot, unless unmanned UFO, is facing front as it has a front and back. The propulsion is not of this world!!!

  12. Most of these craft change shape very slowly and strangely that you hardly notice it has done so. If these were top secret man-made you would not see it flying over huge cities..they would be tested over the desert and NOT be on YT etc every day.

  13. Who is recording and wat are they in flying next to plane?

  14. The relative faster movement of the background compared to the object and foreground means the object is a small model close to the lens or a CHI added over a background. And done badly. The optics don’t lie - it’s fake.

  15. Vehicle electrostatic suspended in space charge of the atmosphere?
    Four jet like openings, nozzels in the rear, two air intakes at the front for electrostatic charged jet stream? Jet is charging whole craft, the outer surface while flying in earth atmosphere. Charge of craft can be switched from minus to plus, depending on earth charge in what altitude vehicle is flying.
    No painting. Craft is in natural metal what might indicates metal sheet with certain ion density for a negativ or positiv charge to be either repelled or attracted in space charge of earth atmosphere.
    Electrostatic propelled air vehicles/space planes/space shuttles are utulized to fly with 28.000 km/h to be catapulted from ionosphere in an earth orbit for docing at space stations or space ships.

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