Buzz Aldrin Admits To UFO Following Their Craft

Controversial issues demand Controversial people and today it's Buzz Aldrins turn in the spotlight.


Finally, after years of speculation and opinions based on something that a friend of Buzz Aldrins said we've finally got it from the horse's mouth so-to-speak. Buzz Aldrin is one of Americas most admired and unforgettable astronauts. He's straight talking (now at least) and always giving us great facial expressions on live TV especially when US Presidents are "over reaching or over exaggerating" to the people at home and basically filling the air with wishes.

Buzz Aldrin finally admits to the world that Alien's exists and a UFO followed their space craft.

Credit: NASA/SyFy Channel/History/Entertainment Tonight YouTube Video/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Buzz is there giving it the best forehead squinting and disbelief look that I've ever seen. It was when Trump was giving the famous space speech with Buzzing pulling faces.
It was almost as if he was stood there shouting "I do not agree with that" and by the way, your gull of it. That's good old Buzz, that moment in TV will go down in history.

Lee Lewis UFO Sightings Footage 

Anyways, Buzz was on SyFy's "Alien's on the Moon" and he walks us through exactly what he saw, he tells us in not so many words also as an extra that if the astronauts were to see UFOs, they didn't just blurt it out. Which in of itself is telling us about the "NASA wall of silence" that it demands from all it's astronauts. It's now the 29th July, 2022 and Buzz still hasn't changed much about telling the truth.

But then they employ Buzz Aldrin and the wall comes crashing down to the ground because he's told us things no other astronauts told us, heck combined he's single handedly bettered everyone who's tried to go on record with an insinuation. This is Ufology guy's, insinuations are eaten for breakfast. Take a leaf out of Buzz Aldrins book and watch grid epic video uploaded to YouTube by Entertainment Tonight citing Buzz when he sat down to talk to the channel SyFy, when he talked candidly and without fear about Aliens on the Moon.

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Epic, this is straight up mystery 101 and "solved UFOs on the Moon" by the guy who's been there, the UFOs he's talking about, he actually saw! Then we have UFO disclosure from the DoD so guy's, UFOs are everywhere and definitely on the Moon. Humanity is under surveillance!

Buzz Aldrin quote:
I saw this illumination that was moving with respect to the star's. We we're smart enough to not say "er Houston there's a light out there and it's following us." So, technically it becomes an Unidentified Flying Object.
Straight from Buzz himself!

NASA has a bad track record of investigations into UFOs and it's probably never gonna agree with the US Government's release of the 3 DoD (Department of Defense) reasons for releasing the videos. But they have and inadvertently the DoD has done more for the existence of Extraterrestrials truth coming out and telling the truth than a so-called purpose built NASA has ever done! That's hard to fathom no matter how many roses that I put with it.
While Neil and Buzz were on the Lunar surface Neil switched to the medical channel and spoke directly to the chief medical officer saying "they're here, they're parked on the side of the crater and they're watching us. SyFy Documentary Quote.
This video is eye opening and it's confirmed by a legend and you know and I know that saying we wasn't allowed to tell NASA there's a light outside and it's following us, is Buzz's way of saying "a UFO light" followed them but protocol dictated we did not use the public channel.

Okay, this video below is awesome, enjoy watching this and take what he say's as the truth, he's been there, he saw them:

Please share your thought's and opinions also any ideas that you might have about this amazing UFO disclosure by an American Astronaut legend. I'd also appreciate it if you could share this post with someone who you think would appreciate it, cheers.

Credit: NASA/SyFy Channel/History/Entertainment Tonight YouTube Video/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


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  1. I remember that day. You see it was the first time I ever saw God watching us. Before he even got to the moon, there were three faces in the sky. The tri-cornered hat was my favorite. It was then that they switched to the station. NASA knew beyond a doubt about the UFO's. I would say in 1966/67 they encountered many as they follow me around the country. I use to be afraid but when Buzz landed on the moon, I knew it was my family. Just like now, I know they are checking the status of people, how many, etc. Many will be going on long trips to another place. Don't worry because this is part of the Book of Revelation-a new earth. At any time during the trip, worship God and see where you will reside. Absolutely beautiful! God already has the 144,000 marked who can walk into heaven. This is why all the UFO's. The dead has to occur before Jesus' Christ return. The crown is being made and the temple grandeur is being inventoried.
    Oh, you should have asked Buzz about Antartica. Ask about the National Geographic's Press Reporter. I would read the Book of Eli/Enoch (?) first. Interesting!

  2. Why do you guys always say, “if there is a base(s) on the moon it poses a threat to humanity”?
    If aliens travelled many many light years to come to us, surely they have been around for millennia and has always been here. Say for example they only came here 100yrs ago, if they are a threat, they could have taken us out then already.
    This is my argument, if they have the means and power to travel from wherever, then surely they are more advance and more powerful than us. We must remember this is not a movie we are playing - we will lose a war with an older interstellar traveling species.

    We as humans are warmongers and we will always be a threat to ourselves and to the broader space community.
    Wherever we went on planet Earth we mucked it up. I hope for the sake of peace in this universe that we never find another habitable planet, we’ll muck that up too. And don’t let me start with ever discovering ways to time travel - we muck up everything.
    The Americans (USA - military force) must stop this, “it’s a threat to national security”. They will be the end of mankind on this planet, sorry the end of life on this planet, because of their bullying (bombastic, arrogant, muscle-flexing) and big brother tactics.

    Hopefully, our alien “brothers” will stop us from killing this beautiful planet.
    Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that there are aliens out there who as bad or worst than us. But I believe they haven’t discovered us yet. And with the good ones out there watching over us, I think we are safe at this moment in time.

    1. Why not think that aliens on the moon are a threat to humanity, everything else is a threat to our national security. there's no one you can trust to tell you the truth. Money rules the world

    2. Your absolutely correct! Money, unfortunately rules the world but even in dictatorships, Tyrannical countries, pariah states, hermit kingdoms, N. Korea, Iran and all the countries on this planet! Money will always rule the world, then power.

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