UFO Changing Shape Over Nellis Air Force Base

Nellis Air Force base had the strangest UFO encounter filmed from the test site and with the eye witnesses (military personnel) in communication with the control tower as they all watched this unknown origin craft change shape several times.

But unfortunately, this is the worst piece of audio I've ever heard. Although the UFO footage makes up for the audio, we do hear the people in the audio ask, "What the hell is it?" and other words, they're hardly audible.

The best shape changing UFO encounter ever witnessed over Nellis AFB.

Credit: US AirForce, Nellis AFB/UFO Sightings Hotspot/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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How do military personnel have audible conversations with each other when the radios that they're listening to aren't even fit for purpose?

It sounds like a garbled, barely recognisable piece of audio or like what an alien being would sound like with helium. We know that this UFO incident occurred in 1995 on 30th May and that as well as the audio it was filmed with the camera operator keeping track of the object which disappeared and reappeared all in the early hours of the morning.


In the 2 photos below, I've shown this same UFO from the same Nellis AFB UFO encounter to have changed its shape at least twice! This is unprecedented if you don't mind me saying so because it's an official military UFOand we just don't have this kind of thing, ever to be released to the general public. That makes this unprecedented UFO footage.

UFO definitely changing it's shape several times over Nellis afb.

Credit: US AirForce, Nellis AFB/UFO Sightings Hotspot/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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This UFO sighting is extremely similar to the UAP, which was released. Here's a quick quote that says it all.

UFO Sightings Hotspot Quote:

This footage is one of the most important pieces of uncensored UFO material that has appeared in recent years.

Unlike the censored Navy/Pentagon UFO videos from Tom DeLonge, the images from this video are uncensored.

The UFO was observed changing its shape several times and although it is in the dark with reflections and shadows that are constantly changing because the lights are mostly in a fixed position, we're talking about trained observers in a test site facility. If ever there was an example of the best and most capable observers in the world it would be military-trained observers from a test site facility who make it their job to "observe, analyse and remember" everything they're tasked with observing, right? There is no better group of professionals to witness this and give an accurate picture of what they saw. We have UFO video evidence. It is what it is for want of a better description.

A different shape to the other photo but it's the same UFO.

Credit: US AirForce, Nellis AFB/UFO Sightings Hotspot/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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So it looks like these UAPs have been here for a long time, far longer than either previously thought or previously admitted to. I'm afraid it's the latter, which I believe because look how long it's taken for the US Navy and US Government to tell us the truth about what we already knew. It feels like we're supposed to forget their dishonesty and believe them wholeheartedly from now on because "Oops, we made a mistake!" No, you bloody lied, and you decided to tell the truth because you were caught in a lie. That's a big, big difference.

Doing the right thing came and passed on the day after this incident, come to think about it, that day was the day after "every real UFO sighting" You had the chance, to tell the truth to the US people first, then the whole world.

Don't forget that this video predates all the recently disclosed UAP videos by nearly 2 decades! The military should have had a lot better video and microphone equipment, better than anything else or anyone else on this planet, it's unfortunate that they left the security of the base to a potato-like camera and a Karaoke bar microphone, but like I said earlier "it is, what it is".

Here's the actual video from over Nellis AFB above.

Please share your thoughts and opinions and also any ideas that you might have about this amazing UFO incident at Nellis AFB Nevada Test Site. It's historic in its own right and I do believe that it's related to the recent UAP videos and if it is, then we've possibly had the UAPs here on Earth a lot longer than people thought.

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Credit: US Air Force, Nellis AFB/UFO Sightings Hotspot/UFO Madness, UFO Sightings Footage ufosfootage.

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