Silver UFO Over San Diego in California, US

Edgemoor Barn in San Diego, California is a bona-fide hotspot for UFOs and it has been growing in UFO numbers for a long time.

Even 8 year's ago in 2013 smartphones just wasn't around as much as they are now, but people could still walk outside and snap them.

This silver UFO was caught on Ellen Henry's camera over a popular haunted house Edgemoor Barn which also by the way is way over 100 years old. The UFO was photographed right near popular aeroplane routes and maybe that's a deliberate choice so that the UFO could send false readings back to radar stations?

The reason why I say this is because these so called radar stations NEVER report anything out of the ordinary anyway, even if later on there was strange anomalies on radar and someone investigated with them at a later date, these so called "eye's in the sky" still don't catch squat even if the UFO is on radar! Nothing, I've never read a report filled out by a radar station, the people in these radar stations do not report UFOs because investigators "have to go to them" and ask them to look even though they'reapparentlyalways looking! Yeah right.

You know what comes to mind, fit for purpose if you ask me because if this is an indication that nobody watches the radars then...

Okay, have you ever known of a radar station reporting UFOs or using their own initiative? No, is my answer and I livecand breath UFO reports. It's always a freedom of information request or another form of investigation that finds out when radar stations had breaches. That's retarded because these are deterrents aren't they?

Okay, I'll admit that my knowledge is limited on how a radar station works, but all I'm asking is "why do radar stations never report UFOs? It's a valid question, right?

San Diego, what a beautiful place for anyone to live. It's appeal is the Californian air, sights and magnificent scenery and the historic value is awesome. No wonder Extraterrestrials put California on their holiday bucket list, heck, it's on mine! Here's another quick question, are we so dissimilar to Extraterrestrials even though Intelligence is well, Intelligence. 2 add 2 is 4 no matter if you have 2 eye's or 3 eye's, green skin human skin and up is up and down is well, down. I'm asking that as I just want to get an understanding of how different Extraterrestrials are from humans because they still have the same physics and dimensions to navigate just like us unless they're so advanced that they've discovered totally different inventions, chemicals, metals, propulsion systems and other exotic elements.

The UFOs obviously use a totally different type of propulsion system like anti-gravity engines because aerodynamics really don't affect the crafts just like this one in the photo. It should fall out the sky. But, it's the size of these crafts which is throwing a spanner in the works. But just like human technology shrinks, maybe it's another universal shared intelligence... A shared path maybe, something that we have in common on a universal basis? Because whatever is used to make this move, flying or otherwise must be very, very small but extremely powerful and fast!

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So, are we that dissimilar that our curiosity is different? If the UFOs and the declassified UAPs are anything to go by, I'd have to say no.

All the information you need about this epic silver UFO is right therebin this great 10News YouTube video below.

Silver UAP over California in the US.

Credit: Patch/10News/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

Some of the most famous UFOs have been caught on camera over California. A news crew even went to get the full interview which shows you that the locals we're definitely interested in the UFO sighting. But because it was 8 years ago, there's a slight possibility that it could have been a slow week on the news front but only because the news didn't take UFO sighting's seriously like they do now after full UFO disclosure.

Here's a spectacular close up of the UFO.

Credit: 10News/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

10News YouTube video description:
10News went looking for answers after a local woman snapped photos of an unidentified object flying over Santee. Guy's, 10News did a video about this but they've only made their video available on YouTube so you'll have to watch it on YouTube. Considering that Ellen Henry only photographed the UFO, there actually is no video of the UFO just a photo. Follow the YouTube link here.

Please share your thought's with us all about what you think Alien need's are, how different do you think we are? Personally I can't help but think that we're not that different at all.

Local news picked up the story 8 years ago in San Diego.

Before UAP disclosure, the news stations coverage of UFO sighting's could be as though  (seen now), almost like they was testing the waters so-to-speak? Almost as if they was getting in some practice for when UFO disclosure did happen and come to pass, which now that is has come to pass... We see every news channel from Florida to Alaska actually "wanting to cover all UAP sighting's".

What a monumental shift in Ufology and I'm pretty sure that your aware of it?

Credit: Patch/10News/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.


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