Leaked Military Plane Chasing UFO | Best Evidence Ever Seen

This is by far the best UFO video we've ever seen here at UFO Sightings Footage as this meets all the criteria and then some. It's been extensively researched and a team of scientists and researchers all came together to analyse and figure this UFO sighting out.


They got the answers that the Department for Homeland Security (DHS) probably didn't want anyone knowing about this UFO incident and that, this is real.

Everyone and their uncles will have an opinion on UFO video this but the fact of the matter is this:

  • Experts with backgrounds in science have come together to analyze this.
  • When this UFO incident happened it caused quite a stir on the base.
  • MUFON brought a team of skeptical researchers (think tank) together to investigate this.
  • SCU (the think tank) investigated this and released a 161 page paper on their findings.

You will be delighted in the facts, evidence, proof plus their findings in this "eye opener" of a published "documented UFO incident for history" paper.

SCU is amazing because it is a "think tank" made up of former military officers, and law enforcement personnel with technical experience and backgrounds in investigation plus scientists.

I believe that this UFO case is for the people of Earth - but with a focus on the people who really care about the truth and why the truth isn't reaching the people of Earth?

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There's a case for taking this to the mainstream media but would they have any interest in this?


Would the mainstream media outlets even want to show this UFO on prime time TV, you can guarantee the answer is no!

Those people with a genuine interest and a good understanding of Ufology are trying their best to bring the knowledge of life in the stars out from the dark and into the light.

The link to that paper can be found here and guys, it is very revealing and very accurate with it's information and how it's presented, with all things taken into account.


This is a little known UFO case (in the UK) which was seen and then chased in a military plane by it's pilot, co pilot and obvious cameraman and they keep the Unidentified Flying Object in the middle of the frame as much as they can.

All the while the pilot and copilot plus "the camera operator" must seemingly achieve the impossible and film the UFO but in night vision.

Here is the military planes night vision video, giving chase to the UFO:

The UFO is travelling very fast and the military plane struggles to keep up with this Unidentified Flying Object.

This immediately got my attention as it's got it all, as far as amateur researching UFOs goes.

The leaked video is great, you should share it to show people UFOs are very real. So, what happens now? It's all fine and well investigating a UFO sighting and finding it to be real, but then what?

What happens after that...

Let us know in the comments what should happen next, cheers.

Source Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies Paper (SCU).
Source SCU YouTube.
Source SCU Published Paper.
Source Reference Open Minds.


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  1. Even when you think all the facts are in, UFO sightings still catch people off guard, was it a helicopter or was it a plane! Turns out it was a plane. We had to dig deep on this one as it certainly caught us off guard as this is probably the best UFO videos that we've seen so you can understand how we wanted to get it right and present this well. Guys, your probably looking at historic Ufology here.

  2. Witnessed one out at sea in the North Atlantic in 1972 or 1973 while we were convoy on North Atlantic cruise...

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