Man Made Flying Saucer Escorted By Jet Means Back Engineering UFOs Is Real

There has been videos of secret military aircraft since the beginning of moving pictures. What makes this daylight UFO being escorted by a Jet different is that this UFO or Flying Saucer video has an escort within it and that's "highly unusual". Very unusual, in fact it's almost alarming? But, that gives us a lot to go off because we can all clearly see combustion exhaust exiting the rear of the lead aircraft.

What does that mean, are the military training to fight in UFOs? Well it basically means that government agencies cannot lie anymore, period! It means that their comments to Ufology research journalists will shift from "we do not have any UFO facilities or UFO programs related to back engineering Flying Saucers or UFOs" answers or like "no comment and things like where did you get that information from, lol".


Well, online like most of the conspiracies that turn out to be kind of true where else do you think people get their information in this day and age? Good old, second hand information or passed down Chinese whispers which as you probably already know that everybody add's their own comment to it.

If back engineering a Flying Saucer from an accidentally crashed UFO or "forced down" UFO (or a Flying Saucer) means one only thing and it's this:

  • UFOs are real
  • Aliens are real
  • The government knows about Aliens
  • The government is lying about Aliens
  • The military knows about Aliens (recovery teams for starters)
  • There's a "secret base or laboratory" somewhere making UFOs

Could it be:

  • A secret government underground base
  • Government or military or a hybrid
  • Private venture with government consent
  • Civilian or a mixture without consent from the government
  • Both government and civilian research and development etc

Seriously, how many different variations of involvement or cooperation in the research of UFOs is there in this world (and off it)? It all comes down to this also - who knows what, when and where?


We could continue with supposed involvement in secret technology research and top secret UFO development plus highly efficient off world technology involvement because they're posted online but that's for another day and another blog post on UFOs.

This is the video of the Flying saucer or UFO been escorted by a Jet:

Quote from How Stuff Works website:

On November 11 and 13, 1989, viewers of KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, Nevada, heard an incredible story from news reporter George Knapp: A scientist had come forth to reveal that the U.S. government possesses the remains of extraterrestrial vehicles. From these vehicles have come extraordinary technological breakthroughs. The scientist, Robert Scott Lazar, said he had worked in the S-4 section of Area 51, a corner of the Nevada Test Site. There, he had read documents indicating the existence of ongoing research on an "anti-gravity reactor" for use in propulsion systems. Read more at the link provided in the source section below. 


Above is an image related to the Flying Saucer been escorted to wherever by a military Jet fighter plane. It's a really odd video this as it is been done or played out in daylight.

Source Ufoi73 Instagram.


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  1. Proof of reverse engineering Flying saucers doesn't just walk up to you and get in your face, it could take years to come across this stuff. The UFO in this video is definitely man made as the exhaust from a combustion engine would really hint at that. The Jet fighter escorting this in daylight is the real wow factor.

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  3. Ufo leaves vapor trails but the jet doesn't. Cali emissions on jet I guess.UFO won't pass emissions test.

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