Flying Saucer Caught On Camera At Volcano During Survey

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was captured by the journalist Carlos Clemente, during the period of activity of the Popocatépetl volcano, (also known as El Popo by the locals) on March 27. The images show the unknown object flying near the *fumaroles over 3 kilometers high.

  • Volcano is frequently visited by UFOs
  • The Popocatepetl volcano is active
  • The Popocatepetl volcano is known by locals as El Popo
  • Mexican Volcano has had many UFO sightings reported there
  • The images don't appear to be tampered with
  • Could the Flying Saucers be refueling at the volcano

Photo by Jame Maussen and Carlos Clemente

It has been suggested before that UFOs could be refueling at volcano's because of the high energy emitted by the volcanoes. Volcanoes produce that much energy that if you could somehow harness the raw energy from inside them with as yet unknown technology then volcano's could literally become refueling stations?

Is this UFO looking for other UFOs that have gone missing here on Earth - or is it because:

  • Humans have captured them
  • Flying Saucers have crashed here and the Aliens know
  • The UFOs sent out a distress signal
  • Aliens want to protect what's on the UFOs
  • Maybe the thought of UFOs been captured by humans was impossible to them
  • Aliens now want the "UFO" back or "them UFOs back"
  • How are these Flying Saucers even coming to Earth in the first place (energy)
  • Why are the Aliens sending UFOs

Again, it makes me wonder why these UFOs are even coming here in the first place and how they know that we are here? Is it just to keep an eye on us humans or is it to see what stage of advancement we're at, or how intelligent we are?

Is it to communicate with us or is it to spy on us for some other ulterior motive and estimate our strengths and weaknesses?

The translated information continued:

To make the shot, the journalist of the team of conductor Jaime Maussan, occupied a camera of 3000 mm. The journalist toured the area impacted by the volcanic activity of "Don Goyo", on March 27; material that would serve for the broadcasts of the "Third Millennium News" programs.

Photograph by Jame Maussen and Carlos Clemente

"When we were doing a photographic survey in the area near this colossus of fire (volcano), in one of our images, the presence of an unidentified flying object was captured in an incidental way, when we were observing, we realized that they were passing by, at high speed, at a distance, objects that we could not identify, however, in this UFO photograph we can clearly grasp how one of these objects moved near the volcano, "explained the journalist during the broadcast of the past 28 and 31 of March.

The journalist also stressed:

"Without doubt, this is one of the clearest pictures of this type of unidentified flying objects that have been taken in the volcano."

The image shows a classic dish with a dome, which even reflects sunlight, flying very close to the height of the crater of this volcano, considered one of the most active in the country.

Photo by UFO Sightings Footage and Google Maps


A fumarole is an opening in a planet's crust which emits steam and gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen sulfide. The steam forms when super-heated water condenses as its pressure drops when it emerges from the ground.

Source El Sol De Puebla.
Source Furmarole Wikipedia.
Source Reference Third Millennium News.
Source Image Credits Journalist's Carlos Clemente Jame Maussan.


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  1. Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico was very recently visited by a few super fast Flying Saucers and in broad daylight as well. They didn't go unnoticed though because this surveying team caught one of them on camera and guys, this is a really good UFO sighting. Mexico has a huge UFO sightings reported percentage every year probably on the order of thousands per year. This stands out though as one of the best UFO sightings. 🛸

  2. Im in Pasadena...havent seen a whole lot over here but not giving up...keep on sending in those amazing videos and pictures this stuff...

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  4. They are using the volcanoes to go into the inner world which is hell

  5. Maybe They just want to cook some bar-b-que.

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