Two UFOs Next To The ISS On Live Feed

Two UFOs that look nothing like what NASA sends up to space for the International Space Station, are right next door to the ISS and it looks like they're either communicating, sharing something out of view or just linking up together?

But guys, these 2 UFOs are definitely weird because we can't identify them, so that makes these UFOs.

  • The size of these 2 UFOs are unusual as they stay
  • The colours on these UFOs are not what NASA use (silver)
  • NASA always uses white colours on the ISS and Shuttle
  • NASA is staying quiet on the ISS UFO incident
  • The UFOs are not lense flares
  • Lense flares are not solid objects in the background
  • Two lense flares in one single video is unheard of like this

So, two UFOs at the ISS interacting with one another is probably one of the strangest things to ever have taken place outside of the ISS and I'm talking within a stone's throwing distance.

NASA always turns off the live feed on the ISS but maybe even they was captivated by what was unfolding right outside the ISS?


The theory is simple, UFOs are operating in this part of space and new UFOs keep turning up and that's why this NASA live feed wasn't shut down or turned off because like I say, these are new and NASA is documenting it?

But also, if you believe that there's two feeds at the ISS then the people at NASA could of still turned off the public's live feed but still keep recording in real time the UFOs caught interacting in space near the ISS.


  • It's a conspiracy theory
  • It's a NASA anomaly
  • It's also an International Space Station cover up because nobody from any of the institutions have come forward on UFO disclosure and guys, don't hold your breath on this subject.

Here is that amazing video showing us the two UFOs that seem to just appear and then disappear:

It is what it is, we have to decipher the puzzles ourselves and rely on our own gut instincts for our answers plus the best intelligent guess has always been our own on Ufology.

Personally I believe that this is something otherworldly because of the obvious "nothing to do with NASA" of these UFOs which means that these are more than likely Alien in origin, until we learn otherwise.

  • Is NASA a credible witness in UFO sightings cases
  • If NASA cover up UFOs then how can we trust any UFOs caught on ISS live feed
  • Is NASA feeding the public lies
  • Do you trust NASA
  • Many conspiracy theorists do not trust NASA - that's why I am asking you where you stand
Source Reference Collective Evolution.
Source Streetcap1 YouTube.


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  1. There's many videos showing us UFOs on the live feed at the ISS but this one is out there in a league of it's own because there's two of them and they really do look Alien. Plus there's no way that these two UFOs could be a drone with a few lights on it and driven by someones wife while the husband gets an image of it flying erratic with blinking lights. It's an amazing UFO Sightings Footage in every sense of the words. 🛸

  2. The object in the right I can't make out but the one on the left looks like a metallic ship

  3. Skeptical but with an open mind. First don't the Chinese also have a space station? And could they be satellites? At least the one on the right it's small enough the one on the left seems pretty huge. It also seems like it has some type of a fuselage attached to it. It's on the top near the left.

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