UFO Over Groom Lake Is Stunning To Look At

Here is a video with two excellent UFOs recorded on it. Both UFOs are stunning because instantly you see them you think yes, they are real and it's these UFOs that I love posting about as they are the ones which get people in to Ufology and the one's with the most potential of been real and therefore they validate the Alien among us theory? Alien disclosure in my opinion is what we make it because NASA and the governments of the world have made it quite clear that Aliens don't exist even though NASA bases their funding program entirely on Alien life existing in space and they want to find them.
UFO passing a Jet in the sky filmed by a passenger.

This is a short post about two UFOs in one video where they both look absolutely amazing to me. The first UFO is definitely passing by the plane in the air and it's going over land. The second UFO looks like a missile but not like I've seen before and even the person filming it cannot identify it.

I always post the stuff that I like and I don't always get it right, but I always have to try because it's what I love. These two UFOs are amazing beyond words and if these are Alien in origin then it's about time the government steps in and clarifies it don't you think?

Here's the second UFO from the video:

This looks like a missile but it's definitely not one anyone has seen before.

Ufology is amazing it really does give you answers that aren't taught at school, college or University unless you take Alien life 101.

You know when you see a UFO video or image and you instantly think "wow" that actually looks real? Well these are the things that I love posting about. The more interesting they are the more if feels like it could be real?

This image shows us the UFO passing the Jet getting further away.

When I say real that means, Alien, back engineered, secret technology, hybrid technology and lost knowledge and recovered technology say from an ancient archaeological dig site?

The below video is absolutely stunning with two exceptional UFOs recorded:

You better believe that there's stuff like that out there! Anyways, please enjoy the video and if you can leave a message that would be great. Sharing this would be even better, cheers guys have a good one.

Source Ufolovers Instagram.
Source Quick Minuet Media Instagram.