297 Starling Birds Left Dead From 5G Test In The Netherlands

5G tests in the Hague results in 297 dead birds.

Probable confirmation of the serious dangers that 5G are posing have happened in the Hague "again", inside a park. That's right, a park where people go to relax and let their kids play! If this doesn't wake up the 5G industry then I assure you that "nothing" will, at all.

Nobody has got a 5G phone or a 5G TV or any other kind of gadget so they are rushing in to this one to fast, they need to stop rushing it and finish it with safety in mind.

5G is not ready for the public as nobody has a 5G phone or TV or anything so its been rushed in to.

Is this going to be "rushed under the carpet" and not brushed under the carpet? I can assure you that the people in charge will have definitely thought about it but with to many eyes on this they can they carry that out? Not been able to - believe you me, that's a very good thing but it still doesn't mean anything unless they take another route and instead of insisting on 5G why not improve 4G?

I believe it's because of this, 5G is a new product so they can make far more money from a brand new product as opposed to improving the 4G signal which already exists! 
That's my own personal opinion which you can again, probably take to the bank?

When the engineers turned on this new 5G signal in the Netherlands for a test, 297 Birds promptly fell out of the trees where they were roosting and died. Also the ones that was flying over the park because for any park 297 birds seems like a lot - so I can only assume that birds flying over the park where also affected?

Dead birds in the Hague because of 5G test.

But what do I know?

I know the bloody dangers this 5G poses and it should of been abandoned ages ago until 4G has been fully explored and it's full potential has been exhausted! Then when 5G is ready, (from a blueprint point of view) it would reveal itself through advances in technology with applications in a safe way. In other words they're rushing it and it's to early because who the hell has a 5G TV or smartphone? Nobody is the answer!

Think about it... They're rushing it!

The main focus should of been on safety because it seems they didn't even factor in ANY safety precautions whatsoever from the start and it's only now that they are begrudgingly putting in safety measures (are they check, this link here) the answer to that in this FOIR is SHOCKING!

297 dead birds was collected in the park where the 5G test was carried out in the Hague.

Which is sadly "an industry standard the world over" build it and then add safety maybe but in the meantime "cover it up" which I thought these engineers where better than that?

Why did I think this?

Because they claim to be the best! Working on the so-called future of communications, lol.

Oh well, you can't apply what works for one thing and apply it to another and expect it to work it doesn't work like that at all especially on 5G because it's never been done before it's in a technology bubble all unto itself.

So to build it and only think about the safety at the end - well that tells me they're still working off OLD PRINCIPLES what they know in other areas is good, but this is not other areas this is stand alone 5G technology (well that's what they told us in the past).

Nokia And Vodafone Are Putting 4G On The moon.

And yes it is possibly carcinogenic as ruled (see this link where it's mentioned) by the World Health Organization (here's the wording from this interesting freedom of information application to Leicester City Council):

Known health dangers posed by ALL electromagnetic radiation as confirmed by the World Health Organisation in their Group 2B classification (possibly carcinogenic)?

This link proves to me that 5G is profit orientated.

Here's a quick quote from the European Commision:

For example, there is a tendency for higher investment levels in countries that have awarded longer licences (see this link).

Longer licences mean more profit over time for the 5G companies which is a massive incentive given by these "countries" knowing this is the way to attract them regardless of the safety implications.

It's already been decided that they're rolling it out in the UK (so the UK is sadly one of these "countries" before they have even finished their safety findings which is still ongoing apparently or at least it should be IF AT ALL...

Wow, 5G testing has yet again given the biggest result so far and it's not a good sign at all because hundreds of birds fell out the sky and quickly died.

Here's the video guys:

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  1. Who do you know that has a 5G phone or a 5G TV? Who do you know that uses 5G on a daily basis or in fact, ever! I don't know "anyone" who uses it so why are they rushing it out with all these horrific things being attributed to it? None of this 5G roll out makes any sense whatsoever to me, does it make "any" sense to you? They could wait, get it right and in the meantime make 4G absolutely amazing and make 4G better than ever. Explore and research 4G to make it more amazing. But instead it's one shocking incident after the other with 5G. πŸ‘½πŸ›ΈπŸ“‘πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ€·‍♂️πŸ•΅️‍♂️πŸ›°πŸ›ΈπŸ‘½

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