Nokia and Vodafone are putting 4G on the Moon

ET phone home, erm? Mhh? This is straight up true! Nokia and Vodafone are putting 4G on the Moon because Aliens (possibly) can't get a good coverage all the time? Apparently it's weak at best? Ha, that bit is a joke but the actual story of Nokia and Vodafone are definitely putting 4G on the Lunar surface. We couldn't be more stunned if you tried to stun us with a stun gun?

Here's a little pun for you:
The roaming charges will be astronomical, lol.
Getting right back to Earth, OK i'll try my hardest to not mention anymore stupid puns? It'll be hard, hard like a wifi signal on Mount Everest?

Nokia and Vodafone teaming up to put 4G on the Moon. Aliens will be over the erm, Moon?
Aliens will be over the erm... Moon quite literally lol.
While the world gears up for a 5G future, the Moon will get its first 4G setup in 2019. That’s one small step for 4G, one giant leap for Vodafone and Nokia. The Moon’s 4G network will be used to support Berlin-based space exploration company PTScientists in studying the satellite’s surface. The mission is being privately funded, with Vodafone Germany, Nokia and car-maker Audi joining forces to make this come to pass.

Nokia and Vodafone will put a 4G LTE network on the frickin' Moon
Nokia and Vodafone are putting 4G on the Moon and yeah, it's no joke indeed?
The mission is scheduled to launch in 2019 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The decision to establish a 4G network as opposed to a speedier 5G setup was, as one Vodafone Germany executive said, because the new technology is still in a testing and trial stage, making it hard to ensure stability.

In space, no one can hear you stream.

Nokia Bell Labs will be creating a space-grade "ultra compact network" for Vodafone’s base station that won’t weigh more than "a bag of sugar".

"The design of the moon rover has to represent the technology and all the technical input that has gone into it.""The design of the moon rover has to represent the technology and all the technical input that has gone into it.""The design of the moon rover has to represent the technology and all the technical input that has gone into it."

The masts will communicate with the two lunar quattro rovers that Audi is manufacturing. The rovers will be used to send back data and live stream video of the lunar surface – in glorious HD, mind – to the Earth-based scientists. They will also be studying Apollo 17’s lunar rover left behind in 1972 by the last astronauts to land on the Moon.
"This is a crucial first step for sustainable exploration of the solar system,”
said Robert Bohme, CEO and founder of PTScientist.
“In order for humanity to leave the cradle of Earth, we need to develop infrastructures beyond our home planet. The great thing about this LTE solution is that it saves so much power, and the less energy we use sending data, the more we have to do science!"
Here at UFO Sightings Footage we asked this exact sentence when we heard of this straight away:
"What do they know that we don't know?"
Is this our suspicious nature or does Nokia and Vodafone know something that we don't? Is there going to be a colony on the Moon set up soon? Are there going to be people living on the Moon for periods of time? Is the Moon going to become a holidaying destination and could there be plans in the tube so-to-speak for a fully self contained capsule moored up on the Moon which can hold humans for an period of time?

Just what does SpaceX get out of this and is it this company/corporation/agency or whatever you want to call it going to be ferrying actual people there and back? That would seem unlikely if you didn't have Nokia and Vodafone putting 4G on the Moon? You see what i'm getting at? Can you see it's the infrastructure that is been set up on the Moon? A great and or, nearly perfect communication systems is and always will be the "VERY FIRST" thing you would need to colonise any outpost? That's just a reality check.
Communication is key to a colony on the Moon - end of really?
Or is it?
If you can't direct operations through communication devices then you can't send orders and then you can't instruct or give instructions from place A to place B and so forth and so forth? It's quite simply put really? Without a reliable and a "good infrastructure" then moving forward with any plan or plans can't be achieved?

That's our understanding of it anyways? So this is sending our whiskers in to overdrive because Nokia and Vodafone can't be doing this just because they can? That doesn't make any sense whatsoever? the shareholders would be having absolutely none of that!

So why are they doing this?m Like i've previously said. There must be more to this than meet's the eye? There has to be something "coming" that has not been announced as yet? There must be something that is going to need this 4G signal? That is why we have talked about a colony on the Lunar surface or even inside the Moon? Are humans going to be digging on the Moon for the massive quantities of Helium 3?

Helium 3 is what lots of people have said, a magic property with magic properties? It is in abundance on the Moon and this has been talked about as the key to long distance space travel that could fuel that and much, much more? Even power the Moons inhabitants and all of it's needs? Apparently Helium 3 is considered the future power maker and the bee and end all of humans insatiable thirst for fuel?

So, from putting 4G on the Moon, a whole load of questions have arisen simply because we know that humans and ONLY humans need 4G for phone calls etc? So putting it on the Moon, well it get's me thinking that humans are going to the Moon and soon! Why soon? Because this 4G is going to be up on the Moon next year! Yes it's that soon? One year and 4G will be on the Moon!

They said it's to look at the blooming Apollo 17's Rover? What the heck, i've heard better stories like swamp gas instead of genuine UFOs? That's what I think this whole story is, swamp gas! When they said or announced this I immediately went in to conspiracy theory mode and as I have gone further with this story, I am still in the thinking of conspiracy theory and that is what tells me that I am on the right track because still there is nothing telling me that they're using this for anything other than colonising the Moon?

You see AUDI is getting in on the mission aswell? This tells me that they're (colonists) will need a vehicle to get around? Not in the look of Earth side vehicles, but more like the Rover? So because this whole mission is privately funded, it makes me think that Audi is going to be the first private vehicle used by holidaying people on the Moon?

Like the golf carts at Disney land and the erm, golf carts on the golf courses? Even in places like Tescos in the UK you can see small vehicle type rides that can get disabled people in and around the supermarket? So if you have one "village" or stop off on the Moon but one about 50 meters away, you will need a vehicle (electric) to get you there and back and what better advertising MASTERPIECE than the Audi space wagon?

I can see the beginnings of a future apartment on the Moon owned by many but used by  a few? All sponsored by various companies who produce various electronics, tables, toasters, microwaves and beds, covers, pillows etc etc?

EVERY SINGLE photo taken in this apartment will have a product placement and that is priceless to the relevant companies who make the products? How much would you pay to have your product viewed by possibly 100 million people? Even more because EVERYTHING will be a 1st? Everything done will go down in history so how much would you pay for that image to have your product within it? Well, i think that is probably one for the companies and the banks and the one that masterminded this whole venture, that's if this is the way they're going?
That's if this story has any truth to it and by that i mean this:
If what i've just said is what they have on their planning boards then how much would you pay to be one of the pioneers? How much would you pay to have your company/corporation be the one that brings you all the 1st's by humanity?
What price can one put on the future of humanity and the civilisation of humanity among the stars?
"The design of the moon rover has to represent the technology and all the technical input that has gone into it."

The images above are of the futuristic but very possibly the actual vehicles of the future? They may not be the ones going to the Moon but heck, they look like something that the near future might just be going to drive or "it" drive the people onboard to their destination on the Moon?

It's obvious that only having one apartment on the Moon would give way to the dreaded cabin fever so it's a must to have many or lots of domiciles on the surface of the Moon and if there is no way of having a tunnel between then the next best thing is a Moon taxi? Maybe that's how it will be funded or that's how Audi will get it's money from the scientists? Based on how much they actually use the vehicles? Everything evolves (if you subscribe to that) and taxis won't escape this evolution of everything?

Plans evolve? Initial thoughts evolve?

So all you have to do is go up and down the path of life and see it for what it is? Visualise the now, the past and then you can visualise the future with varying degrees of success but this allows you or me to tweak it and refine it and get it BANG ON!

Alas i'm out of speech and out of coffee!

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It represents planet being self imploded and just what happens at the end of the RACE? It's why we've just got to the Moon and not long after we've been able to recreate the big bang and a black hole?

We spread our DNA to another planet then the planet IMPLODES! Give or take a few decades?

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