NASA Caught Blatantly Lying About Hollow Earth

NASA is blatantly lying about the Earth having an opening entrance at the North Pole and here's the many, many different sources that backs this up. The images and videos you've already seen probably don't do it justice, so check out the video from Secureteam10 below and it will open your eye's.

They've (NASA) has been caught blatantly closing the International Space Station's window barriers on live TV so nobody can see them flying past the opening and there's a reason why planes cannot fly over the North Pole any guesses why? So I've gathered up some images to support the claims and I've referenced this amazing video.

You'll be shocked more than anything when you see just how much proof there actually is out there which backs up the claims of a hollow Earth. The Hollow Earth As Concept And Conceit is a great read, check it out here for free.

NASA is blatantly lying and actively covering up the hollow Earth entrance.

Here is NASA pulling down a metal shield in front of the camera filming out the ISS window "for no reason" other than they're coming up on the Hollow Earth entrance.

NASA is blatantly lying and actively covering up the hollow Earth entrance.

NASA is caught pulling down obstructions so we can't see the entrance to the inner parts of the Earth.

NASA is blatantly lying and actively covering up the hollow Earth entrance.

NASA is blatantly lying and actively covering up the hollow Earth entrance.

NASA is blatantly lying and actively covering up the hollow Earth entrance.

NASA is blatantly lying and actively covering up the hollow Earth entrance.

NASA is blatantly lying and actively covering up the hollow Earth entrance.

Below is the video which shows the hollow Earth and the crafty tricks NASA has employed over the years to literally airbrush from historic photos and videos the secret entrance to the inner Earth realms. It's shocking, it's wrong, it's a right that we should know about the existance of a people from the Inner Earth.

If you didn't believe in the hollow Earth theory then after watching this video I wonder if your thoughts and opinions have maybe shifted? Let us know what you think and be sure to share this post, cheers.

Source Secureteam10 YouTube channel.
Source Hollow Earth Wikipedia.

UFO Flying In To A volcano

This is a brilliant video showing a few things that go against everything we know about materials and physics? 

There shouldn't be anything able to fly in to a volcano then fly out presumably?

Then there's the materials, what is this UFO made of, Superman's spandex!

This flies in the face of everything we know about known materials, that's why I think this is real.

Or, a hoaxer is playing on the impossibility of this, versus your want to believe so that you believe.

UFO Flying In To A volcano Is Truly Bizarre.

Night time footage on a night vision webcam of a UFO flying right in to the mouth of a volcano in Mexico looks absolutely strange, improbable, suspicious and the obvious question is how? How can anything survive them temperatures? This is incredible footage if its real, but if this is real then we know where material technology is going in the future. Man now knows this is possible so we will not stop until we create it. Maybe?

Meet the Worshippers Who Believe They’re Aliens in Human Form

Sitting on the throne of The Valley Of Dawn is a member.
A Sunrise Village follower dressed in a Maya prince outfit sits on a throne used during the ritual of the Turigano, based around the belief that the Jaguar community was once incarnated as Spartan warriors and citizens. Drawings of four spiritual princes, who followers believe help guide the ritual, hang above his head.

Yep, this is actually a wee bit weird and strange but very, very illuminating. It's a rare insight in to people's uniqueness and people's convictions of faith, belief and opinions. That doesn't mean they're right or correct, it just means that they have a unique way of looking at themselves in a third person way, in a different way to most people and obviously they'ye got other thoughts, cues and character traits that they see as Alien and that they wouldn't change for anything.

Instead of running to the doctors for heavy medication or heavy therapy to modify, change and restore their own "sociably acceptable" behaviours they've chosen to embrace their diverse look on life. Or should I say they've accepted their diverse universal lifestyles and otherworldly "star child" qualities. Do I recommend this, do I recommend the lifestyles an Alien or a person who thinks they are an Alien?

Well actually I can't answer that as there's no right or wrong way of answering it. Just be yourself and people will love you for being who you are and so yeah, I have answered that haven't I? Don't change for anyone and always be yourself no matter your outlook and your thoughts or feelings might be (unless your unhappy).

So I found some unusual (to the majority population of the world) which shows us that there are some wonderful people out there which absolutely;y are convinced they are Aliens in human forms? I can't tell you if this is real or if they have it wrong?

Alexandre Alves lies down for a spiritual treatment inside the community's pyramid temple.

But what I can tell is they are so blooming interesting and fascinating. What's not to like about these individuals? They have amazing spirits either way you look at these people (erm, Aliens). 

Check this out:

I'm only putting a tiny bit of writing from the National Geographic website because I don't want to spoil it for you, just a tantalising snippet which is going to wet your whistle. Check out this link for the full post (it's pretty long but of amazing photographs of the members of the Valley Of the Dawn. I'll put the link sources at the bottom of this post.

An hour outside Brazil’s futuristic capital, Brasilia, lies one of the country’s spiritual capitals: Vale do Amanhecer, which translates to Sunrise Valley or Valley of the Dawn. At first sight, Sunrise Valley looks like a miniature theme park where visitors can see copies of the world's wonders without having to travel to the actual sites.

Built in Planaltina, a satellite city of Brasilia, the lakeside temple complex features a pyramid, a spaceship-like temple, a six-pointed praying centre, and several ellipse-shaped sculptures.

Member of the Valley Of Dawn out shopping in his local store.

A Sunrise Valley follower, dressed in a master outfit, shops at a local store in Brazil.



Intergalactic Space-Time Travelers

Envisioning Globalisation in Brazil’s Valley of the Dawn.

Kelly E. Hayes


The Valley of the Dawn (Vale do Amanhecer) is a new Brazilian religion known for its creative synthesis of elements drawn from a diverse range of cultural and national contexts. This article considers the Valley as an example of the interrelations between religion and globalisation, exploring how conceptual changes associated with contemporary processes of globalisation such as time-space compression and deterritorialization function as structuring elements within the religious imaginary laid out by the Valley’s founders in the 1960s and 1970s, a period of rapid economic, social, and political change in Brazil.

See more of Gui Christ works here.
Source National Geographic.
Source Vale do Amanhecer Free E Book Download.

The Same Ancient Aliens Carved In Stone Throughout The Ancient World 👽👾✨⭐👽

This post is about stranger than fiction coincidences and Aliens in ancient times that must of interacted with the cultures that have been scattered throughout our ancient past. Seriously there's way to much evidence to say that these Aliens existed but not just as a myth or as a cultural "Bogey man" type of myth but actual real, did happen, matter of fact visitors from space or Heaven.

Not only does the enigmatic ‘Armenian Stonehenge’ predate the pyramids and its more famous counterpart in Stonehenge, England by thousands of years, some of the rocks on the site depict curious beings with elongated heads and almond shaped eyes.

Some of the rocks at Karahunj depict mysterious humanoid beings with elongated heads and almond-shaped eyes. Is it possible that these were the ancient Astronauts that visited Earth thousands of years ago?

Mayan Alien Grey depicted in stone relief also in an obvious Alien craft or spaceship with fire coming down from it's engines. It is shaped like a typical UFO even seen in today's UFO sightings and UFO footage..

Alien Grey in a spaceship conquering the ancient Mayan.


This stone relief engraving from the ancient Mayan culture shows a man bowing to something. Hovering over him in spaceship-like object. The object is lenticular, meaning it looks like a lens almost, and there are tentacles, exhaust fumes, or organic material such as creepers dangling from the bottom of the vehicle.

The being inside the craft appears to be angry, and his eyes are large and almond shaped, similar to the common facial descriptions of a Gray alien. He’s also wearing a type of vest with two belts forming an X on his chest. Some people believe this stone engraving may be depicting the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl, but it might also be depicting a type of alien. Or are they the same? It is believed by some researchers that the ancients revered the beings from the stars and sometimes worshipped them as gods descending to earth.

Then we have these amazing an very coincidental carvings from places on the Earth never connected, never seen one another with no shared communications - apparently? The similarities for two pieces is epic enough but four pieces is just straight "get out of here".

Talk about coincidences and this kind of thing just shouldn't happen at all.

Then we have the statues with handbags (as I call them). These two pieces speak for themselves. They not only look exact but they also have the very same stance. The hands, the face, the "handbags" the wings and the legs are all in the exact same position and that cannot be by coincidence can it? I'm calling intervention on this one. I reckon Aliens that flew actually intervened in both cultures and influenced them greatly.

Ancient Alien influences on art and statues in ancient cultures.

So what to believe in? What to make of the ancient ancestors of ours? Was they "simple peoples", or intelligent but imaginative? Was they crazy, say what you see or puzzlers. Was they Gods, Aliens or hybrids? There's literally hundreds probably even thousands of different cultures that existed at one time or another but who was telling the literal truth?

Was they all just nothing but expressing opinions on space and spirits? You decide because the truth is there, it has to be. So you decide what your going to settle on and make it yours like our ancient ancestors made it theirs.

Source Ancient Code.
Source Quora.
Source Pinterest.

Apollo 20 Moon Mission Recovered An Alien Called Mona Lisa 👽👾⭐👽👾👽

Yes this is really weird and very much the "I want to believe" type of Alien video because it does look plausible, it looks real, it seems real and the overall look is spot on, but whats keeping me from fully committing to this?

Alien Called Mona Lisa.

What's stopping me from getting behind this? Well, I know I shouldn't but it's all based on other peoples opinions and so called knowledge.

Some of the non believers of this whole event are convincing.

Apollo 20, a secret lunar mission that definitively proved the existence of intelligent, alien life on the moon.

Even Wikipedia has a full dedicated page to this and that says it was a Youtube series based on American manned Moon missions? But I still don't know what to believe? What do you think about this guys? Here's a sample of what Wikipedia is saying:

The Apollo 20 hoax is a faux story told in a series of YouTube videos about an American, manned, lunar mission that discovered evidence of an extraterrestrial civilisation on the far side of the moon.

But actually thinking about it, it is exactly what the debunkers would say because and heres the clinching thing for me!

This is a remake of the unofficial Nasa insignia.

Remake of the Apollo 20 Insignia.

the Wikipedia story says that nobody knows the who the up-loader was or trace it back to anyone BUT it was uploaded on April fools day! They know that for sure but don't know who it was, that's the work of DEBUNKERS who are trying to rubbish real videos!

American-soviet flag as seen in the Apollo 20 video that is a cool piece.

American-soviet flag as seen in the Apollo 20 video.

They try to throw you off the real videos with such things which for me, it's what has just made me a believer well, that and the fact of how much information this page has but doesn't know the basics!

Classic debunkers are paid to rubbish real stories! It's an active campaign of teams of people paid to post rubbish rebuffs, counter claims and post doubt about real events or "lists of events" they want rubbished or to spread rumours that the story is false, they plant seeds of doubt and stuff like that. You may of seen an infamous "debunk" in action (if your old enough) and that was the Roswell UFO crash.

One day it was very real and the next day the activated debunkers stepped in and in no time whatsoever called a press release and spread rubbish and instantly threw doubt on it, even though it's widely accepted by people.

Source Wikipedia.
Source retiredafb playlist Youtube.
Youtube videos of William Rutledge aka retiredafb that mentioned the calligraphy in the video.

Huge Stargate Portal Or Alien Spaceship Taking Off Terrifies A City

High energy beam type portal or sky phenomena could be a stargate trying to open using lots of energy.

It's December 2020 and I have been asking for answers to this from people for a long time now and still, there's absolutely nothing in way of answers yo it's origin, eye witness or anything like that. So, after a couple of years of asking I'm of the new updated opinion that this is absolutely bogus. I have found nothing to support this supposed UFO, portal etc. I was very open minded a few years ago. But, like then as like now - I knew time would reveal all. Even if it's not one answer because that in itself is an answer. That it's fake.

This is the most unusual and absolutely breathtaking energy beam, sky portal or Alien spaceship taking off but what is it - seriously just take your pick at whatever you want to call it? Your not wrong because it really could be "absolutely anything" right? I mean, look at it, explain what you see because i'm totally stuck. Whatever it is though, it is fantastic. If its real?

It could be an energy beam, that's my first thoughts? It could be a secret testing of a prototype rocket but I highly doubt that. Is it Alien in nature? Is it a portal, stargate or is it simply an electric burst from the clouds which I know it sounds stupid but I'm trying to cover all angles here so that we get a better understanding of it "whatever it, is" We've never come across anything quite like this before, it's huge. Why isn't it in major news agencies? Is that because it's fake I wonder...

City in Malaysia was terrified of an energy burst that looked like an Alien spaceship taking off.

At the very beginning of the video you can see a black dot in the cloud right next to the energy beam (I'm going with energy beam here) and it might have something to do with this energy type beam? It could even be a UFO?

It could be a secret as yet unknown vehicle of some sort? It's all speculation and as the sceptic in me is saying that we need more information before we make a decision. If this is a new type of space vehicle then "wow" this is terrifying!

City in Malaysia was terrified of an energy burst that looked like an Alien spaceship taking off.

Have you ever seen anything quite like this ever? Talk about having an otherworldly event occure? That would fill me with dread, anticipation and anxiety because of my "belief in Aliens" but rather fear of an Alien invasion! That, I know for certain is going to happen you can safely bet the house on that.

Here's some of the videos.

City in Malaysia was terrified of an energy burst that looked like an Alien spaceship taking off.

And there you go, the images and the video speaks for themselves. Amazing stuff or what.

City in Malaysia was terrified of an energy burst that looked like an Alien spaceship taking off.

There's natural events that happen all the time but guys, there's absolutely no way whatsoever that this is natural. I had to ask if it was but my own personal opinion is that this is definitely intelligently made. I believe we are witnessing something here that if I had a red phone in my office I would be on it! But seriously who am I gonna phone? This is up there with all time mysteries if you ask me.

Source Sekar Mani Facebook.

NASA Caught Blatantly Ignoring UFOs Rising In Formation Over Africa

The official video of NASA's STS80 mission shows a UFO formations over Africa, after a fast electronic weather interference one of the UFOs then shoots into space as the others rise in formation below.

This is like being at the theatre where the bad guy is behind the good guy and the audience shouts "it's behind you"! But oblivious (on purpose) to the unfolding drama or they're probably thinking if we ignore it (as the rule book states) then the live TV audience might not see it?

Multiple UFOs in the video with some shooting off in to outer space.

It beggars belief that even when the UFOs are right in front of them, I mean that screen is huge but they still act and I mean that they "act" like nothing is there! It's stupid and now we know they do it all deliberately. It is the NASA ethos, the NASA way and denial in action, in all it's glory out on display for everyone to see.

The epic video showing NASA employees blatantly ignoring UFOs (taxpayer funded observers getting it so wrong).

If they're this stubborn then we've got absolutely no chance of getting them to admit to UFOs and or Aliens existence? It's like us watching them, watching us but watching the screen and acting like all is fine? We can bloody see them, open your eyes NASA! I reckon they can see it but "protocol" and training overrides and dictates to act like nothing is happening, do not get hysterical, do not shout out, do not make any stupid "omg" noises and that's probably why they have them ear pieces in so they can be controlled.

Multiple UFOs in the video with some shooting off in to outer space.

If it's true, then how rubbish is that and they must know that people are going to see them sitting there just ignoring the #UFOs and are going to be calling their so called observation ABILITIES in to question as a #NASA employee to even spot Aliens for that matter on other planets!" If they can't see them in front of themselves on a huge screen then they've got no chance with finding any life on other planets so you can put that one to the back of the drawer and say good night to that one. What a waste of time, money effort and the worlds energy!


We need people who can spot them, this is totally in your face, once in a lifetime, never gonna be this close again on live TV and you can't even spot them, MOVE OVER i'm driving your an absolute joke!

Multiple UFOs in the video with some shooting off in to outer space.

One person commenting on the video says:

Before I die, I hope to see something so phenomenal in the sky that proves even more to my belief of Aliens. 🙏🏻

Another one then says:

What if there not space craft but possibly aliens themselves?

Another person just says one word:


How can NASA employees get it so wrong or are they deliberately covering it up.

All the comments are absolutely brilliant and says a lot about them people believing that they are seeing something extraordinary happening, but NASA seems to be the only ones that can't. How and why should we we trust their experiments, science or the answers they give us if they can't even make out the obvious observation like this? It says two things about NASA.

1. They can see the UFOs but are choosing to lie their way through it, which is very bad.

2. They really haven't spotted them and it tells me that they're not good enough observers, which is very bad.

Either way it's not good for NASA because this was live TV. It's been recorded and they can't go back and "edit" the footage or stage it, or take stuff out and remix the look of the video or cut to a dark screen and claim technical difficulties! These are ALL excuses they have used in the past ask anyone who knows NASA cover ups. I am done with this, it's depressing to know what they sneak around doing. Is this what a cover up looks like in action.

Source Ufosmagazine Instagram.

All image credits NASA.

Nephilim Giants Once walked Among People On Earth

The existence of Giants in Earths remote past is one of fact for many.

Many cultures around the world but it seems that the western world has a hard time in accepting this even though there's an abundance in evidence and myths and as we all know (hard to believe I know) but there's always some truth to myths and legends.

Then there's the Smithsonian, apparently embroiled in a cover up of Giants and their remains which pesky archaeologists keep on digging up (why can't they leave them alone lol). In 1889/1890 archaeologists uncovered Giants remains.

Ancient Giants did exist and the Smithsonian is covering it up.

Giant of Castelnau.

Giant of Castelnau bone remains.

The expression "Giant of Castelnau" refers to three bone fragments (a humerus, tibia, and femoral mid-shaft) discovered by Georges Vacher de Lapouge in 1890 in the sediment used to cover a Bronze Age burial tumulus, and then possibly dating back to the Neolithic. According to de Lapouge, the fossil bones may belong to one of the largest humans known to have existed. He estimated from the bone size that the human may have been about 3.50 metres (11.5 ft) tall. No modern peer-reviewed study has been published about the alleged giant bone fragments.

Link to this post where 2 Giants where seen out walking in Egypt absolutely blew my mind (still does).

Here's the video that I did.

What the Bible says about Giants:

The Bible, in particular, references giants several times in many of its sections. For example, Genesis 6:4 in the King James Bible states,

“There were giants in the Earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

In some translations of the Old Testament, these “giants” are referred to as the “Nephilim,” which some say are born from the union between fallen angels and the descendants of Adam. One more example of giants having been mentioned in the Bible is Goliath, the champion of the Philistine army who engaged in a famous battle with David, as told in the Book of Samuel.

So you are descended from ancient Giants, maybe?

Then there's all the huge ancient Gigantic foot prints found all over the Earth, here's the link to our post on that also.

Ancient Giants foot prints.

Ancient Giants foot prints.

Ancient Giants foot prints.

These foot prints are really impressive and must be from the ancient Nephilim and from what all the other cultures have been talking about for a very long time and passing the knowledge down through generations and generations? That's how myths and legends are born, through real events and real people.


Source Wikipedia.

Source Beyond Science.

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