UFO Dives Through Clouds And Disappears As Jet Closes In

UFO diving through the clouds to get away from the Jet.

Here is a Jet which seems to be flying straight in to a stationary UFO further on just above the clouds which looks like it sees the Jet at the last minuet and pulls a full nose dive to the ground but through the cover of the clouds.

This is a very good video as yet the details are still a bit fuzzy. It certainly looks like the Jet is going after this huge silver Flying Saucer type UFO but it could of just come across it, but my feeling is that it is specifically going after it.

UFO diving through the clouds to get away from the Jet.

Below is the awesome Jet UFO intercept video. This is a video probably taken without anyone knowing as we don't see any distinguishing marks like altitude etc you know the usual Airforce stuff on the side of the screen. It's probably this Airman's own camera?

The UFO eventually dives down below the clouds and out of sight, so what do you think of this? Personally I think this is really good, it's a better standard if this is fake put it that way but I don't see any red flags do you. The UFO notices the Jet and it really nosedives, and I mean it aggressively dives right through the clouds it's very impressive.

UFO diving through the clouds to get away from the Jet.

Please leave comments and share this if you don't mind and maybe someone can give us answers? Cheers guys.

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