Pure Energy Orb On Live TV Hurricane Florence

Huge energy Orb caught on live tv on Fox and friends during Hurricane Florence.

Image Credit/Jane Register

We have here a very, very bizarre and unusual streak of light in an Orb or a entity in its pure energy form? i'm really having difficulty in finding the right name for this but it's definitely, definitely something that is real. It has to be self aware, it's gotta be doing something (but what) and the other I'll say about this is "how cool is this"?

Seriously here is the Orb or energy entity just coming in and who knows what this thing is doing? It's huge though compared to the gas station. We need your thoughts on this one guys, have you seen out like this before and is this a one off? This could of gone boom because it's a gas station! That would of been a really bad situation.

I've done a kind of timeline slideshow of the incident that happened on live TV in North Carolina.

Energy Orb caught on live tv on Fox and friends.

Image Credit/Jane Register

Energy Orb coming in from the left top.

Image Credit/Jane register

Energy Orb coming in from the left top.

Image Credit/Jane Register

Energy Orb coming in from the left top.

Image Credit/Jane Register

Below is the entity Orb leaving. It is absolutely stunning because this could be a soul, it could be a ghost or it could be some kind of Alien being as yet that we clearly do not understand? People and religions do talk about holy spirits and heavenly beings, lights and forms of light that is all seeing. Is that what we're seeing here.

The energy Orb then fires off in to the night.

Image credit/Jane Register

So you need to check out the video, it's absolutely stunning and it is a first right here sent to us by Jane Register, thank you so much Jane. it means a lot that you chose to send it to us, cheers. Guys if you catch something awesome like this please can you send it to us here at UFO Sightings Footage through our Facebook #1 group #2 group - or page and our website here has a page so you can send us your stuff.

The light or energy Orb comes down to the ground and touches down, it then flares up and floods the entire screen with white light and then it fires itself to the left top of the screen and disappears leaving only my jaw on the floor, on the scene. That would be my assessment how about you? Fair description or not good enough? Let's have the person who caught this (excellent discovery buddy) tell his thoughts:

Discovery by Jane Register Facebook.
I thought, what is that in my head? It was on Fox and Friends News on New Zealand Sky TV, early Friday night, 14th September 2018. It was evening time for me, as am in New Zealand so North Carolina would be early morning. At some service station by the looks of it, when hurricane Florence was hitting the State Yes.

After I saw the video it says on the screen Morehead City, North Carolina - and on the gas station it says the name Bridgeview, which is the name of the gas station.

Source Jane Register Facebook.
Source Bridgeview Service Station Facebook.

Source Fox And Friends News.

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