Menacing Black Triangle UFO Caught on Video Over Chicago UPDATE

Black triangle UFO caught on camera over Chicago.

If there ever was a commercially available aerial vehicle or craft that looked as menacing as this one, it would be piloted by one guy and one guy only:

Lex Luthor. Yeah, I could have said a whole bunch of people or baddies as it were. Bond villains, TWD The Governor, Skeletor, The Penguin! But, as luck would have it, it's actually in this real reality probably piloted by an Alien. It sounds strange when writing it like that.

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It sounds improbable when I write it and read it out loud! But, I know that thinking like that is my judgement based on ridicule and decades of being told in no uncertain terms that "Aliens don't exist" and to think they do is a sign of insanity.


Secureteam10 YouTube channel.

After all that is said and done, the US Navy has confirmed the existence of UFOs albeit UAPs Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena. This is the UFO disclosure that we've all been waiting for for decades!

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Is this the secret TR3b Triangle UFO, which we've covered quite a lot on this site? Has it once again been caught on camera, but this time only 3 years ago, and is this one of the best ones? We do think it's one of the more impressive ones as this is well. It's simply stunning!

And yes, it's probably one of the better ones that we've seen. What about you? We do know that the TR3b Triangle Aircraft is real because we've been able to see the actual patent for this (here's the link to them).

Black triangle UFO caught on camera over Chicago that looks real.

This is not your average UFO because this is what we call "streamlined for speed" and has no visible features, which makes it amazing and inadvertently makes it the starkest of its looks.

It looks stealthy!

There's just a tiny bit of light glimmering from one of the sides of this UFO. That's probably some new radar-absorbing spray in a can of chemicals.

Below is the image of the triangle-shaped craft in an actual real Google Patent (link to our other post about this).

Patent from Google showing a Black Triangle TR3b or UFO to everyone.

The patent from Google. This is an actual real thing now so if anyone tries to tell you that it doesn't exist then you can just send them there and you'll soon prove your point because there are still lots of people that think and "believe" that it doesn't exist so I send them here and they soon change their mind.

Google patent for the stealthy TR3b Triangle Aircraft.

This was a drone, Balloon, swamp gas, lens flare, rising methane, Venus or Jupiter (all the best ones which the government likes to use to debunk the sightings) and it was completely still in the night sky. But seriously though the guy that quickly snapped this on his cell phone said that:

It was as if it was cemented into a brick wall, and there was no movement at all!

This begs the question, "What technology do you know can be that silent and be so, so still in time and space and also looks as if it's defying the laws of gravity itself"? Is this the actual l Triangle Aircraft in the Google Patent? I don't think even we can defy the laws of physics and create this kind of technology (officially)? By the way, it is defying the laws of gravity. It has no visible means of propulsion or energy or any way to see forward, that we can see at any rate, etc. The full thing is quite extraordinary and impressive.

Here's the video by Secureteam10.

The Secureteam10 video will be back when the channel is reinstated. But the video is epic.

On May the 2nd 2015, Mr Walter Rand took this image at night time over Chicago, IL, USA, and was the guy who sent the information to Secureteam10. AHefeared for his life and was frantically trying to get in touch with the guys at Secureteam10, but they have a massive backlog because of their loyal fans sending them stuff that they've captured.

It is understandable, and that, along with the images, is all pointing to the conclusion that this is a real UFO mystery and should be considered as such>? I don't know what action was taken over the sighting but I think something should have been done at least to ask questions as to whether this is a military or NASA or JPL or CIA etc aircraft and if not then it only leaves either privately owned or Alien. But I could be wrong.

The patent on Google shows in-depth figures and gives us an insight into the actual aircraft.

Patent from Google showing a Black Triangle TR3b or UFO to everyone.

If you look at this close-up image (just above) of the shiny surface of the UFO Triangle (not fully a TR3b I don't believe) you'll be able to see some very "evenly spaced notches" on the surface bit like what rivets create but a bit different, you see that tells me that this image is 100% real. I have no doubts in my mind that what we are seeing here guys was caught on camera and that this is a genuine photograph taken at night of this mysterious craft.

It's these little things like the uneven surface overall which again tell me that this was manufactured albeit by whom I just don't know it could be Aliens and it could be humans using some sort of back-engineered technology from a downed UFO or Flying Saucer but overall I do believe that this is a genuine mystery and a fully-fledged conspiracy theory as it is not going to be admitted to by the government. I mean, why would they admit to having "secret" mysterious, technology that hovers mid-flight, silent, triangle-shaped, exotic engineering and can be confused for an Alien spaceship?

OK, there are probably better points than that I could make, but you get my meaning. The one biggest reason why the government(s) wouldn't admit to this is because of the enemy. They do not want the enemy to know what technology they have so that the enemy could create any countermeasures, which I get, but this is way beyond that and our Earthly realms! I think this is not ours, and the likelihood of this being an Alien craft is high in my viewpoint, which is based on many, many cups of coffee.

Black triangle UFO caught on camera over Chicago that looks real.

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Source Secureteam10 YouTube.

Source Google Patents John St.Clair.

Source Walter Rand Images.


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  1. This is awesome and freaky weird at the same time. Very interesting indeed.

  2. i actually saw a tr3b in2018 right out the door to my trailor!!!

  3. I have seen one of these craft roughly ten years ago and yet it was different in that it was huge while this one is difficult to gauge because unknown altitude in picture. Basically these things are giant, quiet, stealthy as in nearly imperceptible unless you know it's there already and have assistance to see it using a night vision scope or your timing is just right to catch it going over the light pollution near the edge of the city towards the horizon which is about the only time the active camouflage cannot adapt to multiple layers of exterior light sources creating a contrast that allows for the eye to see its exact size and shape until it moves into only one source of background light and it will fade away into the black, it also has the ability to display the stars behind it over its surface to keep camouflaged and trick the eye but a small nearly imperceptible shimmer shows through the camo system as the craft moves past different stars it distorts slightly like heatwaves or underwater lensing type of effect but again it's not visible unless you are looking at a right angle to the craft where the light not absorbed by the skin is deflected slightly creating a detectable silhouette which gets clearer as it passes over multiple light sources leading one to believe this is technology derived by the United states implemented in various configurations, sizes and technological iterations of test beds as I have seen this craft twice with enough time and focus to gather a huge amount of detail and mental notes, but this was just before the advent of smart phones and it was such an amazing experience and sight there wasn't any way to take attention off of it to get a camera, seeing these craft while experiencing them low enough around a thousand feet or less where you can smell the drive system creating ozone and ionizing the air around it through some sort of plasma reacting with the atmosphere is something you cannot forget nor does the freshness ever go away as it's as clear ten yrs later as the second it was over. If you see one it will be preceded by an eerie stillness filling the air with a static charge and low frequency distortion that causes a sense of apprehension but calmness overall after seeing the craft emerge from the darkness. If you're ever out at night and experience the feeling like electric charge on the air look up and strain the limits of your vision because you will not hear anything directly to guide your view, only catching the craft at an off center angle running lengthwise to it at a right angle will allow to see the shape come into focus out of the dark leading to more visibility as it moves through different sources of light so long as you keep focused you will see all of it.
    I would really love to see it again and better yet hop in for a ride because these things glide through the air like a hockey puck over the ice just smooth as glass all without a sound and all at incredible stillness up to incredible speeds as they exit your field of view.

    1. Can you post this UFO experience in the Facebook group UFO Sighting or UFO Sightings Footage please? I'm sure the members there will appreciate this. and the other group is thank you if you choose to post there. Cheers for posting here, it means a lot.

  4. I feel like all the typical excuses we are given by our government why these craft are either not ours or simply don't exist have run their course long ago because these particular ones have been operating in public airspace since the late 80s which makes them a public hazard to have operating running such advanced camouflage whereas they are nearly impossible to see.
    Not to mention the fact these if indeed ours were paid for using black budget funds which are still our tax dollars and we have every right as citizens to see that our money is properly spent, the excess cost overruns in government may get a bit easier to swallow with technology such as this to show for it.
    But lastly the reason keeping them hidden is a waste of time because the enemies this was designed to engage already know that we have it and at this point in the development they have surely already purchased enough material off traitors and spies to make it an open secret which if not already copied it is in the works because they design these things understanding that even with the most careful planning for secrecy that using anything operationally exposes it to a field exposure and ground crew timeline at around ten yrs maximum before the majority of its details are leaked out making the classification of off the books a waste of time and useless to further past ten yrs so we need to be exposed to these craft as citizens it's long past time since the technology is so radically different and capable of furthering our expanse into space we need to have disclosure and we should get it sooner than later instead of only having the power players and our enemies who have stolen the information privy to it. The wealthy power brokers behind the scenes use government funded technological advances to later sneak off the books into the public domain to service their own financial interests which we shouldn't be allowing them to use our tax dollars to effectively fund their personal startups. This craft could potentially help us migrate to Mars and make it livable in a few generations or it could be used as a tool of the super wealthy in the way they have secret bunkers for only the government and themselves in the event of catastrophe which is what drives the real reason they keep these advances under lock and key for a simple guarantee they can retain power.
    Understanding the level of technical advances inside this craft becomes pretty apparent when you have seen them in person.

  5. I thought I was the only one who's seen this? About 10 years ago at aroud 4am I was looking at the almost full moon and star like I always do after a long night of work at my bar, I notice a star pattern that was out of place, plus in the middle of the star triangle that was not supposed to be there blacker than anything I've seen. I then noticed it the same as the pictures you have. I went for my primitive phone I had... Left it inside but I looked up again the stars turned of and that object started moving through the sky and as plan as my hand in front of me the large triangle object was moving south (I was facing east) the moon was so bright that it stood out like a sore thumb. Nobody believed me.

    1. Hi Marco, thank you for your message here. What I will say to you is this: It really doesn't matter if anyone and I mean anyone believes you or not? That's entirely up to them, but you know he truth and in the grand scheme of things that is really all that matters because it's your experience and even if people do0 believe you, it's very difficult relating the feelings and the whole experience to a satisfactory point where you feel like someone "actually get's it"? It's your experience and it's your memories, it's a gift for you so keep it. I wish I saw one like this one, but i'm sure if it's meant to be then I will see one. If not I'm still happy with hearing first hand experiences. Thanks again for posting, cheers. Lee USF

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