There You Go An Alien Spaceship On A Comet

There is a distinct Spaceship UFO on comet 67p and it looks very Alien made and Alien technology.

Seriously I found or rather I discovered an obvious-looking and shaped UFO or Spaceship that must belong to someone or something else other than humans because we don't have anything out there lol it just sounds silly even stating it. But look for yourself, it doesn't look like a comet to me. Because it's not from Earth it can't be. Now I'm thinking this is why the satellite was sent to this comet in the first place "to check out this sort of stuff" and if that was to look at this stunning UFO type Spaceship, what else are they hiding?

That's just a wild guess but it makes sense I mean why send a satellite to look at a rock in space when there are trillions of comets all over space, why this one in particular?

Well, it might have something to do with this vehicle that looks like it's refuelling and if I were to show anyone this and ask them "What do you see"? I'll guarantee you that they would say a Spaceship! That's exactly what I would say. I posted about this epic find when I first discovered it a few months ago but nobody has said anything about it like it does not exist. Nobody has even quoted this to my knowledge? I don't understand that do you?

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Usually, if one UFO is found somebody reposts about it, but nope nothing as far as I could see. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. Check out this post that I did about the UFO-type of Spaceship here.

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There's a dome that I discovered on the comet as well, check out the other post I did to see that because it too is man-made "looking" and as it wasn't man-made then who built it on a comet? It's fascinating Ufology.

Here are the official statistics for the following set of images and the link to the original ESA Rosetta Comet website.

Comet 67p is an anomaly as it has many, many names that it goes by. Check the Wikipedia page about that.

Comet 67p is an anomaly as it has many, many names that it goes by. Check the Wikipedia page about that.

It's got what looks like a thruster on either side of the craft and it is a very odd-looking "UFO" It's an object that doesn't conform to the surrounding areas so what is it? Comet 67P is the place that this is called. It's a very weird comet as you'll find out if you look this up and research it.

Comet 67p with a spaceraft on it in NASA image.

Dust and cosmic rays on the surface of the comet in 2016.

ID NAC_2016-03-19T21.24.57.762Z_ID30_1397549800_F22 Date taken 2016-03-19T21:26:21.832 (UTC)

Camera Narrow-Angle

Camera Filter FFocus_Vis (-) / Orange (649 nm)

Exposure time 0.400 s

Pixel resolution 0.20 m/px at 67P/CG

Processing level Calibrated

Distance Rosetta ↔ 67P/CG 11.997 km

Distance 67P/CG ↔ Sun 391316032 km 2.615786 AU

Distance Rosetta ↔ Earth 245038496 km 1.637981 AU

Link to 67p Comet Wikipedia page with all the information you need to know and more.


Source Wikipedia.

Source UFO Sightings Footage.

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