Four UFOs In Tight Formation The Best I Have Ever Seen

Four UFOs flying in very tight formation.

The video for this Flying Disk is mind blowing. I don't think I've never seen this particular formation before of a Flying saucer and three triangle shape crafts actually escorting or on a joint mission - together? It's a unique combination of strangeness with a huge sprinkling of weird... Or is it?

The sound of a Jet engine is making me think these could man made.

This is an amazing set of UFOs probably the likes of which haven't been seen before? I'm guessing because I'd not seen these before and I've been doing this while Ufology research and I have not seen this ever before. Four UFOs in formation.

Four UFOs flying in very tight formation.
There's something about these UFOs that is telling me it's very real? I think it's the way they all sound together making a bizarre sound as they go behind the tree's - actually the whole video in general is extreme, come to think of it.

It's not good filming but they never are, are they. That's because "who in the world is for seeing UFOs" or anticipating seeing a UFO? Nobody! Absolutely nobody sits there waiting for them to come along, so when you see any you are definitely going to fumble and shake, a lot.

The Flying Saucer Disk close up with correct shadows.

One Flying Saucer or Flying Disk in the middle and three further UFO Triangles one is on point and two others to the rear of the middle Flying Disk.

Here's the bit of information that came with the video:

Three jets are escorting a UFO in August 2018. It's about time for the Government to be straight with us about their new crafts and just be straight up with the back engineering.

That's all the writing which actually is with the video? But it's better than nothing and it let's us know that it's a very recent encounter which explains why I haven't seen this before. What do you think about this? Do you think it's real because I've looked at this video in super slow motion and I believe that it's authentic.

Source Mavarax Zozu.
Source Maravax Image.


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  1. There is no doubt about the reality of these craft as the TR-3B Astra has been in the works and patented as far back as the 1990s. It has fought in Afghanistan and has pulverized ISIS enclaves with a super beam-like weapon that would make Buck Rogers proud. The saucer is probably one of the West's back-engineered jobs under the auspices of the "Skunk Works" of Lockheed in California. The former CEO of that operation, Ben Rich, stated a quarter century ago before his death "we now have the means to take ET home." A rather oblique statement but I think you get the point: This technology is nothing new. It's been around for us to use since at least 1954. The Nazis had been experimenting with it since Werner Von Braun was a "pup" in his Nazi uniform. We imported his men under "Operation Paperclip" in 1947. This is what you call "slow motion disclosure." The real "meat" of this genre won't be out til sometime later in this new decade.

  2. yes..the crafts are just some of the reverse engineered technologies the u.s. has developed ....their are more that we won't be seeing that are mind blowing with what capabilities they have

  3. To keep these kind of secrets is nothing short of treason, trillions of unaccounted dollars get pilfered and we are lied to about a deficit of owing some fictitious bank money. deathbed confessions are more frequent now as exposure is iminent, joe publics intelligence has and continues to grow exponentially, it's just a matter of time now.

  4. The two jets on the bottom are definitely stealth fighters. The one on the top looks like maybe an F-35? Not sure. The disc definitely caught my eye. Maybe some new back engineered anti-gravity craft? Very cool though.

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