Black Triangle UFO Photographed By NASA Astronaut

The Black Triangle UFO as seen by the astronauts from the Space Shuttle Columbia.

Black Triangle UFO (possibly the TR3B) image credit/NASA.

This is a supposed real and authenticated black triangle UFO snapped by a NASA astronaut. It has to be the UFO of the week so far? I have seen many, many triangle UFO videos like the back engineered triangle spacecraft (seen in the Google Patent archive link is at bottom) and the TR3b's and most of the different variations of that craft?


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There's many variations on this craft as all you have to do is a quick Google search and a whole genre of phenomena pops up. It's incredible the many different sizes and colors. Lights, no lights and things sticking out, coming off it or just nice and shiny like a forehead in the sun. lol.

Location of the Black Triangle UFO in space.

Location image on map of where the Black Triangle UFO was at the time of the sighting from the Shuttle Columbia.

Map image credit/Gateway To Astronaut Photography Of earth.

Here's what the post said (in brief) about this spectacular Black Triangle Spaceship which was seen between the Space Shuttle and the Earth, link to the full post is at the bottom:

This fascinating image was taken during the NASA Space Shuttle Program in 1986. STS-61-C. Pictured here is a mysterious triangle shaped object floating between the space shuttle and our planet.

Triangle UFO between the Shuttle and the Earth is apparently an insulation tile.

Image credit/NASA.

The Triangular-shaped UFO as it has been called by many these days was photographed on January 12, 1986, during the STS-61-C, the seventh mission of the Columbia Space Shuttle. According to official reports, the triangular shaped object is not an Unidentified Flying Object but a piece of thermal insulation tile floating randomly in space.

However, most UFO researchers firmly disagree that the image we see here is part of a thermal insulation tile. The reason why they doubt it to be a T.I.T is the fact that in the last couple of decades, there have been significant reports of strange triangle-shaped UFOs all round the planet.

Black Triangle UFO seen from the Shuttle Columbia.

Above image credit/NASA.

Apparently the image was removed from the site, that's another thing you should check out from the site we're linking to as all the information is there.

Yes I know the initials look rude, but I never made it up. I'm just reporting it, lol. It is officially a space T.I.T but do you agree that this a bit debris broken free from the shuttle? I don't think so as there is way to many examples of this triangle everywhere.

The image came from The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth a website operated by NASA at the Earth Sciences and Image Analysis department at Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.

The crew of astronauts on the Space Shuttle Columbia that saw the Black Triangle UFO between the Shuttle and Earth.

Details of the image and credit below:

STS-61C Crew photo with Commander Robert L. Gibson, Pilot Charles F. Bolden, Jr., Mission Specialists Franklin R. Chang-Diaz, Steven A. Hawley, George D. Nelson and Payload Specialists Robert J. Cenker and Congressman Bill Nelson.

Below is the Columbia Shuttle.

NASA Columbia Space Shuttle image where the Black Triangle UFO was seen from.

Columbia Release No. 68-88

Columbia (OV-102), the first of NASA's orbiter fleet, was delivered to Kennedy Space Center in March 1979. Columbia initiated the Space Shuttle flight program when it lifted off Pad A in the Launch Complex 39 area at KSC on April 12, 1981. It proved the operational concept of a winged, reusable spaceship by successfully completing the Orbital Flight Test Program - missions STS-1 through STS-4.

Image Credit: NASA

Source Gateway To Astronaut Photography Of earth.
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