Cigar-Shaped Encounter Captured on Ring Doorbell Camera

Astonishing UFO Sighting Over Haggin Oaks in Southwest Bakersfield, California: A Mysterious Cigar-Shaped Encounter Captured on Ring Doorbell Camera.

Ring doorbell camera captures astonishing UFO Bakersfield California US March 2022.

Let's take a look.

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Have you ever wondered what lies beyond our earthly realm well so have I and regularly? Join me as I delve into a gripping account of a UFO sighting in the Haggin Oaks area of Southwest Bakersfield, California that according to the witnesses statement it landed.


Something is off with this sighting big time because it states clearly in the eyewitnesses testimony submitted to NUFORC that it landed! The police was involved and the witness states also clearly that he was in contact with the police. Yet it's been left out of other "experts" coverage of this. I'm sure that they've only reported on the 23ABC news coverage and neglected to look for the evidence.

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Caught on a Ring doorbell camera by Tim Harvey, this extraordinary event has left locals and now myself dumbfounded. In this blog post, I will unravel the details of this mesmerizing encounter, exploring its cylinder-shaped characteristics and the implications it holds for the field of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP).

The Sighting:

On the fateful night of March 25, 2022, at precisely 21:23:00 local time, Tim Harvey's Ring doorbell camera captured an otherworldly phenomenon in action. According to Mr. Harvey, the UFO appeared to descend from the southern skies, emerging from behind a cluster of trees near Ming Avenue and Versailles Drive. Its cylindrical shape, reminiscent of the elusive "Rod" UFO, added to the intrigue and mystery of the sighting.

Witness Testimony:

Tim Harvey's eyewitness account further adds to the enigma surrounding this sighting. He recalls how the UFO descended steadily, defying gravity and convention. In a statement provided to the NUFORC UFO center and the local authorities, Mr. Harvey revealed that the UFO not only flew lower through the sky but astonishingly landed for a brief period. In the "characteristics section" it clearly says "left a trail, landed" which nobody that I can find mentions this crucial part of the whole event!

Check out the link to the NUFORC UFO statement and see for yourself.

Such close encounters with UFOs are rare, heightening the significance of this incident. It seems that nobody has read the witnesses statement which is bizarre because it would seem also that they've only quoted 23ABC news who was sent the video by the owner of the doorbell camera video footage.

Local Involvement:

Recognizing the importance of this sighting, the local police and the NUFORC UFO center have been alerted. Their involvement is crucial in investigating and documenting the event, as they gather additional witness statements and gather any available evidence. By doing so, they contribute to the growing body of knowledge regarding UFO sightings and help shed light on the nature of these inexplicable phenomena. But unfortunately people are only referencing the news outlets story.

Explanation and Intrigue:

However, the nature and origins of this UFO sighting remain shrouded in mystery. Speculations range from advanced human technology and secret experiments to extraterrestrial visitations. The implications are vast, serving as a reminder of how little we truly understand about the universe. As we analyze the footage captured by Mr. Harvey's Ring doorbell camera, experts will hopefully like myself continue to examine or go back and reexamine the movement patterns, shape-shifting nature, and any other anomalous aspects like what people have unfortunately left out of this significant UFO event which is an anomaly in itself.


The Haggin Oaks UFO sighting is a captivating and spine-tingling incident that challenges our perception of reality. It proves that no matter what we think at the time of the sighting we are right to go back to the original statement and reexamine the evidence just in case someone missed a blatant and significant piece of evidence like the UFO landing. My ongoing investigation will undoubtedly provide further insights into the world of UAPs, offering revelations that could reshape how we view our place in the universe. As we await updates from the local authorities and the UFO center concluding their own investigations, let us keep our minds open to the possibilities that lie beyond our earthly existence.


The events and details discussed in this blog post are based on available eyewitness testimonies and publicly shared information. The authenticity and interpretation of the sighting are subject to further investigation and analysis by relevant authorities and experts in the field.

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Credit: NUFORC/Tim Harvey/23ABC News/YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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