Well Defined UFO Caught On Camera Over Inner City

This is a really unusual UFO sighting which is hard to determine if it's real or not.

I can't explain this at all and the reason why I've decided to do a post on something I can't explain is literally because of the genuine real feeling I get from it.

The whole video is short but it's very intriguing as the cameraman actually zooms in and zoom out, the camera adjusts the focus automatically and that tells me it's real.

The UFO hovers above buildings in the city.

I can't examine the video anymore than that as I'm not an expert in graphics or video authenticity. But what I can get is a feel and my gut feeling is telling me that this is real.

I know the hoaxers whole point is to fool people the best way that they can, but this one (I believe) goes way above and beyond that.

The image below shows the UFO before the lights come on at the front of the Unidentified Flying Object.

This is an image from the video from the beginning of the video showing the UFO a lot smaller.

I can't find any faults only things that go in it's favor but yet the whole UFO looks ridiculous.

I'll be honest with you, it looks to futuristic, to space military-ish and it has the look of a star fighter from a science fiction film. I just want answers the same as you guys!

This is the moment where the UFO starts to change it's shape and it's direction.

There's only what, 30 seconds of the video and the cameraman is heard shouting for back up to come see the "UFO". It's an Unidentified Flying Object and it's a really good one.

The shape, the size is the only thing that is putting me off from committing fully to believing this is a genuine UFO.

The UFO in the video is a lot better quality then most other UFO videos.

Is this a genuine UFO encounter over the inner city or is this a prank on someone filming it or is it a well rehearsed hoax? Guys, please try to answer this and share it with anyone you think might be able to answer it.

The video may very well be real but it could be a hoax somewhere else by someone with a remote control but there's no aerials, no propellers and no jet exhausts on the UFO which is perplexing because you'd expect it.

Source UFO Sightings Footage Instagram.
Source Ufolovers Instagram.


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  1. I'm very intrigued and perplexed at the same time by this as the video looks and feels absolutely real. Believe me it feels real and my gut feeling is a good one, but my mind is telling me that it looks way to good to be real? Maybe I'm just used to seeing blurred, rubbish looking UFO videos but guys, I'm posting this for answers just like you would. Lets figure this out yeah and please don't just say "fake" as that tells us nothing. πŸ‘½πŸ›ΈπŸ“‘πŸ›°☄✈πŸ›©πŸ‘πŸ›ΈπŸ‘½

  2. Makes no sense, I would have kept filming and he got a close up and then pulled back,why??? Why stop recording? I dont buy. Not alien, may be unidentified but, prolly hoax.

  3. I'm an avid believer myself in UFO's and have seen much better jobs done than this one in fooling people. It's a drone. The reason it's so short is for that reason. Given any longer to watch would give it away. Nice try.

  4. Nice capture. Although something that size in daylight, surely more than 1 person would have reported it and took photos and video.

  5. looks like camcorder footage from 1996, or it's a typical software editing program to make it look as such.
    Classic hoax red flags are - very short, shaky, in and out of focus, over dramatic reaction.
    we have good cameras on phones these days...think about it.

  6. Have about you spend some time actually investigating credible sightings, not this premasticated crap that you and secureteam10 have been shoving down the public's throat for the past several years simply to make some money? Maybe that might actually help the situation rather than just exploiting it.

    1. Thanks Paul for your feedback. Just because I barred u from the Ufology group for ranting and raving. I got complaints about you from more than 3 sources so your barred. Please find somewhere else, theres plenty of ufo places. Cheers Paul D for your opinions like I said, your entitled to them.

  7. OK - it floats -- bu then it needs some fiery cones in front ... and then it moves forward ... kinda ---
    i dunno, guys ...

  8. Nice capture. Although something that size in daylight, surely more than 1 person would have reported it and took photos and video.thanks The Android Apk

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