UFO Caught On Camera Over The Mediterranean Sea


The Mediterranean Sea is not known for UFOs or anything but amazing scenery in every direction. Guys the Mediterranean Sea looks great in every direction and that's up, down, and sideways it's got it all.

And it's also bordered by Europe and North Africa, Turkey plus with the Baltic Sea and Cyprus and Libya all having a border with the Mediterranean Sea you can see why this place is so beautiful as we're talking about beaches, mountains in all directions.

Any living being with intelligence and curiosity would find the scenery dazzling and awe-inspiring maybe?

  • The Mediterranean Sea has been visited by UFOs on various occasions and more recently, this one here
  • Flying Saucers are usually silver in colour for some reason, do they belong to a specific Alien species maybe
  • UFOs are been seen around the World more and more but nobody understands why this is happening now
  • If you can share this UFO sighting with your friends and colleagues that would be great, cheers guys

The Mediterranean Sea is home to UFOs believe it or not and the proof is in countless and I mean "countless" UFO videos and "countless" UFO images - depending on what you believe and the kind that is out there are literally out of this world (no pun intended).


The above image shows the UFO partly open.

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Here is the specific video and the actual images from that UFO encounter which by and large shows a UFO with no visible means of propulsion, no visible means of energy input or output. Yet it exists and in 2016 the Mediterranean Sea could have been a host to at least one real UFO sighting - and I say "at least" one, which is this one.


The UFO in this image is very nearly shut, altogether. This shows me that it's moving (not forward but it's upper and lower sections). You can see the movement a lot better in the video which I fully recommend that you give it a once over.

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We have also covered a real UFO incident which took place in Turkey before. That was known as the Turkey UFO incident, literally. There were real Aliens seen at the window of their UFO ship.


Image of a map showing exactly where the UFO sighting happened over the Mediterranean Sea, near Turkey.

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The Aliens could be "made out" in the window and looking down at what people suggested were instruments on an instrument panel and back up again, looking out the window.

Found here you can check that amazing post out.

Below is the fantastic UFO video:

The UFO video is a great example of what might be out there. For me, Aliens are very real so that's neither here nor there! But I still ask myself:

What kind of UFO are the Aliens flying around in. That's what has us intrigued. I want to see them in a Bugatti or a Mercedes, lol.

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Source Reference UFO With Aliens Seen Inside Over Turkey.


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  1. This Silver Metallic UFO is changing shape, it's caught opening and closing. That means it's under intelligent control or it's programmed but it hasn't got any aerials, no propulsion systems whatsoever so what is propelling this UFO forward? Where is it getting it's energy? That's what makes this UFO caught on camera absolutely stunning. πŸ‘½πŸ›ΈπŸŒŠ☄πŸ‘πŸ›°πŸ“‘πŸŒŠπŸ›ΈπŸ‘½

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