Three UFOs Flying In Formation Passing The Moon

The best video evidence of 3 UFOs flying in formation and passing the Moon. Here is the evidence of Alien activity on and around the Moon, that I've been hoping to come across for a long time.

I am going to explain why I fully believe that these are not man made objects flying past the Moon and why I don't believe these objects are natural space objects.

  1. The three black unknown objects passing in between the Earth and the Moon on August 22nd, 2018 are to close together, it's not part of any airforces way of flying it's to dangerous.
  2. Shown here in this YouTube video are three UFOs flying in formation but I've established that it's not aircrafts and that leaves satellites. Satellites never come that close together.
  3. Now that I've established that they are not inline with how satellites or aircrafts fly or orbit, on and around the Earth - that leaves only leaves secret aircrafts and Unknown Flying Objects.
  4. That's why I have full faith in believing these three unknown objects shown in this authentic video, is concrete evidence of Alien activity in space, on and around the Moon - our Moon.
I put the image below through an (X-process -100 and Vignette 0) on Canva using their filters to bring out the UFOs shape more. It looks like the one at the bottom is a triangle shape?


Unwanted or wanted.
So, there is my own assessment of this spectacular UFO video and guys, I really hope that there is a reason for these UFOs been here because unwanted reconnaissance is what starts wars.

Unwanted spying activity is how suspicion starts...

Forging an alliance.
I'm saying it this way because I believe that if the Aliens do make contact then this kind of behaviour would undermine any and maybe all attempts at forging an alliance.


Yes, I said alliance because if there's one Alien being outside of the Earth then there is more...

Life is everywhere.
That just stands to reason? If you ask me, I think that space is teaming with life and knowledge is the same universally.

I truly believe that the weight of a planet is the weight of a planet, the distance between two planets is the same for us and the same for them.

The language might be different but the question and the answer has to be the same!
The only difference is the language.
Scientists have already told us that mathematics is the language of the universe, right. It means they've made contact and they've communicated with Alien entities through mathematics. More than likely binary.


Here is the short description that accompanies the video:
So, I was filming the Half moon on Sunday, and caught something weird passing in front of it. At 1:18 in, 3 objects cross the moon. I THINK it's some helium balloons someone must've released, but can't confirm. Anyways, enjoy. Let me know what you think.

Here is the video showing three UFOs passing the Moon:


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  1. A short video showing what could possibly be the most solid concrete evidence of UFOs in operation around our Moon. If you go straight to 1:18s you'll see three UFOs flying in formation passing the Moon. It can't be satellites as there's to many all in one small space, it's to dangerous. It is solid proof of Aliens as far as I'm concerned, until proven otherwise.

  2. That looks like a shadow of something. 3 craft possibly but it defenitly looks like a shadow being cast on the Lunar surface.

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