NASA Shuts Down ISS Feed After Massive UFO Appears

Huge UFO actually starts to uncloak itself right next to the International Space Station.

NASA, once again and "frustratingly for us" shuts down it's live feed of the International Space Station, just because a huge UFO starts to appear as if out of nowhere. Let us see it aswell and stop hogging the history making events! We all paid for it, it's BY RIGHTS OURS!

The public paid for every part of NASA including that very camera plus the ISS, rockets and the satellites.

Do we always have to remind you that "your a servant to the people". If you want to hog it all, go private!

This event belongs to the world, not just NASA!

Image just as the huge UFO at the ISS starts to uncloak itself.

This UFO is massive and I can't stress that enough to you, it's been described as if it's towering over the Earth like a Darth Vader Death Star or some strange space penthouse with a balcony where you can just gaze out over the Earth.

That's how big this thing is. It is a blue - ish colour which literally just starts to appear out of nothing. It's a gradual event which sees the blue like object start to appear with what can only be described as a plasma like gas surrounding this thing? It's shape is like a half Moon or crescent shape and it has hard lines to it not just a curve.

This is the UFO at the ISS right before the screen is switched off.

This suggests at least to me that this is an intelligently made craft?

I say craft because it's in space and to be there, with a made object means only one thing as far as I can tell and that it's a vehicle or craft? It's not one of ours (at least I don't think it is - we're not supposed to have this technology yet) and what it has done is uncloak itself near the ISS.

Below is the amazing video of the UFO:

Therefor I believe that this is friendly (maybe lol) as the ISS is still here which would suggest the meeting went well - otherwise the International Space Station would just be a memory and NASA would be telling everyone that a meteor or comet strike or even a man made accident happened? Anything but the truth!

Why the hell does NASA always cut the feed!

Why does NASA cut the feed but let us see a tantalising little bit of the Alien UFO?

Why does NASA think we're stupid and nobody saw the uncloaking and then they cut the feed?

The DailyStar had this to say about the object:

In a video posted online, a mysterious object seems to appear above the planet. The glowing object - which appears blueish in hue with a white centre - can be seen in the background of NASA’s live feed. As the camera zooms in, the alarming size of it becomes clearer as it towers over the planet.

Source Daily Star.
Source Joe Thai YouTube.
Source NASA ISS On UStream.


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  1. This huge UFO just starts to uncloak itself right next to the International Space Station and then NASA does what it does best, it shuts down the public feed version so nobody on UStream can see what they're seeing. Why do that, we're entitled to see Aliens coming to visit the International Space Station. It's called "International" for a reason, because it's everyone's and not just NASA's own property. This UFO video is amazing, the actual UFO is massive. πŸ‘½πŸ›Έ☄πŸ‘ŒπŸŽ₯πŸ“‘πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸ›°πŸš€πŸ›ΈπŸ‘½

    1. What about the other countries that have cameras onboard? Do they have their own feeds?

  2. Any secret military project would not be broadcast and the feed would be cut. But it does not look like anything familiar.

  3. They will never admit the truth, at least not in my lifetime,someday they will no longer be able to deny it. I just wish it was during my lifetime. It will change everything and maybe we could start living as humans should live, working together as earthlings trying to make a better world and grow spiritually and as a people, no more super rich ,no more desperate poor, everything you need is provided for you, as long as you contribute whatever skills or talent you may have to help the goal,then you will have a home a car food,whatever you need to live a comfortable life,we could work on getting the over population problem solved so the planet is in balance,stop raping the world of all the natural resources and let all the alternative energy sources be revealed and taken out of government hiding,which they do to keep the oil money flowing. The whole world as one! That is how we should be living, not wasting our lives in a cubicle,retiring and dying 5 or ten years after.Imagine that?!

  4. Just because the ISS is still there does not mean they are friendly. Just like people believe that because they have not destroyed us yet, they must be friendly and here to help. People think that any invasion would be done with weapons and physical force. In reality, they are not friendly and they are just using much more sophisticated and effective means to gain control over humanity and this world without destroying the natural environment and the biological resources they value, us included.

    I highly suggest reading the Allies of Humanity briefings to learn about the reality of contact as it is happening in our world today. These briefings are free to read online at Alliesofhumanity. org

  5. Looks kind of like the “Big Brother” to the Black Knight!

  6. Any contact with other aliens or creatures in the most part will be different from us humans , as other planets, moons or asteroids have different speeds of rotation, travel, size, density and many other important aspects of planet and solar systems whether created or evolution,I do not believe that any present life form that has been in contact with or otherwise, i do not believe for a second that they trust us, they have been watching earth and visiting for thousand if not millions of years, i WOULD SUGGEST STEVEN HAWKINGS APPROACH, remain peacefull and accommodating to them,it is obvious that they are more highly intelligent than us, and far more superiorly advanced, when the wagon train is surrounded, either you fight to your death, or lay down your guns and hold your hands up high

  7. It is a strange anomaly how NASA allows glimpses of UFOs, but not in detail e.g. 4K video and then the obligatory 'lost transmission' grey screen appears: it is as if they are trying to tell us that they are not allowed to show this in detail or for long but want us to know that aliens exist: I cannot believe that no one in NASA believes otherwise. And a while back there was a pic of a worker on his desk with a photo of a building on the moon!

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