National Geographic Video, Police Have Confirmed UFO Sighting As Real

Police confirm that a UFO was actually seen and reported because they saw it aswell.

  • Artist's impression of the UFO/Nat Geo

The Police really have confirmed this as a real UFO or Unidentified Flying Object that did happen over Lebanon IL, USA in the good year of 2008. That year was an awesome one.


The Police mocked it at first, then they saw it to.

This is one of them cases where the Police start laughing and mocking something that they don't know and they really don't understand - which as everyone should know that's wrong as it leads to hatred.

It could of been absolutely anything and in this case though, it's a verified UFO.

These images are only a representation of what they saw by a graphics artist who created it based on what the eye witness was saying at the time (like a forensics artist).

That's probably the key to why it is such a detailed craft.

Because it was still fresh in their minds.

Close up of the UFO seen by the Police.

  • Artist's impression of the UFO/Nat Geo

The Police turned up eating doughnuts (stereo typical) lol, but for educational purposes I'll keep it historically as accurate as possible - and what they claimed to of seen was a very big undeniable UFO in front of them!

They probably then threw the doughnut right out of the cruisers window in a classic movie scene style and gave chase.

National Geographic have put their time and effort in to the creation of the video and yes they interviewed the Policemen to get their fresh insights into the UFO sighting and have it down on film for historical purposes.

That's a good idea, it's a possible Alien vehicle here on Earth and guys, it is not asking for "our permission" from the inhabitants of the planet - but instead of getting an okay, they've chosen to be stand offish, sneaky! 

Humans are all to aware of this type of behaviour - it's very blatant and in the humans past, or should I say in our past, that's how wars have broken out!

In fact, wars have started for a lot less than trespassing.

This is the Policeman who actually saw the UFO over Lebanon in the USA.

  • Police Officer who saw the UFO/Nat Geo

Even the Police saw this UFO and they we're mocking it in the beginning. These laughed along and then when confronted with it, well let's just say that it was taken seriously from then on. 

They're there for protection purposes and to serve humans in need. Is this why their training kicked in as they was identifying a genuine threat...

There are many Police forces around the world that have seen UFOs but actually decide to either not report it, cover it up or just bury the files once complete which is in nobodies interest. then there's the obvious interference by the Men In Black.

September 16, 2008: At first, police mocked the 911 call about the UFO sighting–but then they saw it too.

  • Eye witness drawing of the UFO over Lebanon IL, USA 2008

That's those who sweep in and confiscate everything and make everyone sign them "non disclosure contracts" or gagging orders if you will.

The UFO was silent and 6 people saw this UFO over southern Illinois.

A part time truck driver and Mini golf owner saw a very bright star in the sky that was moving really slow, no noise and just as if it was floating. He was reluctant to tell people and drove to the Police station and reported it and they all started laughing.

  • Ed Barton was the first Police Officer to see it. 
  • At 4:23 AM another Police Officer saw the UFO over a field.

Thankfully we have at least one Police force willing to go on TV and the record and say they really did see a genuine UFO and guys as you and I know, it only takes one UFO sighting to be real and this very well could be that one...


Source National Geographic YouTube.
Source Reference Latest UFO Sightings.


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  1. There only has to be one real UFO sighting that has to be real for Aliens to exist, right? Well this could actually be that one and that's why I'm doing this post because all it takes is one and guys, the Police mocked this to start with then went out to check it out and then it turned in to a Police force seeing this thing. The Police Officers that kept on turning up to it kept seeing this in complete disbelief and now it's a legend in Lebanon Illinois. 👽🛸👍📡👮‍♂️🚔🍩👌🛸👽

  2. Well, I said drone before I finished the video it looks too big for a drone

  3. Did this happen in 2008?Police had dash cam recorders by then yet no actual footage.The witness drawing shows a typical saucer shape craft but the narrator describes it as a black triangle.I am a true believer but this case seems shaky.Should be more credible evidence.Keep on tryin' guys,never give up.

  4. Drones weren't that good back then. And wasn't this a re-enactment?

  5. How do we report and confirm a UFO sighting? Were there meteorites in our area? We captured two then six plus unknown objects in our camera above Rancho Santa Margarita, CA yesterday around 11:46 AM. The thing is there were about 60 + burst of reflecting objects that appeared then disappeared.

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