Plane Passenger Catches UFO And Missile On Camera

This is probably an historic achievement and it is an achievement because it's maybe the first time that a missile and a UFO has been filmed in the same video and from a passenger plane. We really couldn't find any real evidence of a missile and a UFO been caught on camera from a passer plane anywhere? There's lots of UFOs and missiles on video but there's none with a missile and a UFO caught on camera from a "passenger plane" that we could find so it has to be a first. The UFO is between the missile or Jet thing and the plane is going right in the completely different direction so to catch this on film was remarkable. There are many questions here that need to be answered but if we get any is another question all together. The amount of information with this video is sparse and even the plane passenger who filmed it is unknown but the video itself needs to be seen.
UFO and a Jet seen from a passenger plane and filmed.

This video is an historic one because it's caught a UFO streaming past a passenger plane and it's also got a really unusual looking missile or secret type of plane or Jet even, all within the same video just whizzing past a passenger plane like it's normal for this to happen.

The person filming this must of thought he or she'd stepped in to the twilight zone because you shouldn't really be seeing anything like this at all in the air at 30 thousand feet or whatever height it is! It's extremely high because we don't see anything like the ground.

It's either a Jet using secret technology or it's a missile.

Seeing a missile or a secret type of Jet or even a plane being flown is one thing but nobody should expect to see a UFO as well as it's definitely a thing that doesn't exist "officially" no matter which government or authorities you want to ask?

Both the Jet and the UFO seen together in the same video.

There are however really bizarre things that goes on everyday and at any height. Aliens are real, UFOs are real and secret technology test flights always happen. It's just that we've been so lucky to have them all in one video!

Below is the Jet or missile:

Is this a secret Jet or a secret missile test.

Below is the UFO seen from the passenger plane and videoed:

This is definitely an unknown UFO.

We are fortunate that this was filmed right at the correct moment and this has been put in to the history books weather "they the owners of the missile or secret Jet" like it or not, lol?

There are so many unanswered questions about this that makes this one of them more unusual videos. Will we ever get to know exactly what they both are let alone just the UFO? Will we ever have any solid proof like a close up image of the missile or UFO?

This video shows us some really amazing things that haven't been seen before together in one video:

The lack of information is always frustrating but that is exactly how it is in Ufology. It's absolutely an unknown from the first moment and usually to the end. When I say the end what I mean is when you have to go on to the next UFO as there is only so much that can be looked in to on any UFO without confirmation from Aliens.

Even confirmation from NASA or any government is dubious because they must be in direct connection with Aliens for them to say that a UFO is real or not. They can however give confirmation on a secret Jet or missile but we won't get that, will we.

Please leave us a comment on what you think it is, a missile or a Jet and what it all actually is that's going on? There are TR3B's that have been seen all over the world, we've provided the link to that story below. Is there any connection to stealth technology.

Source ufoi73 Instagram.
Source Reference Secret Stealth TR3B Seen All Over The World.