UFO Orb Coming Out Of Spiralling Portal Videoed By Tourists

Swirling portal with a UFO or Light Ball coming out of it.

This is a portal or stargate whatever you want to call it, there's a light Orb or "directed energy ball" that seems to be coming straight out of this "thing" that to me, looks like a portal whirling around in the sky over China?

There's no real other way to describe this other than this is a aerial phenomena going on here and as it's got UFO Orbs that seem to be coming directly out of it - that would suggest it came from somewhere hence I'm calling it a portal.

Below is the ball or energy or UFO Orb flying away from the swirling/spiralling portal.

The ball of energy starts to move away from the portal.

But where it's connected to is anyone's guess? It could be connected to another part of the planet or not on Earth at all.

I totally get how strange this all sounds, but what would you call it other than fake?

What words would you put to this if you was trying to explain this to someone because you love Ufology, UAP or the strange phenomena?

Is it a stargate or is it a portal or is it a totally natural event? Somebody probably knows the answer either way.

Unfortunately there is hardly any information that comes with the video?

But I reckoned that people need to see it all the same and it could be that the person who filmed this wants to remain anonymous like with a lot of UFO type videos people don't want to be ridiculed.

Here we can see the tourists that captured this strange event on camera.

That's the reason why I'm trying to describe this, because I think everything deserves an answer?

If someone is claiming to have caught a strange event on camera at least we can try to look in to it and if it's determined that it's a hoax, well then you've correctly looked in to it and given an answer.

Source ufo_mexico Instagram.


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  1. As far as portals and stargates go this one is great, there's a UFO coming out of this one and it hovers off to the right then the spiraling portal or stargate then continues to spiral or swirl. this is a great video from China filmed by tourists and it has definitely got my attention. I only post what I like and I really do like this. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it sure has got the wow factor. 👽🛸🌌☄⭐✨🛸👽

  2. fake. Why the guy is watching do not see the bright spot leaving the center of the portal?

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