TR3b Stealth Craft Or UFO Seen All Over The Earth

Stealth aircraft called the TR3b seen all over the world.

The TR3b is a known triangular aircraft that was "possibly" a back engineered piece of gold but was only made possible from a real crashed UFO.

And now this craft (or our TR3b) has utilised some components from the downed UFO or crashed unidentified flying object and has integrated all of the technology.


All of which can be understood and broken down also remade - using existing materials and methods from this planet.


Why? Because they only want what they can make again and again to eventually have a fleet, a fully stocked fleet of aircraft that is capable of some of the most unusual, mind blowing and very otherworldly missions! And I believe that they have that now?

Or a Space Force?

It's as simple as that really? They want and got a craft that can operate here on Earth and in space. High altitude jets was mankind's real achievement (on our own achievement) it was a fully man made jet aircraft. Then when we come across the Alien technology and as you well know by now, that has allowed us to travel from Earth in to space in way that we could of only been imagined.

Aliens have allowed Trump to announce a Space Force because without their influence or crafts our Space Force wouldn't of been possible at all. What else is going to be announced by Trump? What other amazing things are going to be announced?

That Aliens exist.

Think about it, a Space Force primary function will be to protect us, but against what? Russia? Well they're on Earth plus we already have a military for that! So why has he announced a Space Force, because of what is to come, the next news is that Aliens are real and they exist but don't worry because like he already said "we have a Space Force" to rely on and to protect us.


The technology from that was put in to a whole new craft (the TR3b) and because it has a mix of Alien and human technology it literally has the best of both worlds so-to-speak.

The top secret project Aurora developed a craft under the code name Astra which was for tactical reconnaissance. After researching this amazing craft it is quite possibly one of the best aircraft's out there that is in the militaries arsenal.

It's definitely stealthy, can fly at practically any speeds it wants and has been seen because it's just unfortunate.

I say unfortunate because it's designed not to be seen, heard or known about so to have photographed it and videoed it or even know about it, that must of become about by accident? Like someone was in the right place at the right time to catch it off guard.

UFO investigators claim a legendary alleged top secret US spy craft, developed using alien technology, may have been caught on video camera.

Researchers are looking at footage showing three glowing lights filmed over Barrie, Ontario, in Canada.

The UFO sighting was reported to the US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which holds a global database of UFO and alien alleged sightings. So we will let you know more about it when we know more.

Here is a video about seeing the TR3b over Paris, France in 2008.

Whether or not the craft in the above video is actually a TR-3B may never be known, but it is a triangular shape with an arrangement of bright lights on the underside of the craft at the corners and center of the triangle.

TR-3B Code Named Astra According to an article at the DarkGovernment website.

The TR-3B is a tactical reconnaissance craft code named Astra which has been developed under the top secret Aurora program. “The Aurora is the most classified aerospace development program in existence. The TR-3B is the most exotic vehicle created by the Aurora Program.

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  1. Is the TR3B a UFO or a man made aircraft? This is a great UFO video guys. I ask that because it's back engineered from UFOs, so is it an Alien spaceship but still, made by mankind and it could be seen as a hybrid technological leap forward. But, that's only if you believe that the TR3B came from a crashed or downed UFO? What are your thoughts on this TR3B or triangle craft seen everywhere across the world.

  2. When more info is available.about this tech.and purpose.we can only speculate.what we understand so far seems to indicate alien built...

  3. I didn't believe IT was a TR3B until I saw the fins on top, BUT then THAT middle ball lit into a perfect circle! IT disappeared & I just don't believe man is able to do THAT even if IT was reversed engineered! Unless IT didn't go anywhere BUT just cloaked if not, I don't think human anatomy would be able to adapt to this or interdimensional travel. Even if they have these seems bodies aren't able to go out into space THAT far within Solar System. BUT don't believe THAT they're traveling to other galaxies with them.

  4. I think maybe one's with the light in middle going through aren't man made. I've seen one's in videos without the middle center light. Wouldn't think that ET craft would have fins BUT this one THAT disappears did!

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