Triangle UFO or TR3B Hovering Over Houses

TR3B UFO seen over Saudi Arabia December 2018.

Here is a really good video showing us a triangle UFO or if your inclined to believe this is a TR3B craft. The legendary triangle spaceship was said to be back engineered from a real crashed UFO.

I'm just going to let the video and the images do the speaking here. This triangular shaped craft was seen on the 2nd of December 2018.

Amazing triangular shape UFO.

These images are absolutely stunning and seen by quite a few eye witnesses so it would be difficult to fake this.

You can actually see other eye witnesses taking out their smartphones and filming the same UFO/TR3B.

Is this a real UFO encounter or is this a carefully orchestrated UFO encounter?

Your opinions are needed, not sarcasm please guys. Ufology doesn't need people making fun, we need people to assess this video and give us your opinions and common sense.

The TR3b spaceship was turning it's lights on and off.

Here is the video for this amazing sighting:

Source UFO1907 Instagram.

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